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Monday (9:30 pm, ET)

[Cast Photo #1] A high-voltage comedic study in family dynamics, sibling rivalry, office romance - and courtroom chaos is featured in the half hour comedy series "Sparks" airing MONDAYS (9:30-10:00 pm, ET/PT) on UPN. Starring are (clockwise): James Avery as Alonzo Sparks; Kym Whitley as Darice Mayberry; Miquel A. Nuñez Jr. as Maxey Sparks; Robin Givens as Wilma Cuthbert; Terrence Howard as Greg Sparks; and Arif S. Kinchen as LaMarr Hicks.


Left image: Robin Givens stars as brainy and beautiful young attorney Wilma Cuthbert - the voice of reason around the family owned law firm managed by two bickering brothers who share just one thing in common - their attractions to Wilma. Right image: James Avery stars as attorney Alonzo Sparks, owner of a storefront law firm peppered with a mischief making staff and eclectic clients.


Clockwise from Top Left: Miquel A. Nuñez Jr. stars as flamboyant Maxey Sparks who is just as interested in the pursuit of beautiful young women as he is in the pursuit of justice; Terrence Howard star as his older brother Greg who is more serious about the business but gets dragged into Maxey's schemes; Kym Whitley stars as crabby but competent office manager, Darice; and Arif S. Kinchen stars as young office assistant and Maxey wannabe, LaMarr.


Two diametrically opposed brothers manage the law firm of Sparks, Sparks & Sparks, founded by their father. Pictured Left Image are (L-R): Miquel A. Nuñez Jr., James Avery and Terrence Howard. Pictured Right Image are: Miquel A. Nuñez Jr. and Terrence Howard.


Alonzo Sparks' biggest case is focusing his two competetive sons on the pursuit of justice rather than the pursuit of their beautiful and brainy associate Wilma. Pictured Left Image are (clockwise): Robin Givens as Wilma Cuthbert; Miquel A. Nuñez Jr. as Maxey Sparks; James Avery as Alonzo Sparks; and Terrence Howard as Greg Sparks. Pictured Right Image (clockwise from front): Miquel A. Nuñez Jr., Arif S. Kinchen, Kym Whitley, Robin Givens, Terrence Howard and James Avery.

Ed Weinberger ("The Cosby Show," "Amen") is the creator and executive producer.

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