{The Beat}

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Type Size Length
MPE 31,824,112 3:02
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Type Size Length Title
MPE 3,984,708 :22 Episode 107
MPE Episode 106
MPE Episode 105
MPE Episode 104
MPE Episode 103
MPE Review
MPE 10,939,916 1:02 Zane
MPE Mike
MPE Series
MPE 5,729,896 :32 L.A. Times
MPE Washington Post
MPE Out Of Control
MPE Good Cop
MPE Drums
MPE Crazy
MPE And the Beat Goes On
MPE Diner
MPE Twisted
MPE Pedigree
MPE Out of Hand

Opening Title Sequence

First Season
Type Size Length
MPE 11,113,976 1:04

Theme Music

MPEG3 Length Size
Open :31 763,904
Close :30 751,616

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