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Monday (9:00 pm, ET)

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Sherman Hemsly ("The Jeffersons") and Dorien Wilson ("Dream On") star as formerly estranged father and son, Willie and Franklin Goode. The two are expected to peacefully co-exist when Willie, a newly paroled con-artist, arrives without warning on his son's doorstep to fulfill the conditions of his probation - house arrest complete with electronic ankle bracelet.

To help secure a promotion to Dean of Humanities at a Chapel Hill University, Franklin reluctantly promises to let his father live with him indefinitely. Much to Franklin's dismay, most of his newly refurbished office must become Willie's makeshift bedroom.

Home is quickly becoming half-way house and caught in the middle of the high jinks are Franklin's wife Barbara (Charlayne Woodard), a local news anchor, and teenage daughter Bianca (Bianca Lawson), who hardly knows her ex-con grandfather. Determined to settle differences between father and soon, Barbara and Bianca have their hands full expecially when Willie makes it evident that he's not completely cured of his criminal habit.

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