The OC


ON-AIR: Thursdays, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT
ORIGINATION: Los Angeles (Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach, CA)
CONCEPT: Welcome to THE O.C., the story of a group of friends and families whose lives have forever been changed by the arrival of an outsider – Ryan Atwood – to their ocean-side community of Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.
SERIES FINALE: Feb. 22, 2007
TOTAL EPISODES: Summer/Season 1     27 episodes
Season 2                   24 episodes
Season 3                   25 episodes
Season 4                   16 episodes
THEME SONG “California” performed by Phantom Planet
SERIES REGULARS: Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen)
Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen)
Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood)
Adam Brody (Seth Cohen)
Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper-Nichol-Roberts)
Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts)
Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper)
Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend)
Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper)
Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper)
Alan Dale (Caleb Nichol)
Chris Carmack (Luke Ward)
PRODUCED BY: Wonderland Sound and Vision
College Hill Pictures
Warner Bros. Television Production
Bob DeLaurentis
Stephanie Savage
Ian Toynton
LINE PRODUCER: David Calloway
MUSIC SUPERVISOR: Alexandra Patsavas
Winner, Choice Drama/Action Adventure Show, 2006 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice TV Show, 2005 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice Breakout TV Show, 2004 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice TV Show (Drama), 2004 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Biggest Guilty Please, VH1 Big in ’03 Awards   

Key to the City, Newport Beach, CA October 2004
Winner, Choice TV Actor (Drama/Action Adventure), 2006 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice TV Actor (Drama), 2005 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, w/Rachel Bilson, Choice TV Chemistry, 2005 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice TV Actor (Drama), 2004 Teen Choice Awards

Winner, Choice TV Actress (Drama), 2006 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Rachel Bilson, Choice TV Actress (Drama), 2005 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, w/Adam Brody, Choice TV Chemistry, 2005 Teen Choice Awards

Winner, Choice TV Actress, 2006 Teen Choice Awards
Winner, Choice Breakout TV Star, 2004 Teen Choice Awards

