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131 MP-501 9/09/96 9/07/96 8/13/96 2396126 Living With Disaster
A new season (one executive producer Frank South hopes viewers find "more grouded" than the previous one) comes to life with the revelation that Richard isn't in his grave. He also isn't far from Jane's thoughts: she files a missing-persons report on him. On the romantic front, jake and Alison decide to become a couple, and they must hide from news from Billy. Their involvement, along with that of Amanda and Peter, will give Melrose "opportunities to explore relationship[s] over a long period of time...something the show's not known for," notes South. This episode introduces new regulars Rob Estes (Josie Bissett's real-life spouse) and Lisa Rinna (Days of Our Lives), whose character takes an interest in Peter's legal troubles.
132 MP-502 9/16/96 9/14/96 8/20/96 2396127 Over Dick's Dead Body
Things look grave for Sydney and Jane after they check on Richard's burial site; Alison moves to ease things for herself and Jake; Taylor's husband (Rob Estes) approves their move to Melrose Place; Peter's alibi looks shaky, and so does Matt.

Dr. Schulman: Dey Young. Det. Wily: Nigel Gibbs. Taylor: Lisa Rinna. Samantha: Brooke Langton.

133 MP-503 9/23/96 9/21/96 8/27/96 2396128 Moving Violations
Jane confirms that Richard will keep their activities quiet; Taylor is in attendance when Peter takes the witness stand after Kimberly falters; Billy organizes a surpise goingaway party for Alison; Michael is asked about Matt's drug use.

Deputy: James Mathers. Sheriff: Michael Cutt. Prosecutor: Shareen Mitchell. Peter's Attorney: Paul Perri.

134 MP-504 9/30/96 9/28/96 [unknown] 2396129 Hunka, Hunka Burning Love
Billy makes an impression on Samantha (Brooke Langton); Taylor visits Peter and tries to hire Amanda; Kimberly's medical license if reviewed; Matt overdoes end-of-exams celebrating; the grand opening of Jane's boutique comes to a crashing halt.

Greg: Neill Barry. Chairman: Norman Large.

135 MP-505 10/28/96 10/19/96 9/09/96 2396130 Un-Janed Melody
[not available]
136 MP-506 11/04/96 11/02/96 9/16/96 2396131 Jane's Addiction
Alison and Jake debate the issue of which of their old flames is behind their recent mishaps; Jane briefs Samantha on Billy's history; Craig's father (Michael Des Barres) positions him to strike against Amanda; Michael wrestles with the temptation of his beach neighbor (Kelly Rutherford); Matt leaves rehab.

Dan: Greg Evigan.

11/11/96 11/09/96 11/01/96 2396132
Mission Interpersonal
Peter moves out of Amanda's; Jake disdains Alison's fear of Jane; Samantha fixes Sydney up on a blind date; a priest (Frank Runyeon) is the first to hear Kimberly's latest news; Craig (David Charvet) dumps work on Billy as he dates Samantha; Michael learns all about Megan-almost.

Ben: Clay Greenbush. Dr. Stein: Floyd Levin.
[2 hrs]

139 MP-509 11/18/96 11/16/96 10/08/96 2396134 Farewell, Mike's Concubine
Under orders, Megan ends things with Micchael, who campaigns to become chief of staff at Wilshire Memorial; Craig's botching of an account creates leverage for Amanda and opportunity for Alison; Dan exercises emotional caution in his burgeoning relationship with Matt.

Dr. Schulman: Dey Young. Field: Michael Des Barres. Craig: David Charvet.

140 MP-510 11/25/96 11/23/96 [unknown] 2396135 Nice Work If You Can Get It
Jane goes back home and gets a big surprise from her parents (Gail Strickland, Ken Howard); Craig flexes his new muscle at D&D; Megan sees a flaw in Kimberly's plan for Michael's future; Peter has a tough return to surgery, and Taylor is caught conforting him.

Dr. Stanley: F. William Parker. Sister Anne: Diane Bellamy.

141 MP-511 12/02/96 11/30/96 10/22/96 2396136 Sole Sister
Megan expresses doubts about Michael's feelings; romance eludes Sydney, who learns-and tells-Jane's news; Billy gives love-life advice to Alison, who decides to accept Jake's offer; Matt meets one of Dan's former patients-and lovers.

Roger: Anthony Palermo.

142 MP-512 12/09/96 12/08/96 10/30/96 2396137 Quest for Mother
Craig threatens to reveal a secret about his father; Michael is hesitant about moving ahead with Megan; Kyle hires Sydney as a hostess to relieve Taylor; Jane meets her biological mother, Sherri (Donna Mills); Dan asks Matt to move in with him.
143 MP-513 12/16/96 12/15/96 11/04/96 2396138 Crazy Love
Peter sees a therapist at Amanda's insistence; Jane persuades Sherri (Donna Mills) to spend the holidays with her; Samantha tries to recover one of her paintings that Sydney sold to Kyle; Kimberly fashions a plan to end Michael's fiscal problems; Jake sweeps away Alison's holiday blues.

Gallavan: Chad Lowe. Ed: Stephen Macht. Walter: Phil Morris.

