Minor Adjustments

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Tuesday (8:30 p.m., ET)

Multi-Emmy award winners Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas ("The Golden Girls," "Empty Nest," "The John Larroquette Show") and Ken Estin ("Cheers," "Taxi") are the executive producers of this new comedy series starring stand-up comic Rondell Sheridan as a child psychologist who, being a child at heart, has a special gift for talking with children.

Successful therapist Dr. Ron Aimes is discovering that being a good husband and father is a lot harder than being a good psychologist. His wife, Rachel (Wendy Raquel Robinson) is the voice of reason and 'straight man' to her husband when it comes to keeping the Aimes family together as she also keeps a close eye on her precocious four-year-old daughter Emma (Camille Winbush) and clever ten-year old Trevor (Bobby E. McAdams II).

Keeping life interesting at the office for Dr. Aimes are medical partners Dr. Bruce Hampton (Mitchell Whitfield), seemingly more concerned with his dating life than his dental patients, the edgy and angry Dr. Francine Bailey (Linda Kash), a pediatrican who is recently divorced and fully enjoying her bitter outlook on life, and challenging everyone's patience as the spacey medical group receptionist is Darby Gladstone (Sara Rue), Dr. Hampton's niece.

"Minor Adjustments" is a Witt/Thomas Production in association with Warner Bros. Television. Executive producers are Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas ("The Golden Girls," "Empty Nest," "The John Larroquette Show") and Ken Estin ("Cheers," "Taxi").

Rondell Sheridan Dr. Ron Aimes
Wendy Raquel Robinson Rachel Aimes
Bobby E. McAdams, II Trevor Aimes
Camille Winbush Emma Aimes
Sara Rue Darby Gladstone
Mitchell Whitfield Dr. Bruce Hampton
Linda Kash Dr. Francine Bailey

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Day & time: Tuesdays (8:30 pm ET)

Premiere date: January 23, 1996

Starring: Rondell Sheridan, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Bobby E. McAdams II, Camille Winbush, Mitchell Whitfield, Linda Kash, Sara Rue

Executive producer/creator Ken Estin

Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas, Phil Kellard, Tom Moore

Producer: Gil Junger

Associate producer: Joanne Diaz-Koegl

Director: Peter Bonerz

Costume Designer: Judy Evans

Editor: Rick McKenzie

Casting director: Eileen Knight

Origination: Sunset-Gower Studios, Los Angeles

Production: Witt-Thomas Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television


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