Winner, Performance in a Drama episode, 10th Annual PRISM Awards
NOTABLE NOMINATIONS: Outstanding New Program of the Year, TCA Awards 2004
Writing for Episodic Drama, Josh Schwartz for Pilot, Writers Guild Awards 2004
Favorite New TV Dramatic Series, 30th Annual People’s Choice Awards
MAJOR GUEST-STARS/: George Lucas (himself)
Paris Hilton (herself)
Lisa Tucker (herself)
Captain Oats
Princess Sparkle
China (Kaitlin’s horse who had alopecia)
Amanda Righetti (Hailey Nichol)
Ashley Hartman (Holly Fischer)
Billy Campbell (Carter Buckley)
Bonnie Somerville (Rachel Hoffman)
Bret Harrison (Danny; DJ Swerve)
Brian McNamara (Carson Ward, Luke’s gay Dad)
Cam Gigandet (Volchok)
Chris Brown (Will Tutt)
Chris Pratt (Che)
Colin Hanks (Grady Bridges, star of “The Valley”)
Corey Price (Eric Ward)
Daphne Ashbrook (Dawn Atwood)
Eric Balfour (Eddie)
Eric Mabius (Dean Jack Hess)
Gary Grubbs (Gordon Bullit)
Henri Lubatti (Henri-Michel)
Jaime King (Mary Sue)
Jeff Hephner (Matt Ramsey)
Jeri Ryan (Charlotte Morgan)
Johnny Lewis (Dennis “Chili” Childress)
Johnny Messner (Lance Baldwin)
Kayla Ewell (Casey)
Kevin Sorbo (Frank Atwood)
Kim Delaney (Rebecca Bloom)
Kim Oja (Taryn Baker)
Kyle Bornheimer (Norman)
Linda Lavin (The Nana)
Logan Marshall-Green (Trey Atwood)
Marguerite Moreau (Reed Carlson)
Michael Cassidy (Zach Stevens)
Michael Nouri (Dr. Neil Roberts)
Navi Rawat (Theresa Diaz)
Nicholas Gonzalez (D.J.)
Nikki Griffin (Jess Sathers)
Nikki Reed (Sadie Campbell)
Olivia Wilde (Alex Kelly)
Paula Trickey (Veronica Townsend)
Rosalind Cho (Dr. Kim)
Ryan Donowho (Johnny Harper)
Samaire Armstrong (Anna)
Shannon Lucio (Lindsay Gardner)
Steve-O (First Marine)
Taylor Handley (Oliver Trask)
Tia Carrere (Dean Torres)
Todd Sherry (Waiter; Maurice; Todd)
Wayne Dalglish (Brad Ward
KISSES TO REMEMBER: Ryan and Marissa kiss on the Ferris wheel
Summer kisses emo-geek Seth at the kissing booth
Jimmy Cooper kisses Kirsten
Rebecca Bloom kisses Sandy
Carson Ward kisses another man   
Summer kisses Seth in his Spider-Man mask
Marissa kisses Alex
Carter kisses Kirsten
Ryan kisses Taylor
WEATHER IN THE O.C.: Rain – once
NATURAL DISASTERS: One Earthquake and aftershock
Caleb Nichol & Julie Cooper (engaged/married)
Jimmy Cooper & Julie Cooper-Nichol (married/divorced/engaged)
Dr. Neil Roberts & Julie Cooper-Nichol (engaged/married/divorced)
Taylor Townsend & Henri-Michel (engaged/married/divorced)
Seth Cohen & Summer Roberts (engaged)
Julie Cooper & Bullit (engaged)
In the pilot, he carries her to the pool house after he finds her passed out in the driveway.
In Tijuana, Ryan carries Marissa out of the alley.
After the car accident, he carries her away from the burning car before she dies.
The Crab Shack
The Bait Shop
The Diner
The Arches
The Model Home
The Beach
The Lifeguard Station at the Beach (Marissa’s favorite hangout; only at night)
The Yacht Club
Harbor School Quad
Harbor School Student Lounge / Coffee Cart
Cohen House Kitchen
Cohen Pool
The Pool House
Newport Plaza
Valentine’s Day
STUDY HABITS: The characters had affiliations with these schools:
Harbor School (Class of 2006)
Knightley School (Kaitlin’s boarding school in Montecito)
Newport Union (Orange County public school)
Brown University
UC Berkeley (Sandy & Kirsten’s alma mater)
ALTER EGOS Seth and Zach created the comic book/graphic novel “The Atomic County” featuring notable characters:
Marissa – “Cosmo Girl”
Summer – “Little Miss Vixen”
Seth – “Ironist”
Ryan – “Kid Chino”
Sandy – “The Litigator”
Kirsten – “The Ice Queen”
FAVORITE TV SHOWS/DVDs: ”The Golden Girls”
“The Valley”
JULIE COOPER’S RESUME: Interior Decorator
CEO, Newport Group
Publisher, “Newport Living” Magazine
Partner, Party Planning
Partner, New Match High End Dating Service
Madam, Male Prostitution Ring
FAVORITE COHEN BREAKFAST: Ryan/Seth – Cereal and Coffee; Schmeared Bagels
Sandy/Kirsten – Schmeared Bagels and Coffee
FAVORITE COHEN DINNER: Take-Out, often Chinese, until Kirsten faced her fears after rehab and became a gourmet cook
FAVORITE PARTY APPETIZER: Mushroom Leek Crescents; Crab & Brie Filo
LIGHT READING: “A Season for Peaches”… Henri-Michel’s memoir of his experience with Taylor in France
FAVORITE HOTELS: Montage Resort & Spa
Four Seasons
The Mermaid Inn   
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas)
The Fountainebleau Resort (Miami Beach)
REAL SCHOLARSHIPS: John Kim, a student at UC Berkeley’s School of Law, started THE O.C. @ BOALT in the Fall of 2003 and then later the club instituted a yearly scholarship, the Sandy Cohen Fellowship, awarded by Peter Gallagher each May to a deserving law student who would work in the public defender’s office.  For more information visit
FIRES:    After Luke beats up Ryan, the candles burn down The Model Home.
After Seth smokes a joint, it burns down the Newport Group.
LIVE PERFORMANCES: Rooney                        Rachel Yamagata
Jem                        Death Cab for Cutie
The Walkmen                    T.I.
The Killers                    Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher)
Modest Mouse                    The Subways
The Thrills                    Tom Vek
Cobre Verde
WORLD MUSIC PREMIERES: U2 (“Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own”)
Beastie Boys (“Ch-Check It Out”)
Cold Play (“Fix You”)
Gwen Stefani (“Cool”)
Beck (“Que Onda Guero,” “Scarecrow,” “Missing” &“Girl” )
The Shins (“Turn On Me”)
SOUNDTRACKS: Music From The O.C.: Mix 1
Music From The O.C.: Mix 2
Music From The O.C.: Mix 3: Have a Verry Merry Chrismukkah
Music From The O.C.: Mix 4
Music From The O.C.: Mix 5
The O.C. Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks
*artists featured 4 or more times
Beck (6)                           Imogen Heap (4)
The Album Leaf (6)         Jet (4)
Death Cab For Cutie (5)  Modest Mouse (4)
Rooney (5)                       Mojave 3 (4)
The Thrills (5)                  Rogue Wave (4)
Youth Group (5)               Spoon (4)
Zero 7 (5)                        Sufjan Stevens (4)
Bloc Party (4)

