Season One Quick Reference Guide

[Season 1 Cast]

# Fox
1 [MP-101] 7/08/92 2395001 Pilot
Alison Parker awakened by her alarm clock, finds that her roommate has moved out leaving her with the rent. Alison is desperate. She doesn't have the full rental money. On the way to work she composes an ad for a new roommate. In the parking lot at work she bangs her car door against a man's car, he turns out to be Hal Barber, one of her bosses in the advertising agency. At the office, Hal Barber is getting to know Alison better. He asks her to help him with a product questionnaire.

Kelly knocks at Jake's door. She wants to know why he hasn't answered her phone messages. Jake tries to discourage her by saying he can't deal with a permanent relationship at the present time. Jake finally tells her they can have dinner together at "Shooters" the next day.

Billy Campbell, a young writer, comes to see Alison about sharing the apartment. Alison turns him down and sees a string of applicants, who border on the weird to insane. She goes to Shooters Bar to search for Billy, who now seems the least offensive of the prospective roommates. He agrees to be her roommate.

Rhonda conducts her aerobics class. A young man approaches her after class and invites her to dinner. Jane Mancini, who manages a trendy dress boutique, helps Rhonda pick out a new dress for her date with Daniel.

Jake and Kelly enter "Shooters" for dinner. As they settle in a booth, suddenly Donna, Steve and David appear. Apparently as "protectors" of their friend, Kelly. Jake is angry and Kelly is embarrassed.

Jake and Kelly walk out of the "Shooters Bar". Outside, they argue about their continued relationship. Jake tells her that her friends are right, he is not right for her. He rides away on his motorcycle.

Alison is invited by Hal Barber to attend a party. Alison is excited about the chance to mingle with executives and clients and meets many important people at the Bell Age Hotel Room Garden.

Rhonda and her date are having dinner. Before long, Daniel directs their conversation away from their own past histories to a discussion of what a super sales person Rhonda is. How her class of aerobic students respect her. He adds that her studio would be a great place to sell his line of vitamin products. Rhonda realizes his real interest is not in her personally but in what she can do for him. She tells him she cannot coerce her class into buying vitamins. Their date ends abruptly.

Alison arrives home with Hal. He insists on coming inside for a few minutes. Suddenly he is forcing himself on her. Billy, hearing the commotion, walks in and announces himself as Alison's husband, telling Hal to get out. Alison thanks Billy for coming to her aid, against Hal Barber, that night.

Kelly comes to Jake's apartment again, still not willing to give up their relationship. They talk outside in the patio. He convinces her to leave. He returns to his girlfriend inside the apartment.

A pool party is in progress. All the gang is there. Jake and Sandy challenge Matt and Rhonda to a "chicken fight" in the pool. The rest join them in the pool, too.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Kelly Taylor: Jennie Garth. David Silver: Brian Austin Green. Donna Martin: Tori Spelling. Steve Sanders: Ian Ziering. Hal Barber: Sherman Howard. [unknown]: Victor Love.
[1.5 hrs 8:30 pm]

2 [MP-102] 7/15/92 2395002 Friends And Lovers
Kelly stops in "Shooters", looking for Jake, to tell him that her mother had her baby. Sandy tells her that Jake is at the unemployment office. At the unemployment office, the lines are very long and soon Jake's patience runs out when a pompous clerk starts giving a woman a difficult time. Jake gets arrested and hauled off to jail just as Kelly arrives. Kelly watches as Jake is dragged away. Kelly takes out a large sum of money from the bank and posts bond for Jake. He is upset that she has done this and tells her that he will pay it all back.

Outside her office, Alison finds Billy standing by a taxicab. He tells her that he gave up dance instructions and is now a cab driver. Billy picks up an attractive girl, Marcy, in his cab and starts turning on the charm. She responds with equal enthusiasm.

Billy and Marcy have arrived back at the apartment. They are into heavy kissing as Alison comes home, her arms filled with painting supplies. The next morning, Marcy is still there. Billy tells Alison that he and Marcy "talked all night." Marcy emerges from the bathroom to announce that last night was "fantastic".

Billy and Alison discuss his new romance. Alison points out to Billy that Marcy is rather weird. She's telling everybody about their relationship with all the details. He is beginning to feel that Marcy is a bit weird and now tries to discourage her attentions. He suggests that she go home and study for her examination. She brushes the suggestion aside. Billy is desperate now.

