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Main Cast
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Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper
Dr. Michael Mancini
Craig Field
Kyle McBride
Samantha Reilly
Lexi Sterling
Jennifer Mancini
Taylor McBride
Megan Lewis
Billy Campbell
Dr. Peter Burns
Linden Ashby
Thomas Calabro
David Charvet
Rob Estes
Brooke Langton
Jamie Luner [starting with 2397161]
Alyssa Milano
Lisa Rinna
Kelly Rutherford
Andrew Shue
Jack Wagner
[Special Guest Star]
Amanda Woodward
Heather Locklear

Opening Title Sequence

165 MP-601 9/08/97 9/06/97 7/17/97 2397158 A Brand New Day
In the sixth-season opener, Craig blames Samantha for the car accident as services are help for the victims; a new doctor with a connection to Kimberly joins Michael's staff; Peter proposes to Taylor; Amanda officially turns down her New York offer; Matt and Chelsea leave town; Megan moves in with Jennifer.

Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Kate Reilly: Joanna Cassidy. Baker: Peter Savard. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling.

166 MP-602 9/15/97 9/13/97 7/29/97 2397159 The Trojan Stork
Coop gets the scoop on his new neighbors; Megan is caught in the middle of Peter and Michael's battle; Taylor sees an opportunity when word of her condition spreads; Samantha makes a peace offering to Craig, whose poor professional performance prompts Billy to ask Amanda to dethrone him and start her own agency.

Nurse Amy: Selma Archerd. Ross: Ralph Meyering, Jr. Abraham Laboriel: Abraham Laboriel.

167 MP-603 9/22/97 9/20/97 8/06/97 2397160 No Time For Sperm Banks
Michael belatedly introduces Peter to their new partner; goes with Megan to a couples therapist; and assists when Taylor's "pregnancy" hits a snafu. Meanwhile, Craig gets wind of the agency planned by Billy and Amanda, who rejects Peter's financing.

Therapist: Mark L. Taylor. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Melanie: Roxana Brusso. Peter's Accountant: Don Fischer. Contractor: James Ingersoll. Himself: Sebastian Charles Whittaker. Himself: Nils Stefan Karlsson.

168 MP-604 9/29/97 9/27/97 8/12/97 2397161 The Doctor Is In ... Deep
Sam confesses to Billy about spilling the beans to Craig, who concedes defeat after pressure is applied by Amanda's backer. In Santa Barbara, Michael does double duty at a medical conference; and Coop is sought by his ex-wife, Lexi, who finds Peter instead.

Mrs. Shaw: Janet Carroll. [unknown]: Francois Chau. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Hotel Bartender: Larry Braman. Himself: Johnny Reno. Bellman: Steve Traitt. Delivery Man: Billy Casper. Hotel Clerk: Karen Ann Welch.

169 MP-605 10/20/97 10/18/97 8/22/97 2397162 Desperately Seeking Samantha
Sydney's father catches Craig at a bad time; the ribbon is cut at Woodward Advertising, but Billy finds work elsewhere; Peter learns information that could benefit Lexi; Eric befriends Megan after she finds Michael and Taylor engaged in "uncomplicated" fun.

Mrs. Kate Reilly: Joanna Cassidy. George Andrews: Ken Howard. Ernie Adwards: John Wesley. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Himself: Abraham Laboriel.

170 MP-606 10/27/97 10/25/97 [unknown] [2397163] The Light at the End of the Tumble
Peter learns about Coop's connection to Kimberly Shaw; Jennifer objects to Craig's plans for his windfall, and offers an alternative; therapy patient Michael declares himself a new man to Megan, then steals an idea from Coop; questions about Taylor's pregnancy are resolved; Billy interviews graphic artists for AWA.

Kate Reilly: Joanna Cassidy. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Himself: John Pizzarelli.

171 MP-607 11/03/97 11/01/97 [unknown] 2397164 Secrets and Wives
After Lexi takes him to the cleaners, Coop blames Michael, and finds a kindred spirit in wanting revenge; Jennifer lends a hand when Craig and Michael disagree on how to market their product; Megan asks Eric to be her business mentor; suspicions deepen between Amanda and Kyle, who suspects Eric has caused his financial problems.

Janet Carroll: Mrs. Marion Shaw. Dr. Mosley: Willie Garson. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Lexi's Lawyer: :inda Bisesti. Coop's Lawyer: Stephen James Carver. Himself: Abraham Laboriel. Mr. Pierson: Tom Simmons. Mr. Bender: Chuck Sloan. Executive Volunteer: Paul Morgan Stetler. Judge Purdy: Charles Walker.

