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Complete Series to be Released only on DVD

First, read the release info over on TV Shows on DVD.

I strongly suggest that you not purchase the box set. Why? No Blu-ray. That is an insult to fans of the show that are capable of viewing Blu-ray releases.

The following points are missing from the release posting:

IMHO, the DVD only release is ill-advised. If they are going to double-dip the fans, get it right.


Emerging from his darkest hour, only to find the path to his destiny blocked by ghosts from the past, Clark finds himself tempted toward darkness at every turn by shadows in the present. Despite insurmountable odds, will Clark be powerful enough to step into the light and claim his rightful place as Earth's mightiest protector? Taking flight in its tenth and final season, this modern retelling of a hero's legendary origins continues to blend realism, action, heart and humor as Clark Kent (series star TOM WELLING) soars toward claiming his birthright.

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