144 MP-514 1/06/97 1/05/97 11/11/96 2396139 The Accidental Doctor
Kyle tries to get Peter and Amanda back together; Dan and Matt make amends, temporarily; Sydney causes friction between Jane and Sherri, and has a lucrative visit with Carter Gallavan; Billy tries to help Samantha visit home; Michael hesitates to sign the papers finalizing his divorce from Kimberly.

Sherri: Donna Mills. Carter Gallavan: Chad Lowe. Ed: Stephen Macht.

145 MP-515 1/13/97 1/12/97 11/16/96 2396140 Escape From LA
A rejuvenated Peter tries to reconcile with Amanda, while Dan seeks to do the same with Matt; Jane's latest brush with crime is her last in L.A.; Amanda learns the secret behind Craig's success; and separate couples discuss marriage and children.

Mrs. Andrews: Gail Strickland. Andrews: Ken Howard.

146 MP-516 1/20/97 1/19/97 11/25/96 2396141 The Eye of the Storm
Michael runs to Kimberly's side, and she runs away; Amanda plays her haand with Craig; Sydney finds her boutique in financial straits; Peter takes action after he learns that Dan hit Matt; Jake runs with Alison's news, but she's dubious about his direction.

Walter: Phil Morris. Field: Michael Des Barres. Craig: David Charvet. Dan: Greg Evigan. Megan: Kelly Rutherford. Gallavan: Chad Lowe.

147 MP-517 1/27/97 1/26/97 12/03/96 2396142 Better Homes and Condos
Billy regrets suggesting legal help when Samantha is threatened with homelessness; Talyor takes a dim view toward Kyle's old service buddy; Amanda visits Peter's new home; Sydney destroys Carter's creative block; Jake proposes he and Alison move.

Nick: Scott Plank. Kenny: Todd McKee. Carter: Chad Lowe. Walter: Phil Morris.

2/03/97 2/02/97 1/09/97 2396143 Great Sex-Pectations
Kyle and Nick have a boys night out that ends in jail; Taylor supplies Peter with valuable news; Amanda uses Craig's lust to her advantage; Alison and Jake set a new date; Billy gets two new roommates; and Megan suffers when Kimberly coaxes a promise out of Michael.

Nick: Scott Plank. Dr. Schulman: Dey Young. Dr. Goldberg: Robert Mailhouse.
[2 hrs]

150 MP-520 2/10/97 2/09/97 1/23/97 2396144 Catch Her In A Lie
After taking a punch from Billy, Jake takes a powder, but Alison has company when she first hears her child's heartbeat. Meanwhile, Carter gets a new job; Craig asks Nick to keep an eye on Peter, who makes it known that he's now with Taylor; Michael's TLC works wonders on Kimberly, but has Megan wondering if he's through with her.

Coleen: Stacy Haiduk.

151 MP-521 2/17/97 2/16/97 1/29/97 2396145 Men Are From Melrose
Jake seeks another chance with Alison; Michael chooses between his two women; Nick warns Taylor and Peter after snapping pictures of them together; Carter has his fill of te real world, and learns he has competition for Sydney; Megan is visited by a former employer.

Carter: Chad Lowe. Josh: Damian Chapa. Coleen: Stacy Haiduk.

152 MP-522 2/24/97 2/23/97 2/10/97 2396146 Frames-R-Us
Craig (David Charvet) moves into Melrose Place; Josh introduces himself to Michael and threatens to expose Megan at a hospital benefit; Peter and Taylor scheme to get Nick's pictures of them together; Amanda swings into action after conclusing it's over with Peter.

Josh: Damian Chapa. Nick: Scott Plank.

153 MP-523 3/03/97 3/02/97 2/15/97 2396147 Screams From A Marriage
Josh plays Kimberly and Megan against each other; Matt's niece arrives after the death of her father; Craig is oblivious to Amanda's rejection; Taylor's world comes crashing down after Kyle is presented proof about her affair with Peter.

Josh: Damian Chapa. Chelsea: Katie Wright. Mrs. Fielding: Claudette Nevins.

154 MP-524 3/10/97 3/09/97 2/25/97 2396148 101 Damnations
After being evicted, Megan bids adieu to Kimberly and to Michael; Matt's niece (Katie Wright) proves too much for him; a customer (Edie McClug) sues Sydney; word gets out about Taylor's history with Peter, as well as Kyle's past with Sydney.

Constance Fielding: Claudette Nevins. Mrs. Bowen: Ethel Ayler.


155 MP-525 3/17/97 3/16/97 3/12/97 2396149 From Here To Maternity
Against doctor's orders, Alison meets with a client; Kimberly is told of a new wrinkle in her medical condition; Matt and his mother (Claudette Nevins) fight over custody of Chelsea; Megan becomes Burns-Mancini's receptionist; Amanda announces a change in her lifestyle; and Samantha is surprised by her father.