172 MP-608 11/10/97 11/08/97 9/12/97 2397165 A Shot in the Dark
Lexi moves in with Peter; Jennifer helps sell the Mancini Glove; Eric exerts his power on the jazz club and the restaurant, and threatens AWA, but offers Amanda a way out; the name Kimberly Shaw starts to haunt Michael, who learns her link to Coop; Samantha and Billy squabble over finances.

Janet Carroll: Mrs. Marion Shaw. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Dr. Dee Johnson: Monica Allison. Dress Shop Saleswoman: Arminae Austen. County Jail Guard: Bill Ferrell. Doctor Two: Steve Ireland. Herself: Diana Krall. Doctor One: Curtis Peek.

173 MP-609 11/17/97 11/15/97 9/18/97 2397166 Attack of the Scapel Woman
Michael confronts his assailant, who fails to show for a scheduled stay at a sanitarium; Kyle's outburst prompts Eric to extend his deadline for Amanda; an old friend arrives to be Samantha's maid of honor; best man Craig throws a bachelor party for Billy; Lexi puts herself in Coop's debt.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Mrs. Shaw: Janet Carroll. Dr. Hayden: Claudette Wells. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Ms. Lindstrom: Hope Allen. Nurse Amy: Selma Archerd. Nurse Lynn: Lynn Chalmers. Stripper: Betsy Monroe.

174 MP-610 11/24/97 11/22/97 9/26/97 2397167 My Little Coma Girl
Michael brings a halt to Coop's vigil at Megan's bedside; clients return to AWA; Kyle rejects Taylor's effort to reconcile (ditto with Amanda), and returns Eric's parting shot; Samantha offends Billy's mother just before the wedding, where Craig meets Jennifer's date.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Mrs. Campbell: Salome Jens. Dr. Shulman: Dey Young. Eric Baines: Jeffrey Nordling. Nurse Amy: Selma Archerd. Ritchie: Shane Imburgia. Dr. Edward Newman: Robert Standley Tailor: Joe Tab. Wedding Guest Guy: Victor Tomasino.

175 MP-611 12/01/97 11/29/97 10/07/97 2397168 Everybody Comes to Kyle's
Connie lands a temp job at AWA while Sam and Billy honeymoon; Peter confronts Lexi about her drug use; Michael and Peter exchange favors regarding their women; Amanda gives up her share of the jazz club; Michael pushes Craig and Jennifer into a reconciliation dinner; Coop throws a wrench into the Mancini Glove.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Himself: Joey Altruda. Ray (Hotel Bellman): Steve Bernie. Mario: Dan Gunther.

176 MP-612 12/15/97 12/13/97 10/22/97 2397169 A Bump in the Night
Peter returns to the scene of the crime and finds a victim; Coop proves to Craig that Michael stole the glove, and Jennifer's effort to steal the evidence puts her in the right place at the right time; Connie gets a full-time job at AWA after Samantha returns home.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Ryan: Michael Francis Clarke. Smith: Steve Eastin. Bob Matthews: Tracy Fraim. [unknown]: Ben Lemon. Lawyer Baker: David A. Brooks. Himself: Abraham Laboriel. Photographer: Renee Altieri.

177 MP-613 12/22/97 12/20/97 10/28/97 2397170 A Tree Talks in Melrose
Coop intervenes when Michael's wooing makes Megan hesitant about a divorce; Jennifer gets Coop to drop his lawsuit against Michael, at another's expense; old friend Jon Secada agrees to help Taylor and Kyle save the jazz club with a Christmas Eve concert; Connie stirs up trouble between Samantha and Billy; Amanda seeks to reconcile with Kyle.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Himself: Jon Secada. Process Server: Myles Abney. Limo Driver: Daniel Guzman. Mr. Miller: Eamon Hunt. Himself: Abraham Laboriel. Delivery Man: Chad Weatherford.

