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65 [MP-301] 9/12/94 2395064 I Am Curious Melrose
The third season opens with Jane in jail, believing that Sydney framed her, and Kimberly trying to reinforce that opinion with the police. Meanwhile, Mr. Parker (Monte Markham) visits his "healthy" daughters; a stranger challenges Jake's claim of "relationship burnout"; and Billy and Alison plan another wedding.

Meredith Parker: Tracy Nelson. Brittany Maddocks: Kathy Ireland. Lt. Tim Truman: Anthony Tyler Quinn.

66 [MP-302] 9/19/94 2395065 It's a Bad World After All
Alison and Meredith go home to press charges against their father (Monte Markham); Amanda asks Billy to help leans an account "for Alison"; Jane and her father reluctantly agree on what's in Sydney's best interest; Kimberly takes Michael home.

George Andrews: Ken Howard. Meredith Parker: Tracy Nelson. Harry Allan: James Hampton. Mrs. Parker: Dorothy Fielding.

67 [MP-303] 9/26/94 2395066 In-laws and Outlaws
Alison doesn't like what she sees when she returns to work; Sydney rejects an offer for partial freedom; Reed's parents (Jerry Hardin, Penny Fuller) visit Jo; Jane gives Michael a new view of their past; Matt gives his opinion of Michael's hit-and-run to Kimberly, who answers with a threat.

Woodward: Wayne Tippit. Brittany: Kathy Ireland.

68 [MP-304] 10/03/94 2395067 Grand Delusions
Sydney makes contact with Michael, who is a changed man when he calls on her; Reed's parents (Jerry Hardin, Penny Fuller) explain their intentions to Jo; Amanda declares "it's payback time" to Alison, who bickers with Billy at work; Jake meets Brittany's "husband."

Brittany: Kathy Ireland.

69 [MP-305] 10/10/94 2395068 Non-Sexual Healing
Amanda gets word from her father, and is the first to learn of Jake's fate; Billy's attention to a new employee bothers Alison; Sydney aims to help Jane but shuns her sister's advice while negotiating a divorce settlement with Michael.


70 [MP-306] 10/17/94 2395069 No Strings Attached
Alison has a new man, a fact that eases tensions with Billy at work; Matt finds an ally in the hospital's new chief of staff (Jack Wagner), who's not so friendly to Kimberly and Michael; Chris (Andrew Williams) shows his true colors to Sydney, but Jane thinks Syd's just telling tall tales-again.

Vince Connors: Raymond Barry. Mitch Sheriden: Joel Gretsch. Erica Connors: Karen Landry. Elisabeth: Heather Campbell.

71 [MP-307] 10/24/94 2395070 The Cook, The Creep, His Lover And Her Sister
Jake's new business venture provides a lifeline for Sydney after he learns she's telling the truth about Chris (Andrew Williams); Billy is attracted to Alison's visiting friend (Cheryl Pollak); Amanda persuades Dr. Burns to let Kimberly and Michael take a modeling gig.


72 [MP-308] 10/31/94 2395071 Love Reeks
Michael scores a big win when he disrupts Jane and Chris in Las Vegas, but his trip costs him dearly upon his return; Billy and Susan (Cheryl Pollak) date behind Alison's back; Jo's legal problems manifest themselves physically; Jake becomes Sydney's hero.

Waxman: John Saxon.

73 [MP-309] 11/07/94 2395072 Dr. Jekyll Saves His Hide
Amanda takes the ball and runs with it when Michael offers her a business deal, but he later throws a nasty block on her; Matt is reunited with a lost love (Jason Beghe); Alison's acceptance of Billy and Susan as a couple is short-lived; Chris suggests extending an olive branch to Jake and Sydney; Amanda's boss (Stanley Kamel) dresses her down for exceeding her authority.


74 [MP-310] 11/14/94 2395073 And Justice For None
At a big D&D client party, Bruce (Stanley Kamel) takes a fall that provides an opportunity for Amanda, and Alison falls for a record-company representative (Brian Bloom). Meanwhile, Kimberly gets bad news from her doctor; Matt questions a future with Jeffrey (Jason Beghe); and Jo meets the Carters (Penny Fuller, Jerry Hardin) in-and out of-court.
75 [MP-311] 11/21/94 2395074 The Days Of Wine And Vodka
An extortionist (Al Sapienza) visits Jake; Zack (Brian Bloom) continues to influence Alison, causing her friends to worry; Matt's parents suggest he be less than candid when bringing Jeffrey (Jason Beghe) to their family Thanksgiving; Amanda hesitates when Peter's plans for D&D cause pain for her boss (Stanley Kamel).