Chelsea: Katie Wright

156 MP-526 3/31/97 3/30/97 3/18/97 2396150 Last Exit To Ohio
Sydney plays detective to prove that the woman (Edie McClurg) who is suing her is a fraud; Billy learns details about Samantha's father (Tony Denison), who moves in with them; Alison develops serious problems with her pregnancy; Kimberly returns to Cleveland after conferring with her mother (Janet Carroll).

Dr. Raiyiere: Yvonne Farrow. Judge: Larry Dobkin.

157 MP-527 4/07/97 4/06/97 3/24/97 2396151 Dead Wive's Club
En route to his wedding, Jake gives a job to Samantha's father (Tony Denison), who threatens Billy; Sydney once again works for and longs for Kyle, and she takes a fall for Harry Dean (Markus Flanagan); Kimberly gives Megan words of wisdome regarding Michael; Chelsea has a reunion with her mother (Nancy Le Grahn); Taylor doesn't like what Peter sees in her.

Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright.

158 MP-528 4/14/97 4/13/97 3/31/97 2396152 Deja Vu All Over Again
Michael's kid sister Jennifer (Alyssa Milano) moves in with him and Megan, and interviews with Amanda for a job; Craig thinks romancing Sydney will solve D&D's legal problem; Alison meets the mother of Jake's son; Matt stops Chelsea from going to live in Paris with her mother; Samantha uses Billy's money to finance her father's next move.

Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Megan: Kelly Rutherford. Taylor: Lisa Rinna. Craig: David Charvet. Harry Dean: Markus Flanagan. Denise Fielding: Nancy Lee Grahn. Colleen: Stacy Haiduk. David: Jeremy Lelliott.

159 MP-529 4/21/97 4/20/97 4/04/97 2396153 All Beth's Are Off
Amanda becomes Kyle's partner; Jennifer (Alyssa Milano) runs into some old acquaintances; Sydney accepts Craig's offer of pampering at a Palm Springs spa; Amanda blames Alison's mistake at work on her drinking; Samantha's father asks for more money; Chelsea and Denise Fielding (Katie Wright, Nancy Lee Grahn) plot against Matt; Taylor becomes fearful of Peter's game, but picks a poor confidante.

Jon Patrick Walker: Mark. Tony Denison: Jim Reilly. Brooke Langton: Samantha. David Charvet: Craig. Harry Dean: Markus Flanagan.

160 MP-530 4/28/97 4/27/97 4/11/97 2396154 Ultimatums and the Single Girl
Jennifer's new job worries Megan; an adoption agent (Eileen Seeley) interviews Alison and Jake; Amanda demands documentation on her investment with Kyle; Craig gets Sydney to soften her stance on the lawsuit; detectives (Camilla Griggs, S.A. Griffin) question Billy about Samantha's father; Taylor complains to Michael about Peter; Matt and Denise schedule shared custody of Chelsea.

George: Joseph Cali. Minister: Erich Weiss. Harry: Markus Flanagan. Jennifer Mancini: Alyssa Milano. Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Denise Fielding.: Nancy Lee Grahn. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Harry Dean: Markus Flanagan.

161 MP-531 5/05/97 5/04/97 4/16/97 2396155 Going Places
Sydney's lawsuit against D&D is settled; Kyle (Rob Estes) befriends Jennifer before going to the Caribbean with Amanda; Taylor approves Michael's plan against Peter; Jake and Alison plot an escape from L.A.; Jim threatens Samantha and Billy.

Jennifer Mancini: Alyssa Milano. Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Harry Dean: Markus Flanagan. Denise Fielding: Nancy Lee Grahn.

162 MP-532 5/12/97 5/11/97 4/23/97 2396156 Secrets And Lies And More Lies
A surprise visit from Jake's son David (Jeremy Lelliott) and his mother, Colleen, disturbs Alison; Jim tells Samantha his plans for her; Michael pushes Taylor to continue their work on Peter, but Megan suspects they're having an affair; Denise asks Chelsea to be less kind to Matt in her journal; new employees at her two business interests get a rise out of Amanda.

Jennifer Mancini: Alyssa Milano. Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Megan: Kelly Rutherford. Craig: David Charvet. Kyle: Rob Estes. Colleen Patterson: Stacy Haiduk. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Denise Fielding: Nancy Lee Grahn. Monty: Danny Darst.

5/19/97 5/18/97 5/06/97 2396157 Who's Afraid of Amanda Woodward
"Oh, my God! Everyone look out!" It's another season-ending cliffhanger, and that's the final line. A tragic accident occurs at the end of a wedding where a group of characters have gathered, poised to either survive or perish in the imminent event. But even before the climactic catastrophe, several players see their futures in jeopardy. Among them: Peter, who's finally undone by conspirators Michael and Taylor; and Amanda, who's hospitalized as she sees D&D go down the drain. Not to worry: Heather Locklear is already signed for next season. But Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show and Laura Leighton will all be leaving the series. Of Alison, Jake and Sydney, you can bet at least one will go gently into that good night--and one won't.

Jennifer Mancini: Alyssa Milano. Jim Reilly: Tony Denison. Chelsea Fielding: Katie Wright. Denise Fielding: Nancy Lee Grahn. Colleen Patterson: Stacy Haiduk.
[2 hrs]


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