5 Aug 03         The Pilot
12 Aug 03       The Model Home
19 Aug 03       The Gamble
26 Aug 03       The Debut
2 Sep 03         The Outsider
9 Sep 03         The Girlfriend
16 Sep 03       The Escape
29 Oct 03       The Rescue
5 Nov 03         The Heights
12 Nov 03       The Perfect Couple
19 Nov 03       The Homecoming
26 Nov 03       The Secret
3 Dec 03        The Best Chrismukkah Ever
17 Dec 03       The Countdown
7 Jan 04         The Third Wheel
14 Jan 04       The Links
21 Jan 04       The Rivals
11 Feb 04       The Truth
18 Feb 04       The Heartbreak
25 Feb 04       The Telenovela
3 Mar 04         The Goodbye Girl
24 Mar 04       The L.A.
31 Mar 04       The Nana
14 Apr 04       The Proposal
21 Apr 04       The Shower
28 Apr 04       The Strip
5 May 04        The Ties That Bind
16 Nov 04      THE O.C.: Obsess Completely (special)
23 Nov 04      Welcome to The O.C.: A Day in the Life (special)
4 Nov 04         The Distance
11 Nov 04       The Way We Were
18 Nov 04       The New Kids on the Block
2 Dec 04         The New Era
9 Dec 04         The SnO.C.
16 Dec 04       The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t
6 Jan 05         The Family Ties
13 Jan 05       The Power of Love
20 Jan 05       The Ex-Factor
27 Jan 05       The Accomplice
 3 Feb 05       The Second Chance
10 Feb 05       The Lonely Hearts Club
17 Feb 05       The Test
24 Feb 05       The Rainy Day Women
10 Mar 05       The Mallpisode
17 Mar 05       The Blaze of Glory
24 Mar 05       The Brothers Grim
7 Apr 05         The Risky Business
14 Apr 05       The Rager
21 Apr 05       The O.C. Confidential
5 May 05        The Return of the Nana
5 May 05        The Showdown
12 May 05       The O.Sea
19 May 05       The Dearly Beloved
8 Sep 05         The Aftermath
15 Sep 05       The Shape of Things to Come
22 Sep 05       The End of Innocence
29 Sep 05       The Last Waltz
3 Nov 05         The Perfect Storm
10 Nov 05       The Swells
17 Nov 05       The Anger Management
1 Dec 0           The Game Plan
8 Dec 05         The Disconnect
15 Dec 05          The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah
12 Jan 06       The Safe Harbor
19 Jan 06       The Sister Act
26 Jan 06       The Pot Stirrer
2 Feb 06         The Cliffhanger
9 Feb 06         The Heavy Lifting
9 Mar 06         The Road Warrior
16 Mar 06       The Journey
23 Mar 06       The Undertow
30 Mar 06       The Secrets and Lies
6 Apr 06         The Day After Tomorrow
13 Apr 06       The Dawn Patrol
20 Apr 06       The College Try
27 Apr 06       The Party Favor
4 May 06        The Man of The Year
18 May 06       The Graduates
2 Nov 06         The Avengers
8 Nov 06         The Gringos
9 Nov 06         The Cold Turkey
16 Nov 06       The Metamorphosis
30 Nov 06       The Sleeping Beauty
7 Dec 06        The Summer Bummer
14 Dec 06       The Chrismukk-huh?
21 Dec 06       The Earth Girls Are Easy
4 Jan 07         The My Two Dads
1 11 Jan 07       The French Connection
18 Jan 07       The Dream Lover
19 Jan 06       The Sister Act
25 Jan 07       The Groundhog Day
1 Feb 07        The Case of the Franks
8 Feb 07         The Shake Up
15 Feb 07       The Night Moves
22 Feb 07       The End’s Not Near, It’s Here (Series Finale)

*Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage & Bob DeLaurentis
The Pilot (101 “Premiere” 08/05/03)
*Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage &        Summer and Holly leave drunk Marissa in the Cooper driveway (101 Premiere 8/5/03)
Bob DeLaurentis     Ryan waves to Dawn in the Cohen backyard, then tells Kirsten and Sandy, “Guess I’ll unpack later.”  (103 The Gamble 8/19/03)

    When the gang goes to Tijuana and Ryan carries Marissa out of the alley (107  The Escape 9/16/03) 

        First Chrismukkah episode (113 The Best Chrismukkah Ever 12/03/03)

Summer dressed as Wonder Woman, “I hear you like comic books, Cohen.” (113 The Best Chrismukkah Ever 12/3/03)

Kirsten cries as she puts away Ryan’s sheets. (127 The Ties That Bind 5/5/04)

Marissa throws furniture in the pool (201 The Distance 04/04/07)

The first night in the model home  (202 The Model Home 8/12/03)

The Spider-Man kiss between Summer and Seth (214 The Rainy Day Women 2/24/05)

Imogen Heap playing over Caleb’s funeral (222 The Dearly Beloved  5/19/05)

Marissa returning to the model home with Volchok; Ryan listens to the mix-tape in Julie’s trailer (317 The Journey 3/16/06)

        Julie says to Ryan, “Tell me about her.” (401 The Cold Turkey 11/9/06)

        Summer’s stages of grief (404 The Metamorphosis 11/16/06)

    When Taylor and Ryan first have sparks (404 The Metamorphosis 11/16/06)

“Looks like your mom’s got feelings, too.  For that guy’s butt.”  (405 The Sleeping Beauty 11/30/06)

