Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

DS9 Chronicles

The DS9 Chronicles List

Title Prod
401 Emisary, Part I 453 Civil Defense
402 Emisary, Part II 455 Defiant
406 Captive Pursuit 457 Past Tense, Part I
411 The Nagus 458 Past Tense, Part II
419 Duet 465 Improbable cause
420 In The Hands Of The Prophets 466 Through The Looking Glass
421 The Homecoming 467 The Die Is Cast
422 The Circle 468 Explorers
423 The Siege 472 The Adversary
428 Necessary Evil 473 The Way Of The Warrior, Part I
434 Whispers 474 The Way Of The Warrior, Part II
439 Blood Oath 476 The Visitor
442 The Wire 478 Rejoined
443 Crossover 480 Little Green Men
444 The Collaborator 482 Our Man Bashir
445 Tribunal 491 Hard Time
446 The Jem'Hadar 492 Shattered Mirror
447 The Search, Part I 495 The Quickening
448 The Search, Part II 496 To The Death
449 House of Quark 498 Broken Link

The DS9 Chronicles consist of 40 one minute pieces containing history about the particular episode it preceedes. The producers have picked 40 of the episodes that are considered favorites. The history can contain tidbits about the history of Star Trek and/or Deep Space Nine, tidbits about production of the series or tidbits of a personal nature.

The DS9 Chronicles are only for the first four seasons of DS9 and will only be broadcast by those stations that purchased the rights to air the "strip" version of the first four seasons.

Check with your local Star Trek: Deep Space Nine station to find out when they will be airing these DS9 classic episodes. If your local station is not going to carry the "strip" version of DS9, politely suggest that they do so.

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