The OC


Quotes from Peter Gallagher:

“I think it will be remembered for a really vibrant first season that captured a lot of imaginations around the world and gave families a chance to watch a show together -- mothers and fathers and kids -- that they could both enjoy and the show found at least briefly a happy marriage, between comedy and drama.”

“I guess my favorite moment was the day I read the pilot script. That was very exciting. And I certainly loved singing in the second season. And you know, frankly, I have had so many good days on this show; I loved going to work; I love the cast; I love this crew; I love our directors and every day on this set sure beats working in a coal mine.

“It’s sad because I saw great things for this show. But it’s exciting because I am looking forward to doing something else. I’ll miss this crew and this cast, but it’s also the longest job I’ve ever had in my life. I mean it’s the most steady job I’ve had, ever. It’s easy to get used to, so it’s sad but exciting…exciting for what the future holds. Next, as we say in the business.”

“I hadn’t done a lot of TV before and I think I am a little smarter about just what a screwed-up business it is. People will say anything. I think I’m a little smarter about it. I don’t know how it’s changed me. I have been doing it so long but I still love what I do; I love the people I do it with. I am looking forward to finding another great part.”

“That’s true, I raised my family in New York City. I commuted for a year and then it looked like the show was going to last so I gambled and brought them out here and we have been here for three years.”

“Thank you so much you really made this experience extraordinary. It’s a very rare and wonderful thing when you are in the storytelling business and you are lucky enough to tell stories that people actually want to hear. Thanks for making this experience extraordinary. It’s all about you guys.”

Quotes from Rachel Bilson:

“…it sort of feels like the last episode because there is all this emotion behind it and knowing you are going to be parting ways from all these people you worked with so long, so it’s bittersweet.”

“Everything, the experience in general is so great for me. I made a lot of friends and family, had a really great experience.

“This experience has definitely changed me because it has really been a great experience work-wise and acting-wise – just being able to be in front of the camera, getting comfortable with the camera. Basically growing up on the show with these people…”

“I think this experience has changed me in a lot of ways: one just in general – acting in front of the camera and getting that great practice and that experience professionally in that way has been amazing; but also growing up as a person and learning life lessons just because you work every day and the responsibilities; and making great friends and family. It’s just been a really, really great experience.”

“Favorite moment or scene: I like when I get to do things that really are embarrassing for me because it’s fun to make fun of yourself. I like the episode last year where at prom I got really drunk and fell off the stage and it was my first time doing a stunt, so I like to brag and tell people that I can do stunts because I got to fall off the stage, even though it was like a foot. The stunt girl did the fall… but I did a little of that. But that was just a fun episode --  there were just so many.”

“Oh, the Spider-Man kiss of course… the Spider-Man kiss was so cool. I remember reading it when Josh wrote that script; it was really clever and it was really fun to replay that kiss. Adam, I think, threw up in his mouth a little bit so the kiss wasn’t pleasant but other than that it was a really cool scene. It was upside-down.”

“Oh my gosh. I want to say thanks to everyone who has watched us for four years. And making this experience even better because we have fans now. Thank you.”

“Hopefully it’s remembered as a show that everyone loves and will remember.”

Quotes from Benjamin McKenzie:

“It’s a bit surreal, everyone is here, though, so that’s nice. Pretty much all the principal cast is on set today. It’s a bit bizarre but it’s fun.”

“It’s been a great experience. I learned a lot about acting and the business of acting and interacting. I met a lot of very cool people. It has been a great experience.”

“I just want to thank everyone for watching for four years. And supporting us.  It’s meant a lot. Thank you. You stuck through a lot of schedule changes… Different days, different time slots. Very appreciative; so thanks.”

“I’ll probably miss working with everyone. From the crew, to the actors, that will probably be the thing that I miss the most. It’s a very good group of people and we work well together. It’ll be a shame to have to move on. But life goes on.  I have a feeling I will run into almost everyone at some point later.”

“The first day of the pilot was kind of nutty. I showed up in the Valley and we were shooting Ryan at his old house with his mom. I think McG stopped by for like two seconds… ‘You’re going to be great, you’re going to be great’ and then ran away.  It was cool. I think it was just me and Doug and I think Peter maybe worked a little with Doug Liman the director.  And then Peter was in a couple scenes… it was pretty heavy stuff. It was kind of crazy.  It was either sink or swim time; so thankfully it has worked out.”

“First day, yeah…. I had done a guest star or co-star a couple times so I was pretty green. Certainly it was my first time heading up a show. It was fun, though.”

Quotes from Adam Brody:

“It feels good, it feels really good. There is one more day left, today and tomorrow. There is a lot of work behind us.”

“Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are upset, don’t worry, there are DVDs.”

“Well, I think all of us have grown up a bit in certain ways. …I think when the show took off early on there were a lot of adjustments for everyone; everyone came out of their lives well and everyone is doing well, which is good…”

Quotes from Melinda Clarke:

“It’s a little bittersweet, a little sad, but I think we are all happy with the way it is ending. The audience will be very satisfied with the storyline they won’t feel there is anything left to question. I think it is a wonderful way to end, to be dedicated to the fans and their loyalty to us. It feels good in that way and also at the same time I think we are looking forward to seeing what comes next for everyone.  The show really put a lot of the actors on the map. So it’s bittersweet in that way.”

