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Tuesday (9:00 pm, ET)

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In a time when viruses seem to be gaining the upper hand in a never-ending war with science and medicine, there is one team that governments call upon to help when things near the "burning" zone.

Headed by Dr. Edward Marcase (Jeffery Dean Morgan, "Undercover"), the hand-picked team is comprised of leading virologists and scientists whose main goal is to overcome microscopic enemies before it's too late

Joining him in his quest are Dr. Kimberly Shiroma (Tamlyn Tomita, "The Joy Luck Club") and Michael Hailey (James Black), a CIA special agent, each an expert in their field. Overseeing their efforts is Dr. Thurman Rhinehardt (Dennis Arndt, "Basic Instinct"), one of the most powerful physicians in the United States, and a man who consults on medical issues and special projects to the White House, the CIA, the NSA and the Pentagon.

Ripped from the pages of TIME and NEWSWEEK, "The Burning Zone" turns the focus of the fight for humanity inward - into the blood streams and chromosomes of the human race.

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