Fielding: James handy.

76 [MP-312] 11/28/94 2395075 The Doctor Who Rocks The Cradle
It's Billy, not Zack, who shows up in Alison's time of Crisis; Amanda's business plans unravel as Bruce (Stanley Kamel) maneuvers to save D&D; Kimberly attends to Jo, who's in labor; Chris's true colors become evident to Jane.

Mrs. Cortez: Vanessa Marquez. Mrs. Jeffers: Gwynth Walsh. Chris: Andrew Williams.

77 [MP-313] 12/05/94 2395076 Just Say No
Chris (Andrew Williams) finds a way to defuse Sydney's anger, but Jo's fury at Kimberly remains unabated; Billy shrinks from his first task following a shake-up at D&D, where Bruce (Stanley Kamel) congratulates Amanda; Jane and Michael mourn their losses in Las Vegas.
78 [MP-314] 12/12/94 2395077 Sex, Drugs And Rocking The Cradle
A former football player (David James Elliott) tries to help Alison tackle her problem; Matt and Jeffrey (Jason Beghe) discuss living together; Michael learns the truth about the baby; Amanda bristles at Peter's meddling in D&D business.

Marsha: Francesca P. Roberts. Susan: Cheryl Pollak.

79 [MP-315] 12/19/94 2395078 Holiday On Ice
Felled by the flue, Amanda has visions of Bruce (Stanley Kamel), who speaks about her past, present and future; Matt helps Jo try to get her Christmas wish, then hesitates when Jeffrey (Jason Beghe) offers him a dream gift; Terry (David James Elliot) confesses his feelings to Alison after Billy pays her a visit.

Donna Teller: Mary Gordon Murray.

80 [MP-316] 1/02/95 2395079 Bye, Bye Baby
Amanda clashes with the D&D efficiency expert (Jasmine Guy) Peter hires; Jo finds the perfect nanny (Antoinette Byron) in the nick of time; and Alison stays in touch with Terry (David James Elliott) after she comes home from rehab.
1/16/95 2395080 They Shoot Mothers, Don't They
Jake joins Jo to find her stolen baby; Sydney gets a roommate after Amanda hikes the rent; Matt confirms Amanda's suspicion that Michael lied about Peter's research being above board; Caitlin (Jasmine Guy) sets the wheels in motion to dump Amanda from D&D; and Billy learns that Alison and Terry (David James Elliott) are serious.

Rikki: Traci Lords.
[2 hrs]

83 [MP-319] 1/23/95 2395081 Another Perfect Day In Hell
D&D attempts to minimize the damage from the recent turmoil; Alison helps her sister Meredith (Tracy Nelson) come out of her shell; Kimberly threatens Matt when he coordinates the mandatory psychological testing of hospital employees; Jo, Jane and Jake are victimized by someone they believe is Sydney; Martin (Ramy Xada) welcomes Sydney into his fold.

Rikki: Tracy Lords.

84 [MP-320] 2/06/95 2395082 Boxing Sydney
Amanda tells Billy about her condition, and clashes with Michael over her treatment; Sydney joins Martin's flock on a desert retreat; Matt's detective friend (Tom Schanley) speaks to Kimberly.

Martin: Ramy Zada. Rikki: Tracy Lords.

85 [MP-321] 2/13/95 2395083 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Jake and Jane go after Sydney; chemotherapy takes a toll on Amanda, who gets unwanted advice from Kimberly and a Valentine's gift from Alison and Billy; Jo takes an incriminating picture of Matt's friend Det. Rawlings (Tom Schanley) when she rides in his squad car on a photo assignment.

Martin: Ramy Zada. Rikki: Tracy Lords.

