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Server Upgrade Notification

There is a new Solaris 10 x86 server is place. It is using an AMD 6400+ X2 dual core processor with 8GB of RAM. Stuff is still being configured, but things like http and ftp should be working. If http wasn't working, you wouldn't be able to read this :-)

Thank you for your patience.

Recent Major Changes to Various Web Pages

Keep in mind that there are surprise updates to the web site that are not listed on this page.

FTP downloads are limited to 15 users at a time.
HTTP mirror downloads are limited to 1000 users at a time.

Why the change to MPEG movies? [Updated 5/20/02]

Having Trouble Downloading? Read the Download FAQ. [Updated 1/16/03]

H.264 (MPEG4) Video Files Being Added

The old MPEG-1 (VideoCD) video codec has being replaced with the H.264 video codec. It produces files that are smaller than MPEG-1 and are full resolution.

The files produced use the MKV format (H.264). The audio will either be MP3, DD2.0 or DD5.1, depending on the source of the audio. The particular web page will provide the details about the promo formats.

The best program in which to play these files is Video Lan Client. It is multiplatform, so you can play these files on your Linux, Mac or Windblows system.

Windblows users need to right-click on the file link and save the file before attempting to play it. Streaming will not work.


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