Marissa shoots Trey and the Imogen Heap song that follows (224 The Dearly Beloved 5/19/05)
ROAD TRIPS: Marissa, Seth, Summer and Ryan go to Tijuana (107 The Escape 9/16/03)
The gang goes to Oliver’s Palm Springs mansion (116 The Links 1/14/04)
The gang goes to Los Angeles for Grady Bridge’s birthday party (122 The L.A. 3/24/04)
Seth, Ryan & Sandy go to Las Vegas for Caleb’s bachelor party (126 The Strip 4/28/4)
Seth sails off…makes it to Santa Barbara; takes bus to Portland…
Sandy and Ryan visit Portland to Bring Seth home (201 The Distance 11/4/04)
Julie Cooper goes to Europe
Marissa and Alex go to L.A. to get back Alex’s necklace (210 The Accomplice 1/27/05)
Seth, Summer and Zach go to San Diego (212 The Lonely Hearts Club 2/10/05)
Kirsten and Carter go to wine country (218 The Risky Business 4/7/05)
Seth and Zach go to Silver Lake for the comic book (220 The O.C. Confidential 4/21/05)
Seth, Ryan & Sandy visit the Nana in Florida (221 The Return of the Nana 5/5/05)
Sadie and Ryan go to Brea and Indio (316 The Road Warrior 3/9/06)
Ryan goes to Albuquerque to invite his mom to graduation (320 The Dawn Patrol 4/13/06)
Ryan goes to Berkeley; Seth goes to Brown (322 The College Try 4/20/06)
Marissa goes to Berkeley; Summer goes to Brown (322 The College Try 4/20/06)
Marissa visits Kaitlin at the Knightley School (324 The Man of the Year 5/4/06)
Taylor goes to Paris
Ryan & Seth go to Mexico looking for Volchok (402 The Gringos 11/8/06)
Seth visits Providence to win back Summer (406 The Summer Bummer 12/7/06)
Las Vegas (… rave in the desert) (408 The Earth Girls Are Easy 12/21/06)
Seth visits Dr. Roberts in Seattle (410 The French Connection 1/11/07)
THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE IN THE O.C.:    After Sandy served as Ryan’s public defender, Ryan Atwood was in 22 fights. Ryan and the other characters’ scuffles include:
        Ryan fights with his mom’s boyfriend (101 Premiere 8/5/03)

        Ryan punches Luke defending Seth (101 Premiere 8/5/03)

         Ryan punches Luke at the diner (101 Premiere 8/5/03)
Luke and Ryan fight in the model home (102 The Model Home 8/12/03)

Luke punches Ryan at Holly’s annual cookout (104 The Debut 8/26/03)

Holly’s dad punches Jimmy Cooper (104 The Debut 8/26/03)
Ryan & Luke fight Donnie & his boys at Holly’s; Luke is shot (105 The Outsider 9/2/03)

Ryan punches Luke when Marissa discovers him with Holly (107 The Escape 9/16/03)

Selling off Trey’s car, Ryan gets punched (111 The Homecoming 11/19/03)

Luke and Ryan get beaten up by Del Vista jocks  (112 The Secret 11/26/03)

Ryan punches Oliver in the student lounge (117 The Rivals 1/21/04)

Eddie and Ryan fight at “Riviera” party over Theresa (121 The Goodbye Girl 3/3/04)

Eddie and his boys rough up Ryan (123 The Nana 3/31/04)

Julie and Hailey fight and fall in pool (126 The Strip 4/28/04)

Jimmy punches Caleb over the lighthouse scam (126 The Strip 4/28/04)

Zach punches Seth at The SnO.C. (205 The SnO.C. 12/9/04)

Ryan fights a man hitting on Marissa at a bar (217 The
Brothers Grim 3/24/05)

Ryan decks a guy to get the “Risky Business” egg back (218 The Risky Business 4/7/05)

Marissa hits Trey with driftwood on the beach (221 The Return of the Nana 5/05/05)

Ryan and Trey fight; Marissa shoots Trey (224 The Dearly Beloved 5/19/05)

Ryan punches Dean Hess (302 The Shape of Things To Come 9/15/05)

Don’s thugs beat up Jimmy Cooper (303 The End of the Innocence 9/22/05)

Ryan helps Johnny by punching Volchok (306 The Swells 11/10/06)

Uncle Jack and his thugs beat up Ryan in Indio (316 The Road Warrior)

Ryan punches Jess’s ex-boyfriend at USC party (318 The Undertow 3/23/06)

Some men beat up Matt (319 The Secrets & Lies 3/30/06)

