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33 [MP-201] 9/08/93 2395033 Much Ado About Everything
Billy suspects who Alison's stalker is, but the stalker stays a step ahead of him; Jane is urged to go for the jugular in divorcing Michael; Jo and Jake mend their rift, but find common ground a bit cramped.

Keith Gray: William R. Moses.

34 [MP-202] 9/15/93 2395034 Long Night's Journey
Jo is displeased by Jake's motocrosse racing, and by Amanda's attention to it; Jane's sister arrives to give moral support to Jane, whose legal maneuvers put a strain on Michael and Kimberly; Billy's suspicions about Keith are confirmed to Alison.

Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Det. Altman: Randee Heller.

35 [MP-203] 9/22/93 2395035 Revenge
Billy delivers a message to Keith (William R. Moses), who responds by saying goodbye to Alison; Sydney becomes a help to Michael; Amanda sees Jake in a new light after she sees Jo's pictures of him.

Vincent: Lyman Ward.

36 [MP-204] 9/29/93 2395036 Fire Power
Alison is chastised for her poor job performance; a business matter strains Jake and Jo's relationship, which is strained even more bu an accident in the shop; Jane's date angers Michael.

Sam Towler: Rob Estes. Dr. Katya Petrova: Deata Pozniak. Charlie Harris: Thomas Ryan.

37 [MP-205] 10/06/93 2395037 Of Bikes and Men
A matter of trust divides Jake and Jo; Alison feigns illness to join Billy on a working vacation; Michael has no problem lying during his divorce deposition.

Robert Wilson: Steven Eckholdt. Bryant: John Aprea. Arielle: Terri Ivens.

38 [MP-206] 10/13/93 2395038 Hot and Bothered
The guys, plus Amanda, attend Michael's post-divorce party, but the women support Jane, who tries an accelerated method of dissipating divorce depression; Matt receives a proposal; contractual commitments keep Jake and Jo together-at work.

Robert: Steven Eckholdt. Katya: Beata Pozniak.

39 [MP-207] 10/20/93 2395039 Flirting With Disaster
When Michael's romantic plans with Kimberly fall through, Sydney makes her move; Alison is sent to woo a persnickety potential client; and Michael's appearance mars a celebration for Matt.

Katya: Beata Pozniak. Nikki: Mara Wilson. Lacey: Richard Marcus.

40 [MP-208] 10/27/93 2395040 No Bed Of Roses
Billy resents the attention Alison's paying to her new client (Parker Stevenson), who directs his social attention toward Jo at an opportune time; Jane regrets pulling back from Robert (Steven Eckholdt); Amanda and Jake clash over his working for her father (Wayne Tippit); and Michael says it's over with Sydney, who insists it isn't.


41 [MP-209] 11/03/93 2395041 Married To It
The INS visits the Fieldings, and marriage complicates Matt's social life. Meanwhile, Jane learns about Michael and Sydney, and Sydney learns what she means to Michael.

Katya: Beata Pozniak. Joel: Jonathan Penner. Lacey: Richard Marcus. Robert's Father: Richard Roat. Robert's Mother: Bette Ford.

42 [MP-210] 11/10/93 2395042 Tangled Web
Steve invites Jo, Billy and Alison for a weekend at his ranch, but no one has a very good time; Jake hits a nerve when he asks Amanda about her past; Michael urges Kimberly not to leave town.

Celia: Melanie Smith. Woodward: Wayne Tippit. Steve: Parker Stevenson.

43 [MP-211] 11/17/93 2395043 Collision Course
A co-worker invites Sydney to an A-list Hollywood party, where she impresses the hostess and a famous guest; Michael proposes to Kimberly; a friendship is tested after a serious accident.

Katya: Beata Pozniak. Lauren: Kristian Alfonso. Ellen: Gina Gershon. Carl Canin: Stephen Nichols.