86 [MP-322] 2/20/95 2395084 Breakfast at Tiffany's/Dinner at Eight
Kimberly tries sabotage when Amanda and Michael fo to New York to see a specialist (Granville Van Dusen); Billy and Alison mishandle a client matter in Amanda's absence; Jo's photos of Rawlings (Tom Schanley) become police property; Syndey goes back to work a Shooters.

Franklin: Michael Greene. Wilkins: Mark Metcalf.

87 [MP-323] 2/27/95 2395085 And The winner Is...
Syndey declares war on Jane over Jake; Michael does some fast talking to sell Kimberly-and Amanda-on his devotion; Alison is encourages to submit her work for an award that Amanda wants. Chuck Woolery has a cameo.

Brooke Armstrong: Kristin Davis. Cal: Mick Murray. Bar Emcee: Johnny Cocktails.

88 [MP-324] 3/13/95 2395086 Love And Death 101
Kimberly moves out of Michael's house and Amanda moves in; Alison takes over at D&D, where Billy finds her to be a curious taskmaster; Jake's mother dies, and Jo accompanies him on a somber visit home.

Jess: Dan Cortese. Sam: Noah Emmerich. Ryan: Michael Laskin. Scott Schectman: Daryl Anderson.

89 [MP-325] 3/20/95 2395087 To Live & Die In Malibu
Jesse (Dan Cortese) surprises Jake with a visit, and Sydney with his attitude; Brooke sends mixed signals to Billy, who meets her father (Perry Kind) and her fiance (Patrick Fabian); Alison's professional demeanor rivals that of Amanda, who enlists Brooke's help in an attempt to regain power; and Kimberly decides she's had enough of Michael-again.

Schectman: Daryl Anderson.

90 [MP-326] 4/03/95 2395088 All About Brooke
Sydney is set up by fate to profit greatly from what happened to Kimberly; Amanda accepts a position at D&D and rejects one offered by Michael; Brooke asks for help from Billy after she breaks her engagement; Jess (Dan Cortese) attempts to get closer to Jakem but only Jo in impressed by his effort.
91 [MP-327] 4/10/95 2395089 Melrose Impossible
Kimberly decides to toughen up by signing up for some specialized training; Sydney dresses for success after investing her ill-gotten gains; and Brooke reveals some information that strengthens Amanda's position to unseat Alison. Meanwhile, Michael remains undaunted by Amanda's rejection.

Jess: Dan Cortese. Sarge: Harrison Page. Maureen: Mackenzie Phillips. Tyler Hirsch: Stuart Fratkin.

92 [MP-328] 5/01/95 2395090 A Hose By Any Other Name
Sydney makes a lucrative deal to put the Mancini label on "slightly irregular" clothing; Matt goes out with a new doctor; Kimberly returns to work at the hospital; Jake learns about Jo and Jess; Brooke (Kristin Davis) gets a promotion; and Amanda gets what she wants.

Paul Graham: David Beecroft. Connell: Kario Salem. Stone: Robert Torti. Maureen: Mackenzie Phillips.

93 [MP-329] 5/08/95 2395091 Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
Amanda slaps Michael with a malpractice suit; Brooke maneuvers Alison away from Billy-and everyone else; Jess (Dan Cortese) plots revenge agter Jake kicks him out; Matt gets a warning about Paul (David Beecroft); and Sydney lets Jane take the fall for her business snafu.

Armstrong: Perry King. Jim Stone: Robert Torti. Jess's Partner: James Short.

94 [MP-330] 5/15/95 2395092 Framing Of The Shrews
Jess (Dan Cortese) keeps Shooters going in Jake's absence; Brooke scores big after she manipulates communications between Billy and Alison; Paul (David Beecroft) enlists Matt's help in leaving his wife (Dana Sparks); Kimberly sets Michael up and he's arrested.

Lin: Bok Yun Chon.

5/22/95 2395093 The Big Bang Theory
Michael deals with a devil to get out of jail; the end of Mancini Designs sparks new tenacity in Jane; Sydney detects Kimberly's intentions; Matt gets a big surprise from Paul; Jess shows Jo his temper; and word of the wedding brings Alison back home.

Richard: Patrick Muldoon. Mackenzie: Morgan Brittany. Kimberly's Demon: Zitto Kazann. Armstrong: Perry King. Ian: Peter Lavin.
[2 hrs]


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