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"Roswell," which has distinctively combined science fiction with the heart-wrenching disconnection and angst of 21st century American teenhood, is well on its way to achieving cult television status. This post-modern blending of genres from writer/executive producer Jason Katims ("Relativity," "My So-Called Life") will make its UPN premiere this fall.

July 3,1947. The crash of a spaceship - an event officially but never effectively denied by the United States government - leaves three young aliens to grow up in the sleepy, backwater town of Roswell, New Mexico. Joined together by their common, otherworldly heritage, Max Evans (Jason Behr), his sister Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr) keep their true identities a secret from their families and friends. But the shooting of classmate Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby) forces Max to use his astonishing powers to save her life, and draws Liz and her best friend Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino) into the extraterrestrial trio's secret world. On the periphery of this extraordinary secret, the aliens must also trust their real identities with the local sheriff, Valenti (William Sadler) and his son and Liz's former boyfriend, Kyle (Nick Wechsler).

Complicating their overwhelming desire to uncover the truth about themselves - who or what they are and where their true home might be - is the need to keep one step ahead of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial adversaries.

"Roswell" explores the emotional drama of the ultimate outsiders - surviving descendants of alien beings - attempting to find their place among humans as they struggle with adolescence.

Starring are Shiri Appleby ("I Love You to Death") as Liz, Jason Behr ("The Shipping News") as Max, Katherine Heigl ("My Father the Hero") as Isabel, Majandra Delfino ("Traffic") as Maria, Brendan Fehr ("Disturbing Behavior") as Michael, Nick Wechsler ("The Perfect Game") as Kyle and William Sadler ("The Shawshank Redemption") as Sheriff Valenti.

The executive producer is Katims along with co-executive producer Ronald D. Moore. The series is based on the "Roswell High" series of books written by Melinda Metz and is produced by Jason Katims Productions in association with Regency Television and Twentieth Century Fox Television.

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