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This page will contain various slates that I have captured over time, slates that are not necessarily normal.

[ABC Slate #1] [#2] These two slates were put up by ABC after the failure of T401. ABC needed to let affiliates know of changes in satellite usage and where the new backup feeds will be.

[Fox Slate] Fox basically did the same thing. Fox used to be spread across two birds, T401 and T402. Now all of their eggs are in one basket, T402. I expect them to have backup feeds on another bird in the near future. FYI, this slate is my first animated satellite GIF image.

[Buena Vista Slate] Right after the failure of T401, Buena Vista's feeds were moved to G4/02, a channel that was not previously used for video feeds.

[X-Files Refeed Slate] FOX appeared to still be making up their mind as to which episode will air after the Super Bowl. At 0330 ET on 1/25/97, FOX at first put up a slate that said "Call S.O.C. Hollywood." Fifteen minutes later, the following slate appeared.

[CBS Newspath Spacemail Slate] On the night of 5/04/97, early morning of 5/05/97, CBS was having trouble with their Spacemail transmissions.

[CBS Teleport Operations Slate] On 5/11/97, the CBS Teleport Operations put up a slate announcing their feed schedule for the morning, something they've never done before. It has lasted a whole two weeks, since there were only two weeks left before summer reruns.

[ABC Slate #1][#2][#2] These 3 slates were put up by ABC announcing the change in the NewsOne schedule. This may be a result of T5 coming on line June 23, 1997.

[T5 Welcome Slate] Finally, on June 27, 1997, the first video image was transmitted from T5. This was it. I'm sure glad they didn't go overboard :-)

[KHON Bandwidth pulses] KHON was feeding tape of volcano activity, then went to this test image. I would have also had images of the lava flow, when they replayed the tape, but the MicroSh!t Win95 software had an illegal operation (having an OS from MicroSh!t should be made illegal) and all of the images I had captured with the Snappy were lost.

[ABC Denver Slate] ABC appears to be using T5-22 for this, or that, when it comes to news.

[ABC Test Bars] [ABC Nightline] Here is something you don't see very often, ABC unscrambled. For most of July, all of ABC on T4 has been unscrambled. Reason unknown. The test bars were up right before Nightline started.

[DS9 Promo Feed Slate] Someone should tell the Paramount TOC staff that is it ST:DS, not ST:DA (Star Trek: District Attorney :-).

[Disney Problem Slate - Bad] [Disney Problem Slate - Good] Here is something you don't see very often, someone admitting that they are the reason for a signal problem. And not only that, but it was Disney. The bad image is while they were having the problem, and the good image is what the same slate looks like when it is good. [3/25/00]

[Paramount Frasier Digital Feed] Paramount has finally started the transition to MPEG-2 4:2:0 digital.

[Eyemark End-of-Feed slate] There weren't many more good nights coming from this group. Viacom closed the facility in the fall of 2001 and moved all of the feeds to the LA and NY CBS teleport centers.

[Fox Roswell Feed Rescheduled] Has Been Has Been?

[Fox Happy Holidays - 2000][Fox Happy Holidays - 2000] 'Nuf said.

[WB Digital Feeds Starting] The Warner Bros transition to MPEG-2 4:2:2 has started.

[WB 4:2:0 Feed Moving] Warner Bros. is moving the clean 4:2:0 feed to 4:2:2.

[Roswell feed rescheduled] [Roswell feed rescheduled - yet again] [Roswell feed rescheduled - yep, again] Will be rescheduled? Not only rescheduled once, but thrice. Also, how can it be a refeed when it hasn't even fed once?

[Angel Feed Moving?] Is the Angel feed permanently moving?

[Warner Bros. analog feed ending] The Warner Bros. analog feed is finally ending.

[Roswell feed rescheduled] Unbelievable. After the fiasco three weeks ago, it happens again.

[Angel feed rescheduled] 20th Century Fox is certainly having troubles getting tapes on time.

[DTV Feed Moved] [DTV Feed Moved] [DTV Feed Moved] [DTV Feed Moved]
With the failure of T6 at about 0034 ET on 4/22/01, this Fox feed had to move. At the time of this posting, the problem is only supposed to be temporary.

[Buffy Feed Slate Error] [Buffy Feed Slate Error] [Buffy Feed Slate Error]
The operators in the Fox TOC just can't seem to get it right. It took them three tries to figure it out.

[24 Refeed Slate] Interesting. The feed to Canada is not a syndication feed, nor do they usually list the time as PT.

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] [Fox Digital Transition Slate] [Fox Digital Transition Slate] We knew it was coming :-(.

[Fox DTV Info Slate] Now we know which receiver they are using :-).

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] The first slate saying that it has started. Notice the shifting of the image down 30 lines. Something is incompatible between my receiver and the encoded datastream.
[Above image fixed in PhotoShop.]

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] [Fox Digital Transition Slate] Now they are counting it down :-(.

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] [Fox Digital Transition Slate] Guess it didn't go as smooth as they thought it would.

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] [Fox Digital Transition Slate] This is it, no more Fox Network analog feeds.
The phone number is not the 20th Century Fox TOC.

[Fox Digital Transition Slate] More info regarding syndicated and Fox Kids feeds

[Fox Digital Testing Slate] [Fox Digital Testing Slate (16:9 center cut)] Fox is doing normal datarate tests on T5/10.

[NBC Slate] Slate used during local news break (between primetime and latenight).

[NewsOne Transition] NewsOne is using the new Pathfire IP delivery system for news items.

[T6 Failure #1] [T6 Failure #2] [T6 Failure #3] [T6 Failure #4]
[T6 Failure #5] T6 had a major glitch. It went into a very slow spin after it shut down.

[The real vision mixer mixer] The truth is out. Now we know who really runs the vision mixer during ESPN football game coverage!

[Oops, Clock Screwed Up #1] [Oops, Clock Screwed Up #2] The clock was manually fixed about 0230, to make it 0330, since there was a feed at 0400. But, at 0600 EDT, the clock automatically added another hour. So for a little while the TOC operator X'd it out. The first image is of it being wrong and the next image is of it being right.

[New CVC name] New name for the old CVC.

[Dolby Digital audio ceasing] A last minute notice that the Dolby audio streams are going away

[WB Happy Thanksgiving] The WB's Happy Thanksgiving slate

[G16 replacing G4R] G16 is replacing G4R at about 0300, taking about 1/2 hour.

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