44 [MP-212] 11/24/93 2395044 Cold Turkey
On Thanksgiving, work alters Alison's plans with Billy, who gives her an ultimatum; Sydney rejects Jane's olive branch; Jake is late to Amanda's shindig because of an interview-with the FBI; and Jo microwaves.

Palmer Woodward: Wayne Tippit. Agent Hill: Sam Anderson. Marion Shaw: Janet Carroll.

45 [MP-213] 12/01/93 2395045 Duet For One
Sydney is a success when she goes to work for Lauren (Kristian Alfonso); Michael is transferred to a no-frills rahabilitation hospital; Matt helps Katya during an emergency.

Robert: Steven Eckholdt. Ken: Nicholas Walker. Roger: David Kagen.

46 [MP-214] 12/15/93 2395046 Strange Bedfellows
Steve (Parker Stevenson) bids adieu to Alison, as does Amanda to Jake, but in a much different tone; research sends Billy video dating, but his first date (Sara Melson) is no Alison; Sydney takes advantage if Michael's misery.

Agent Hill: Sam Anderson. Palmer Woodward: Wayne Tippit. Celia Morales: Melanie Smith.

47 [MP-215] 12/22/93 2395047 Under the Mistletoe
Billy tries to leave town after rejecting Alison's reconciliation attempt; a nurse (Marianne Muellerleile) chastises Michael, who's wallowing in self pity; Sydney confesses her sins; Melrose residents come together for a Christmas party for Nikki (Mara Wilson).

Lauren: Kristian Alfonso. Robert: Steven Eckholdt.

48 [MP-216] 1/05/94 2395048 Reunion Blues
Michael makes progress physically, and seizes an opportunity after Sydney puts herself in his debt; Amanda gives Jake an eviction notice and takes away an account from Alison; Jo sees an old beau (James Wilder) at her high-school reunion.

Cop: Richard Green. Woodward: Wayne Tippit. Celia: Melanie Smith.

49 [MP-217] 1/12/94 2395049 Michael's Game
Robert (Steven Eckholdt) takes the bait placed by Michael; Jo emphasizes being "just friends," but her houseguest (James Wilder) may have other plans; execs hear Alison's complaint about Amanda, who cuts short a forced vacation when she feels that Alison's taking over her job.

Diane: Famke Janssen.

50 [MP-218] 1/26/94 2395050 Arousing Suspicion
Billy and Alison get another roommate; Reed (James Wilder) presents a business opportunity to Amanda; Michael once again gets the boot from Jane; suspicion clouds Matt's attraction to a stranger (Jason Beghe); Sydney has her day in court.

Celia: Melanie Smith. Nancy: Meg Wittner.

51 [MP-219] 2/02/94 2395051 The Young Men and The Sea
Jake comes aboard the charter boat to work with Reed (James Wilder), but worries about investors Jo and Amanda; Billy and Alison discuss the outlook for a long-distance relationship; Michael is served with a restraining order; Jo and Matt both err in their burgeoning relationships.

Jeffrey: Jason Beghe.

52 [MP-220] 2/09/94 2395052 Parting Glances
Sydney gains new leverage against Michael; Matt encourages Jeffrey (Jason Beghe) to come out of the closet; phone tag frustrates Billy and Alison, but things don't improve when they connect; Jake and Amanda think Reed is neglecting his business, but Jo learns that he isn't.

Greg: Scott LaRose. Andrea: Kelly Hu.

53 [MP-221] 2/16/94 2395053 Swept Away
Sydney lays her cards on the table with Michael; an impulsive act by Billy fails to please Alison; Reed (James Wilder) proposes a new life for Jo.

Greg: Scott LaRose.

54 [MP-222] 2/23/94 2395054 With This Ball and Chain
A self-defense plea falls on deaf ears; Sydney moves into Michael's professional life. Meanwhile, Amanda opens her wallet to help Jo; and stirs up trouble for Billy with her indiscretion.

Skyler: Stephen Furst. Benson: Matt McCoy. Kovaks: John McCann. Levin: Carmen Argenziano.