“I really, really am thankful for the way they have embraced this character on the show. The show especially, but the character in particular. They kind of came along for the ride; it was a ride for me; she had such huge change over four seasons.  It’s been a fun ride. I don’t know if I will ever play a character as colorful as Julie Cooper.”

“I think it defines many high-schoolers. It will be the thing that defines their high school years. Anyone who was a freshman in 2003 and is a senior now.  So this defined their years. It will be interesting for a whole generation to remember when. In the early decade of 2000 this show will be remembered as a hip pop culture reference of this time.”

“There are so many. As an audience member when Sandy and Seth had a sex talk, I just thought it was clever and those guys are just so talented, and as an audience member I loved to watch that scene.

“With a show like this, when my character was a guest star starting with just a handful of lines in the pilot. The character just grew and grew as the show went on and I felt like I had a part in that, so that was really rewarding in that way. They took what I did and wrote for the character and I took what they wrote and the character grew in that way. So I felt like I had a part in it and just being part of a show and a character that evolves so much, it was very rewarding in that way. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s the kind of show that you could experiment… I certainly experimented in it and some days were better than others and some ideas were better than others.”

“It definitely great being such a part of pop culture on a very beloved show by many… this show has been a very surreal experience because I grew up in Orange County.  It definitely made me reminisce about my high school years and I never thought that this show reflected anything that I experienced.  But the more it went on, I realized there are very similar stories that either I experienced or that I knew about.

“I think that Josh really got the show. He got Orange County. Of course it’s interesting to be a part of the show that puts Orange County on the map, because believe me, when I was traveling in Europe when I was 17, no one knew where Orange County was. So it is fascinating that this show has put it on the map. So it’s pretty cool.”

“We do what we do because we are social creatures and it’s a collaborative process and we don’t work in cubicles behind computers. We do this to create something and it’s amazing that it ever gets done.  There are hundreds of people that get involved and the whole thing is just done by relationships and friendships with human beings that really truly enjoy being around each other, so that is what I will miss. You get to a point where things move so smoothly, you know,  hair and makeup, wardrobe, directors, scripts, everybody. We work really well together.”

Quotes from Autumn Reeser:

“Crazy, I mean because the show was just such a phenomenon when it first came on the air. I never ever, ever expected to be a part of the show, it was this very separate thing and then all of a sudden I had an audition for it. And I was like, that’s really cool, that would be a really neat show to be on, and then booked it.  And I did my four episodes and then they kept writing for me and then all of a sudden this year I’m a series regular.  It’s been such a strange experience. I think the strangest part was when Ben and Adam and Rachel and I were all doing a scene where the four of us were riding in a car and I was just suddenly like ‘Whose life am I in here?’ It was a very, very surreal moment for me all of a sudden.  It’s been a wonderful experience, the whole thing”

“I didn’t watch the show before. No, but you couldn’t not know about the show and know who was on the show and know what the show was about…. You couldn’t miss it. It was such a huge deal.”

“Yeah, it is happy and it’s sad. It’s nice to be able to go out and know that we did a really good season this year. That’s a really nice feeling to be able to feel you are going out on top. Sad because I am going to miss everyone.  But hopefully it’s a small world in the business so it’ll be nice to see people in other jobs. I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss everyone. I’m going to miss my dressing room, because I painted it.”

“Favorite moment or scene: I liked shooting the college sweatshirt episode where we had this college sweatshirt party because we were shooting on the beach in Malibu at night it was a big bonfire.  That was just a cool feeling because I never go to the beach at night. Basically whenever we got to go on location and shoot at the beach, that was always amazing to be hanging out at the beach all day working.  We were watching dolphins go by and hearing the seagulls, so that was pretty neat.”

“I think the show has definitely made me more confident as an actor because I have been acting for a long time but never every single day of my life. It teaches you to come to work when you are sick and to come to work when you are exhausted; to come to work even though you’ve only had two hours of sleep and still do the work I think it made me a much more confident actor. I feel much stronger in my acting, more comfortable doing it even if you’ve had a bad day. Because you have to.”

Quotes from Willa Holland:

“It was actually very, very interesting for me. Because I had never really done anything like this before. Guest-starring was first a really big thing for me and then becoming a regular on the show was honestly one of the best things that could have ever happened to me and it’s been the best experience.”

“It’s the saddest thing I could ever be doing, to be honest. But we’ve got like another day left, so I have to cherish it while I have it.”

“I’ll miss the people. My makeup artist, Joni – I’ll miss her. My hair guy – Danny— doing my hair everyday. I am going to have to learn how to do all that by myself and dress myself every morning.”

“One of my favorites I got to do was the scene when I got to hit Melinda on the head with a pedestal. That was really fun to shoot.”

“It was honestly one of my first really big jobs, so it changed my life 100%. I used to go to high school before I did this. And now I am doing home school and all that and I’m out of school. I have a completely different life then I did before I did the show.”

“It’s been amazing. Since I was a guest star it was already the biggest thing that had happened to me, and then becoming a regular it was just even better.”

“I definitely feel like I am losing my favorite show to watch and my favorite show to be on. I was a big fan of “THE O.C.” even before I started working on it. I watched every single episode. So watching it end is really depressing and sad.”

“This has been my starting ground. I’ve learned everything I really needed to so far, and I will learn more continuously.  So far this has been the basis of where I have learned how to act and be in this business and stuff like that.”

Fox - 2/14/07

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