Sweet Valley High

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As of 1/12/98 UPN affiliates are not required to air the afternoon Teen programs.

No new episodes will be produced and this show will be gone when the 1998 Fall season starts. According to recent trade rags, the UPN venture into afternoon teen programming was a flop, as it just did not get good ratings.

Monday - Friday (4:30 pm, ET/PT)
Sunday (10:30 am, ET/PT)

[Cast Photo #1] "Sweet Valley High" gets a pinch of spice when it premieres on UPN with a whole new look and attitude. The series airs Monday through Friday 4:30-5:00 pm (ET/PT) and Sunday mornings 10:30-11:00 am, (ET/PT). Pictured L to R, Michael Perl, Andrea Savage Amy M. Danles, Jeremy Garrett, Brittany Daniel, Cynthia Daniel, Tyffany Hayes, Manley Pope and SHirley Elliot.

[#2] The cast of "Sweet Valley High" lines up in style to launch UPN's new teen line-up premiering this Fall.

[#3] Brittany Daniel as the self-centered, manipulative, Jessica Wakefield [#4] Cynthia Daniel as her shy, demure twin sister Elizabeth Wakefield.
[#5] Jeremy Garrett as Todd Wilkins the local sports hero who holds the key to Elizabeth's heart. [#6] Shirlee Elliot as hauty elitist Lila Fowler.
[#7] Amy M. Danles as high spirited Enid Rollins. [#8] Michael Perl as blunderer Winston Egbert.
[#9] Manley Pope as the brooding Devon Whitelaw [#10] Tyffany Hayes as ex super model Cherly Thomas.
[#11] Andrea Savage as hot and spicy foreign exchange student Renata Vargas.
UPN kicks "Sweet Valley High" into high gear for the fourth season as the cast cruises along the unpredictable highways of teenage life. Pictured front row: Jeremy Garrett, Cynthia Daniel, Brittany Daniel. Second row:Manley Pope, Tyffany Hayes and Michael Perl. Back row: Andrea Savage, Shirlee Elliot and Amy M. Daniels.
[#13] [#14]
Left photo: Cynthia Daniel (L) and Brittany Daniel (R) take time out from their hectic teenage lives. Right photo: Brittany Daniel (L) and Cynthia Daniel (R) put their heads together during their 4th season on "Sweet Valley High."
[#15] [#16]
Brittany Daniel (L) and Cynthia Daniel (R) star as Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield on "Sweet Valley High."

Air Schedule: Fourth Season (Weekdays)
Air Schedule: Fourth Season (Sunday)

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