At home, Billy is greeted by Marcy. He tells her she's coming on too strong and their relationship is not love. Marcy admits she's ruined relationships before because of this attitude. She leaves.

Billy finds Alison painting the apartment. He helps her paint and Alison tells him they are still friends.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Kelly Taylor: Jennie Garth. David Silver: Brian Austin Green. Donna Martin: Tori Spelling. Steve Sanders: Ian Ziering. Marcy Garrett: Jensen Daggett. Hal Barber: Sherman Howard. Dr. Ruth Westheimer: Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Delia Saldana: Rosana De Soto.

3 [MP-103] 7/22/92 2395003 Lost And Found
Alison is impressed that Billy has worked on his screenplay all night. She reminds him that he was supposed to pick up his taxicab over an hour ago. His is intent on finishing up his writing, however. Billy drops off his completed screenplay for Alison to read. Reluctantly, she agrees to read it.

Sandy sees Jane in the pool and asks if she's getting ready for tonight's romantic evening with Michael. When Jane tells her Michael has to work, she suggests that she drop by Shooters. Jane decides to go with Rhonda to Shooters for a few hours. Two guys approach them. Jane is flattered by the attention. She slips off her wedding band and puts it in her jacket pocket. Later on in the evening she searches for the ring and finds she has lost it. Jane looks frantically for it.

Kelly and Jake have a quiet dinner at Jake's apartment. It is obvious that Kelly wants more than just a meal, but Jake stalls. He does not want to lead her on. Jake has planned to have a girl-friend drop by under the pretense that she has a date with him, proving to Kelly that he is really not worthy of her. The girl shows up and the plan works.

Alison is depressed because Billy's screenplay is very bad. She decides to make a home cooked meal to break the bad news to Billy. Billy thinks the dinner is to celebrate his excellent script. Finally, as they are eating, Alison tells him the script is very bad. Billy gets angry and storms out. Alison finds Billy at Shooter's having a candy bar and a Coke. She tells him that she had to be honest about his writing.

Jane and Rhonda arrive home. Jane hopes Michael won't notice the ring is missing. At Shooters, Sandy finds Jane's lost ring and returns it before Michael notices that it is missing.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Kelly Taylor: Jennie Garth. David Silver: Brian Austin Green. Steve Sanders: Ian Ziering. Peter: Christian Bocher. Alex: Nestor Carbonell. [unknown]: Denise Gentile. Delia Saldana: Rosana De Soto.

4 [MP-104] 7/29/92 2395004 For Love or Money
Alison suspects that Rick, one of the guys from mailroom, is interested in her. They start spending time together and discuss the advertising business. Rick confesses that his father owns a sun screen company that is a big account at the agency.

Jake takes a job at a coffeehouse, making espresso. He runs into an old girlfriend, Perry, and is coerced into joining her new business. Perry and Jake splash paint onto a canvas and sell it at inflated prices to rock stars. Jake becomes Perry's new discovery until he finds her snorting cocaine and walks out of her life forever.

Alison goes on a date with Rick and tells him of an idea she has for his father's sunscreen account. Rick steals the idea and pitches it himself.

Jake decides to sell his motorcycle for the cash flow. He is turned down by the owner of a motorcycle shop, but is offered a job as a mechanic.

Tensions rise between Matt and Rhonda after Rhonda neglects her commitment to helping Matt with the teen shelter.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane Matt Fielding: Doug Savant Jake Hanson: Grant Show Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair Phil Lewis: Philip Lewis [unknown]: John McCann [unknown]: Simon Templeman Rick Danworth: Zach Galligan. Perry Morgan: Michelle Johnson.

5 [MP-105] 8/05/92 2395005 Leap of Faith
Jane Mancini is preoccupied with the notion that she is pregnant. She and Michael had decided that they would not start a family for at least 5 more years, so she decides to have an abortion and not tell Michael about it. At the last minute, she realizes that she can not go through with it.

Billy becomes a columnist for the local newspaper and realizes that he has nothing to write about. He feels that everyone around him is having exciting adventures, and he is not.

After giving it some thought, Billy decides that he should go Bungee Jumping and use this for his column. Jake, Matt and Billy go "Jumping", but it is Billy who can not go through with it. But, it is an "experience" he can write about.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. [unknown]: Jane Hallaren. Joan Campbell: Salome Jens. William Campbell: Malachi Throne.

