WLS Survey Masthead 1963-1966

1962s Jocks

Welcome to my collection of WLS Surveys, which is definitely incomplete, as I didn't start collecting until late 1963. Because I did not live in the Chicago area, I had to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to WLS to have copies sent to me. That actually worked out real well, considering that I moved about 5 times during the length of when I collected the surveys.

It is a little known fact that I was a DJ on Radio 89 for 11 months. What, you never heard me? You sure would have, if you were at Adak, Alaska, during July, 1970, thru May, 1971. The AM radio station at the Navy military base was also on 890 kHz. I had a weekend radio show (wasn't my main job).

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WLS Survey Mastheads

1960 Masthead 1960 Masthead #2 1961 Masthead
10/14/60 10/15/60 1/27/62
1964 Masthead 1966a Masthead 1966b Masthead
2/21/64 only 1/07/66 4/22/66 & 9/01/67
1967 Masthead 1967 Masthead 1967-68 Masthead
5/05/67 11/03/67 12/01/67
1968-70 Masthead 1970-71 Masthead 1971 Masthead
12/29/67 7/20/70 4/05/71

The dates listed are when the masthead started to be used. The "CHCAGO'S AUTHENTIC RADIO RECORD SURVEY" text changed from a bold sans-serif to a regular sans-serif. I do not know when they first started using the regular sans-serif. Then, sometime in 1961 they changed the spacing to spread out the words to match the edges of the survey listing's text. Some day I might determine that. The surveys were scanned @ 300/1200dpi, front and back (when possible). The mastheads were scanned @ 1200dpi, changed to 100dpi @ 1000px wide, transparent.

The first two mastheads are not part of my collection. I obtained the scans from the net, so no 1000px image is available. Thanks to Jack Levine for the info as to when the 3rd masthead was first introduced.

I am willing to trade even up for surveys that I do not have, trading surveys that I have more than 3 copies of. I might trade a survey if I only have 3 copies. I am specifically looking for surveys starting with the first one ever released and to fill in holes in the collection. Send me e-mail via the link below to discuss details.

The web pages are under construction, as the surveys are still being scanned.

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