Marissa slaps Volchok at Sr. Prom (323 The Party Favor 4/27/06)

Ryan beats up Volchok at the Sr. Prom after-party (323 The Party Favor 4/27/06)

Ryan gets beaten up while underground cage fighting (401 The Avenger 11/2/06)

Ryan punches Volchok at the Mermaid Inn (403 The Cold Turkey 11/9/06)

Sandy punches Frank Atwood (409 The My Two Dads 409)
WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE: When Ryan arrives at his first Newport event, Seth tells him “Welcome to the Dark Side.”  These are the events that rocked Newport:

        Fashion show fundraiser (101 Premiere 8/5/03)
Casino Night (103 The Gamble 8/19/03)
Cotillion (104 The Debut 8/26/03)
Caleb’s birthday bash (106 The Girlfriend 9/9/03)
Harbor School Carnival where Ryan and Marissa first kissed (109 The Heights 11/5/03)
Children’s Hospital benefit on Caleb’s Yacht (110 The Perfect Couple 11/12/03)
Chrismukkah Party (113 The Best Chrismukkah Ever 12/3/03)
New Year’s Eve: Hailey throws a party; Sandy & Kirsten go to a swingers party;    
Marissa and Summer go to the Four Seasons to Oliver’s party (114 The Countdown 12/17/03)
Kirsten’s Valentine’s singles dance (119 The Heartbreak 2/18/04)
“Riviera” Man of the Year party for Caleb Nichol (121The Goodbye Girl 3/304)
Grady Bridge’s birthday party in Los Angeles (122 The L.A. 3/22/04)
The Lighthouse restaurant opening (124 The Proposal 4/14/04)
Julie Cooper’s wedding shower (125 The Shower 4/21/04)
Julie’s bachelorette party (126 The Strip 4/28/04)
Julie and Caleb’s wedding (127 The Ties That Bind 5/504)
Julie hosts party for The Newport Group investors (204 The New Era 12/2/04)
The SnO.C., Harbor School’s Winter Dance (205 The SnO.C. 12/9/04)
Jimmy’s goodbye party (207 The Family Ties 1/6/05)
Sandy and Kirsten’s 20th anniversary party (208 The Power of Love 1/13/05)
Adoption-party-turned-“Newport-Living” party (213 The Test 2/17/05)
Harbor School pep rally/bonfire (216 The Blaze of Glory 3/17/05)
“Newport Living” launch party (217 The Brothers Grim 3/24/05)
Charity yard sale (218 The Risky Business 4/7/05)
Rager for Trey’s birthday at the Nichol mansion (219 The Rager 4/14/05)
“Music Video Nation’s” Spring Break (221 The Return of the Nana 5/5/05)
Jr. prom (223 The O.Sea 5/12/05)
Caleb’s funeral (224 The Dearly Beloved 5/19/05)
Newport Union dance / Harbor School dance (304 The Last Waltz 9/29/05)
Harbor School Lock-in (307 The Anger Management 11/17/05)
Ryan’s Bar Mitzvakkah (310 The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah 12/15/05)
Kaitlin’s birthday party (313 The Pot Stirrer 1/26/06)
College sweatshirt bonfire (320 The Day After Tomorrow 4/6/06)
Sr. Prom (323 The Party Favor 4/27/06)
“Riviera” Man of the Year (Sandy Cohen) party (324 The Man of the Year 5/4/06)
Harbor School Graduation / Yacht Club dinner (325 The Graduates 5/18/06)
Public Defender’s Office benefit (405 The Sleeping Beauty 11/30/06)
Kaitlin’s kegger (406 The Summer Bummer 12/7/06)
Bullit’s New Year’s Eve party / Alien rave (408 The Earth Girls Are Easy 12/21/06)
Kirsten’s birthday party (412 The Groundhog Day 1/25/07)
Taylor’s birthday party (414 The Shake Up 2/8/07)