6 [MP-107] 8/12/92 2395007 Second Chances
Rhonda invites Matt to a dance performance that her long-time friend Theresa is in. Theresa informs Rhonda that there is an audition for the dance company and that she should try for it. Rhonda confesses to Matt that she "chickened-out" on her first audition, years ago.

Jake asks Alison for help in preparing him for his high-school equivalency examination. He asks her not to say anything to the others because he is ashamed of never finishing high school. Because of the amount of time that they are spending together, and the secrecy of it, everyone naturally thinks that they are having an affair.

Rhonda has now become obsessed with proving to herself that she could be a professional dancer. She is offered an opening in the dance company, but declines, choosing to continue teaching aerobics.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Theresa: Gina Ravarra. [30/9.7/16]

7 [MP-106] 8/19/92 2395006 My Way
Billy's parents invite him, and a "friend", to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. Alison accepts Billy's invitation, but it is too late when she realizes that he is passing her off as his girlfriend.

Sandy auditions for and receives a small part in a slasher movie. Tension builds between Rhonda and Sandy when Rhonda accuses her of pushing her friends aside and letting it go to her head. Sandy decides that it is time for her to move out and move on.

During the filming of her part, Sandy realizes that she is being exploited. She returns home and tells Rhonda she would like to continue as roommates.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. [unknown]: Kim Miyori. William Campbell: Malachi Throne. Joan Campbell: Salome Jens.

8 [MP-108] 9/02/92 2395008 Lonely Hearts
Sandy flirts with a handsome young man named Paul. He asks her out for dinner and she accepts. Throughout the course of dinner, Sandy realizes that there is no chemistry between them. When Paul brings her home he tells her that he would like to see her again, but Sandy hedges away.

Alison's car, "Betsy", is on its last leg. She knows that it is time to trade the car in, but has many sentimental values attached to it and is finding it very hard to let go.

Paul starts stalking Sandy. Nobody believes her until the situation develops into a fight between Paul and Jake. Paul presses charges against Jake, but Sandy confronts Paul and tells him she will go to the police if he does not stop. Paul drops the charges against Jake.

Salesman: John Del Regno.

9 [MP-109] 9/09/92 2395009 Responsibly Yours
Billy, while driving his taxi through crowded streets, spots a lady driver in distress. He offers to help but is not an expert in auto repair. He offers Dawn Boggs a lift to a gas station. She tells him she sells women's shoes wholesale and insists on paying for the taxi. To her chagrin her purse is empty when she digs in for the money. She says maybe he could "take it out in trade" meaning he's invited to a comedy club where she works nights. Billy, of course, thought she meant otherwise.

Jake stops to talk to Michael. He says he and Jane are going out to dinner. Jake tells him how lucky he is to have a loving wife and a baby on the way. Michael can't help but feel a little envious of Jake's freewheeling lifestyle, however. He tells Jake not to rush marriage but build up friendship first.

Billy invites Matt, Rhonda and Alison to join him at the comedy club to see Dawn perform. After doing her comedy routine, Dawn joins them at their table. Billy offers to drive her home, forgetting he had a date with Alison.

Billy and Dawn stop off at a late night pizza restaurant. They comment about the other customers and speculate about their dreams. Dawn tells him she was married for eight years but her husband was a dreamer, and when she decided on a career he did not support her dreams. Billy says he knows the fears and dreams she is talking about. They are discovering a strong mutual attraction.

Jake tells Sandy he thinks they should continue their revitalized relationship but she is hesitant, remembering their earlier romance. Jake tries to reassure her that this time he does not mean a "one night stand".

At Dawn's apartment, Billy suggests he come in for a while, as he gives her a gentle kiss. Suddenly, the door opens and a baby sitter and a young boy stare out at them. Dawn says goodnight to the babysitter and introduces Martin as her son. She tells Billy that maybe there's more to her than he is ready for.

Alison and Billy discuss Dawn over coffee. Billy has second thoughts now that he knows she has a son. Alison, at first, sympathizes with Dawn and the problem of being a single parent. Billy now feels perhaps he is being selfish by not being willing to share Dawn with her son. Alison tries to conceal her feelings about Dawn.