178 MP-614 1/05/98 1/03/98 11/05/97 2397171 To Kill A Whirlybird
In Las Vegas, Kyle and Taylor make a big dent in their debt. Meanwhile, Lexi insists on making life better for Bob when he returns to L.A.; Coop sets up Michael for a fall from his position as chief of staff; and Sam's business trip with Amanda again leaves Connie alone with Billy, who learns of Connie's motive.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. Bob Matthews: Tracy Fraim. [unknown]: Joe Lala. [unknown]: Julie Lauren. Dr. Shulman: Dey Young. Alice Jenkins: Julie Araskog. Helicopter Pilot: Keith Barber. T.V. Reporter: Mary Major. Lawyer: George C. Simms. Chairman of the Board: James R. Sweeney.

179 MP-615 1/12/98 1/10/98 11/11/97 2397172 Amanda's Back
Search-and-rescue personnel are pressed by loved ones of the missing; Jennifer learns Lexi's real connection to Bob, who gets his own place; Kyle and Taylor tentatively agree to keep their Vegas visit to themselves; Coop suggests to Peter that Michael isn't good for their practice.

Connie Rexroth: Megan Ward. [unknown]: Jim Beaver. Bob Matthews: Tracy Fraim. [unknown]: Scott Getlin. Amber: Dawn Radenbaugh. Gas Station Mechanic: Paul Terrell Clayton. Paramedic: David Permenter. Mrs. Huntington: Celeste Yarnall.

180 MP-616 1/19/98 1/17/98 11/17/97 2397173 Kyle of the Desert
Coop and Megan begin courting, as do Michael and Amber; Bob plays his hand with Peter; nightmares of the Gulf War haunt Kyle; Amanda alters her rehabilitation plans; Craig and Coop cross concerning controlling construction costs on their glove; Lexi's father makes a surprise visit.

Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Bob Matthews: Tracy Fraim. Amber: Dawn Radenbaugh. Thomas Sterling: Chad Everett. Nurse Lynn: Lynn Chalmers. Himself: Don Grusin. Nurse Dena: Dena Lang.

181 MP-617 1/26/98 1/24/98 1/15/98 2397174 Coup De Grace
Lexi's father expresses disdain for Peter; Craig threatens Jennifer after she learns of his new cost-cutting efforts; Taylor presses Nick for more info about Christine; Amanda leaves the hospital; Coop sabotages Michael at a reception for their practice; Sam and Billy pursue a baseball star to be a client's spokesman.

Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. [unknown]: Ron Fassler. [unknown]: Willie Garson. Amber: Dawn Radenbaugh. [unknown]: Wayne Wilderson. Thomas Sterling: Chad Everett. Themselves: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Mario: Dan Gunther.

182 MP-618 2/02/98 1/31/98 1/23/98 2397175 Mama Mia
The Mancini's mama, Mia, strikes fear into the hearts of Michael and Jennifer (who's told her mama that she's engaged to Craig); Taylor plays her trump card against Kyle and Amanda; Sam lands Jeff Baylor - with one stipulation; Lexi and Coop let bygones be bygones after her father makes them business partners.

Musical Guest: Don Grusin. Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Mia Mancini: Valerie Harper. Thomas Sterling: Chad Everett. Detective Hillman: James Biberi. Police Officer: Scott Kloes. Stripper: Anna Marraro. Jeff's Lawyer: Joe Ochman. Strip Club Manager: Charley Rossman.

2/09/98 2/08/98 2/03/98 2397176A
Last Train to Baghdad
At the end of this two-hour episode, nary a couple is what they were at the start. Lexi and Peter are torn asunder after he confronts her father, Thomas. It's an event that was caught on tape and also affects Megan and Coop, who are put at odds when he goes to comfort ex-wife Lexi after Thomas departs. Amanda and Kyle come face to face with his long-lost love, whom Amanda invites to their wedding. Samantha and Billy are pulled apart by her attraction to baseball star Jeff Baylor--while Jennifer encourages Sam to act on her feelings. Meanwhile, Michael gets his mama, Mia, to invest in his clinic, a venture that includes a not-so-silent partner.

Special Music Guests: Tuck & Patti. Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Spider Dodd: Bradford Tatum. Mia Mancini: Valerie Harper. Thomas Sterling: Chad Everett. Nurse Amy: Selma Archerd. Nurse Lynn: Lynn Chalmers. Thug #2: Cristos. Andy: Zale Kessler. Nurse Dena: Dena Lang. Thug #1: Tom McComas. Guy: Richard Molnar. Photographer: Sandra Staggs. Patron #2: Gregory White. Patron #1: Richard Voigts. Hostess: Sandra Bush. Paulie: Gary Cruz. Ashley: Elizabeth Low.
[2 hrs]

185 MP-621 2/16/98 2/14/98 2/09/98 2397177 A Swing And A Mrs.
Lexi moves in with Coop; Peter visits Michael's clinic; Jennifer lends Billy a hand with an ad campaign, while Sam reveals her feelings to Jeff; Amanda goes back to work as Kyle helps with Christine's recovery; Coop gets a lucrative offer to return to his past.