55 [MP-223] 3/02/94 2395055 Otherwise Engaged
Jake stands up Amanda to comfort a distressed Jo; Jane and Sydney's mother (Gail Strickland) arrives after Sydney makes a big splash in an heirloom wedding dress she wrested from Jane; Amanda takes potshots at Alison's happiness.
56 [MP-224] 3/16/94 2395056 Love, Mancini Style
A worried Matt launches a search for the honeymooning Sydney and Michael; Jane finds the perfect gift for the happy couple; memories of Reed (James Wilder) haunt Jo, but Jake finds a benefit in something Reed left behind; Alison chastises Billy for his ambivalence about wedding plans.

Ed: Tracey Walter. Sheriff: Michael Ensign.

57 [MP-225] 3/23/94 2395057 The Two Mrs. Mancini's
Alison hesitates to let Billy meet her parents, or to tell them she's engaged; Michael stands in the way of a windfall that would let Jane start her own business; Jo's first date since Reed's death goes well.

Parker: Monte Markham. Mrs. Parker: Dorothy Fielding. Katherine Andrews: Gail Strickland. Gregory: Gerard Christopher. Adam: Ben Browder.

58 [MP-226] 4/06/94 2395058 In Bed With The Enemy
Amanda hires a building manager with a propensity to fix what ain't broke; and she arranges financing for Jane's new venture. Meanwhile, Sydney offers help to her busted former boss (Kristian Alfonso).

Ted Ryan: Christopher Gartin. Dr. Tom Miller: Erich Anderson. Rev. Styles: Bonnie Urseth.

59 [MP-227] 4/20/94 2395059 Psycho-Therapy
Billy doesn't shrink from confronting Alison's psychiatrist; the building manager fired by Amanda returns and sees her in a new light; Michael sees an opportunity to boost his career-via blackmail.

Dr. Tom Miller: Erich Anderson. Dr. Levin: Carmen Argenziano. Ted Ryan: Christopher Gartin.

60 [MP-228] 4/27/94 2395060 The Bitch Is Back
Amanda is caught letting personal feelings interfere with business; Alison and Billy do battle with a wedding planner hired by Alison's parents; Michael's chance to turn back time ends his bliss with Sydney.

Hillary Michael: Linda Gray. Sheila: Susan Lee Hoffman. Chas: Jeff Kaake. Sarah Owens: Cassidy Rae.

61 [MP-229] 5/04/94 2395061 Imperfect Strangers
Alison finds her new co-worker (Jeff Kaake) useless, but Amanda's impressed; Sydney gets threats from Kimberly and from Lauren, who gives Syd walking papers; Jo comforts Sarah (Cassidy Rae) after her boyfriend (Thom Bierdz) expresses his jealousy physically.

Hillary: Linda Gray. Lauren: Kristian Alfonso. Levin: Carmen Argenziano. Bruce: Stanley Kamel.

62 [MP-230] 5/11/94 2395062 Devil With The G String On
Alison's loose lips help sink Amanda and Jake's relationship; Kimberly arranges some trouble for Michael; Chas (Jeff Kaake) and Sydney join the ranks of the unemployed; Jake avenges Jo; and Michael plans Billy's bachelor party.

Dr. Levin: Carmen Argenziano. Hillary Michaels: Linda Gray. Hank: Thom Bierdz. Sarah: Cassidy Rae.

5/18/94 2395063 Till Death Do Us Part
Sydney finds an unlikely ally after she is attacked on the job; Jake comforts Amanda when Chas (Jeff Kaake) causes her trouble at work; Michael blocks Jane's career opportunity; Alison learns the source of her nightmare.

Parker: Monte Markham. Hillary Michaels: Linda Gray. Chris Marchette: Andrew Williams. Judge Pittman: Larry Dobkin. Bruce Teller: Stanley Kamel.
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Season: 73/9.3/14 [3-way tie]


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