The OC

Josh Schwartz

Creator/Executive Producer

Josh Schwartz sold his first screenplay for a deal worth up to $1 million while he was still a junior in college. The script garnered Schwartz many fans around town and quickly opened doors in television. His 2000 pilot "Brookfield," starring Amy Smart and Eric Balfour, was produced for ABC/Disney, and the pilot "Wall to Wall Records" followed in 2001 for The WB/Warner Bros. With THE O.C., 26-year-old Schwartz becomes the youngest person ever to create his own one-hour drama for network television.

Schwartz attended USC film school, where he won the prestigious Nicholson Award in Screenwriting, the highest honor awarded to undergraduates. Subsequently, the prize was taken away because he was too young to be eligible. The son of toy inventors, Schwartz was raised in Providence, Rhode Island with his younger brother and sister. He currently resides in Los Angeles.


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