Special Music Guest: Lisa Fischer. Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Spider Dodd: Bradford Tatum. Jordan Arkin: David Gautreaux. Gus: Jeff Fischer. Dance Instructor: Jean St. James.

186 MP-622 2/23/98 2/21/98 2/13/98 2397178 Blunt Drama
Peter gets indirectly involved in the plan to keep Christine in L.A.; Spider gives Michael a parting gift, which he reluctantly puts to good use; Samantha regrets her "mistake" with Jeff, who puts her ahead of his career; Amanda doesn't hesitate when faced with a new threat to her wedding plans.

Special Musical Guest: Earl Klugh. Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Spider Dodd: Bradford Tatum. Father Maldonado: Sal Lopez. Nurse Dena: Dena Lang. Chapel Minister: Brendan McKane. Detective: Kenneth White.

187 MP-623 3/02/98 2/28/98 2/24/98 2397179 A Christine Runs Through It
Concerns about Christine disrupt the honeymoon night for Kyle and Amanda, who blames herself for Christine's fate; Taylor's skittishness worries Nick; Samantha's getaway with Jeff pushes Billy and Jennifer closer together; Coop tells Peter about the codicil in Sterling's will.

Special Musical Guest: Don Grusin. Christine Denton: Susan Walters. Nick Reardon: Scott Plank. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Hotel Clerk: Dena Burton. Detective: Frank DiPaola. Nurse Dena: Dena Lang. Bellman: Hugh Ross. Motel Manager: Alan Woolf.

188 MP-624 3/09/98 3/07/98 3/02/98 2397180 Too Romantic For Words
Samantha and Billy feel guilty, but not enough to confess their sins; Amanda continues to reject overtures from Kyle; Peter's surprise for Lexi puts a crimp in their reconciliation; Coop makes a plan for Megan and himself to start anew; Michael advises Taylor after Kyle receives a cryptic note from Nick.

Special Musical Guest: Tom Scott. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Mario: Dan Gunther.

189 MP-625 3/16/98 3/14/98 3/10/98 2397181 Four Affairs and A Pregnancy
Michael considers drastic measures regarding his failing clinic; a wealthy friend of Lexi's makes a play for Amanda; Samantha meets Jeff's family; Michael chats with the doctor considering Coop a job; Kyle gets a clue about Christine at Nick's old place in Dallas.

Special Musical Guest: Jim Brickman. Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Dr. Larner: Cliff DeYoung. Father Maldonado: Sal Lopez. Rory Blake: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Stable Boy: Kent Burnham. Mrs. Baylor: Mimi Cozzens. Landlady: Annie Larussa. Hotel Manager: Thom McFadden. Maitre D': David Novak. Doug Baylor: Scott Trost.

3/30/98 3/28/98 [unknown] 2397182
M.P. Confidential
The Nasty-Minded Professor
In the season finale, Jennifer tries to jump-start things between Jeff and Samantha, who declares her devotion to Billy; Kyle bribes Michael for the specifics on Taylor's situation; Larner pressures Megan to ensure Coop's future in Philadelphia; Amanda catches Billy and Jennifer in a clinch, hires Rory and proposes a quickie divorce to Kyle.
Jeff Baylor: Dan Gauthier. Rory Blake: Anthony Tyler Quinn. Dr. Larner: Cliff DeYoung. Nora Larner: Rebecca Balding. Dr. Visconti: Mark L. Taylor. Dr. Miller: Steve Nevil. Nurse Gail: Kelly Ann McCarthy. Julie: Terri Johnson.

The Uplink Date refers to the date the episode was satellite fed to international sales customers.

The Master Date refers to the date the edited master was created for the international sales satellite feed.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by FOX.

All shows aired Monday at 8:00pm ET, except as noted.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. Keep in mind that the ranking should be taken with a grain of salt. Once a program is listed below the top twenty, the ranking will be inconsistant from week to week, because the number of television programs aired varies. The numbers to watch are rating and share.

The television universe is estimated at 98.0 million homes. One rating point is equal to 980,000 TV homes. A share is the percentage of TVs that are turned on that are tuned to the program.

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