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New, Fast-Paced Ensemble Drama in Production for Broadcast on UPN

Live Shot is a fast-paced ensemble drama focusing on the people and personalities inside the most frenzied, dog-eat-dog work environment of all: the local television newsroom. New from RYSHER Entertainment, Live Shot was created by Dan Guntzelman and Steve Marshall for broadcast on UPN.

As the series opens, Alex Rydell (Jeff Yagher) is about to begin his first day as KXZX Channel 3's news director. Fiercely committed to his career, Alex is a young man in transition. He's moved from Boston to Los Angeles, leaving behind a dissolving marriage in the process. Joined in L.A. by his precocious young son, Sean (Spencer Klein), Alex must, for the first time in his life, be both a breadwinner and an attentive, full-time dad. By the middle of day one, he's beginning to learn that being a father is a bigger job dm heading up a news department could ever be.

KXZX's "Re-Action News"-room is a densely-populated Peyton Place on adrenaline, replete with more stories behind the camera than could ever be captured on tape.

Harry Chandler Moore (David Bimey), the station's "Beacon of Truth," is the personification of a vain, overblown veteran anchorman. Not at his best off-the-cuff, if you want Harry to say it right, it had better be on the TelePrompTer. His arch-enemy, up-and-coming co-anchor Sherry Beck (Rebecca Staab), is his opposite in every way. She's bright, young and talented, and if she has to climb over Harry's bruised, bloodied and middle-aged carcass to get to the top, so be it...in fact, all the better. This team has a unique chemistry both on-screen and off.

Nancy Lockridge (Cheryl Pollak) is a dedicated young news producer looking for her next big break. She's immediately given just the opportunity she's been working for when Alex comes on board. "Fast" Eddie Santini and Tommy Greer (Michael Watson and Hill Harper) are a hot dog, footage-at-any-cost news crew. Christened the "news brothers," the two are best friends who share an appetite for a great camera angle and pride themselves in their ability to occasionally con rival news crews into missing the shot. In the next few weeks, their personal lives may get more entangled than their cable ever has.

And rounding out the newsroom:

Ricardo Sandoval (Eddie Vélez) - A 28-year-old study in macho good looks, Ricardo is a "Re-Action News" anchor and reporter who has been known to focus more attention on the creases in his expensive trousers than the story he's been assigned to cover. Ricardo is joined on the air by ...

Lou Waller (Tom Byrd) - The ex-jock sportscaster with a secret he fears could ruin his career ...

Liz Vega (Wanda De Jesús) - An investigative reporter and anchor with a nose for real news and the determination to dig until she uncovers it ...

Marvin Seabom (Sam Anderson) - The commentator with views just slightly to the right of Rush Limbaugh. Anxious to elevate his profile in the public eye, Marvin finds himself victim to both an imaginative (and delicious) explosive device and an overzealous publicist.

And behind the camera:

Joe Vitale (Bruce McGill) - Acting news director until Alex Rydell's arrival, Joe is the Re-Action News executive producer with a yen to sit in the big chair ...

Rick Evers (David Coburn) - The straight-arrow assignment editor, and...

Peggy Traynor (Antonia Jones) - The newsroom desk assistant.

Together, this group will cover the worst the city has to offer on any given day. They'll shove their microphones into the faces of the grieving and the publicly humiliated -- and then go in for the tight shot -- but they'll also struggle with the price of the "people's right to know." Off camera, their lives will mix, mingle and intertwine as the demands of their shared career affect their ability to maintain marriages, friendships and family. And they will continually seek out television news' most elusive commodity -- the thing on which careers are broken and bom... the truly effective and emotionally charged Live Shot.

Creators are Dan Guntzelman and Steve Marshall (Growing Pains, WKRP in Cincinnati); executive producers are Guntzelman, Marshall and Scott Brazil. From RYSHER Entertainment, Live Shot is shot on film and tape in Los Angeles for broadcast on UPN.

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