Head Over Heels

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Tuesday (9:30 pm, ET)

[Cast Photo #1] A South Beach video dating service is turned upside down by two bickering brothers and an eccentric staff in the new half hour comedy series "Head Over Heels" airing TUESDAYS (9:30-10:00 pm, ET/PT) on UPN. Starring are (clockwise from front center): Peter Dobson as Jack Baldwin; Mitchel Whitfield as Warren Baldwin; Eva LaRue as Carmen; Patrick Bristow as Ian and Cindy Ambuehl as Valentina.


Jack and Warren Baldwin, two competitive young brothers, own and operate Head Over Heels, a South Beach, Florida, video dating service. However, the incompatible pair are better troublemakers than matchmakers. Pictured are (L) Peter Dobson as Jack Baldwin and (R) Mitchell Whitfield as Warren Baldwin.


Pictured clockwise from top left: Cindy Ambuehl, starring as Valentina, the reformed exotic dancer turned executive assistant; Eva LaRue as Carmen, a romance counselor working toward her Ph.D in human behavior and sexuality; and Patrick Bristow as the sardonic Ian, a frustrated romance counselor who has taken a vow of celibacy.


Jack and Warren Baldwin, owners of Head Over Heels dating service are would-be love police who continually misfire their weapons while at work and at play; At the same time, their eclectic staff busies themselves with their own inventive brand of mischief. Pictured are (left image): Peter Dobson as Jack Baldwin and Mitchell Whitfield as Warren Baldwin; (right image) Eva LaRue as Carmen, Patrick Bristow as Ian and Cindy Ambuehl as Valentina.


The lively staff of Head Over Heels matchmaking service dances to their own beat while they spice up romance in South Beach. Starring are (L-R): Patrick Bristow as Ian; Eva LaRue as Carmen; Mitchell Whitfield as Warren Baldwin; Cindy Ambuehl as Valentina and Peter Dobson as Jack Baldwin.

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