As Sandy prepares for her date with Jake, Rhonda expresses doubt that this is a right move for her roommate. She reminds her of how he treated Sandy the first time.

Billy is having dinner at Dawn's apartment and trying to warm up the relationship with her seven year-old son, Martin. Every subject from comic books to soccer however, is rebuked by Martin. Martin shouts at his mother that she promised not to bring guys home for dinner. She reminds him that they discussed Billy's coming by for tonight.

Dawn tells Billy she has a comedy stint in Ventura, but has no way to get there. Billy offers to drive them up, the three of them. Martin rebels at the idea and says she should ask his father to repair her car. She answers that he is broke and doesn't even pay child support.

Jake and Sandy have been to a movie together and realize they can spend time with each other without being in bed.

Dawn tells Billy her son feels that she drove his father away and that if he keeps other men away, his father will return. Dawn and Billy's kiss is interrupted by a cry from Martin's room. He has had a bad dream. Billy talks to Martin, trying to win him over.

Unable to suppress their desire for each other Jake and Sandy end up in his apartment. Sandy fights off temptation realizing that sex is really what they have in common.

Billy tells Alison he needs to borrow three hundred dollars to pay repairs on a car he banged into in his cab.

He gives the money to Dawn to repair her car so she can go to the engagement in Ventura. He offers to baby sit Martin.

Jake discusses his fight with Sandy and asks Michael's opinion as to what went wrong.

Sandy tells Rhonda she was right about Jake's not having changed. He is still selfish and irresponsible, she adds.

Billy arrives home with Martin in tow. Martin is puzzled to find Billy has a girl roommate. Billy insists that Alison join them on their trip to Magic Mountain Amusement Park. Martin is enjoying the rides as Alison and Billy discusses the responsibility of marriage and children.

Back at the apartment, Martin is having fun in the pool with the group. Alison is impressed at how adult Billy is acting. Later, Dawn arrives to pick up her son. She gives Billy a hug and a kiss, telling him her success tonight would not have been possible without his three hundred-dollar loan. Alison is furious that he lied to her. He promises to repay her.

Billy goes by Dawn's apartment next day but stops when he hears angry voices inside. Then he rushes inside when he hears the man's threats. Billy confronts Dawn's husband, Rob. Rob resents he intrusion but backs down when Billy moves toward him. Rob tells Dawn he will be back for his son. Dawn is angered that Billy has butt in on her argument with Rob. She challenges Billy to marry her and provide a good home for Martin. When Billy remains silent, Dawn hands him the three hundred dollars he lent her and asks him to leave.

Sandy finds the knob on her clothes closet is broken and she can't get inside. Jane tells her Michael will be gone all day. She sees Jake and asks him to help. Billy returns the money to Alison. She says he did a noble thing but nevertheless an irresponsible one.

Jake goes to Sandy's apartment to repair the closet door. They discuss their relationship and decide they should just be friends.

At the comedy club Billy talks to Dawn about their future. She says it is not his fault, but that she is the one-not ready for a life commitment.

Billy tells Alison he's got a lot of life to live and things to do, before he settles down.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Dawn Boggs: Joyce Hyser. Martin: Justin Isfeld. Rob: Salvator Xuereb.

10 [MP-110] 9/16/92 2395010 Burned
Jake returns home, stopping to chat with Sandy in the courtyard. She invites him up to her apartment for a beer and pizza. He joins her upstairs and is about to ask her about all this hospitality when suddenly in bursts the whole gang singing "Happy Birthday" carrying a cake. Jake is very surprised. Billy, after a few minutes, says he has to go to work. He's got the graveyard shift in his taxicab.

As Billy leaves he bumps into a lady named Stella, who is looking for Jake. Sandy is puzzled as to who Stella is, until Jake, much to Sandy's relief, announces that she is his mother. Stella tells Jake she's here because it's his birthday.

After Billy has delivered a passenger to her door in South Central Los Angeles, he becomes aware that his cab is being followed by another car. When the driver pulls along side and asks for a match, Billy reaches to get one. As he straightens up he sees that four blacks have surrounded his taxi and then begin to beat on the hood with a baseball bat.

At Jake's party, Stella is "playing the room" and making everyone well aware of her trim figure in the very tight jeans. Jake resents her presence and makes his feelings known.

Alison receives a phone call from the police station and rushes to join Billy there. Billy has given a description of the hoodlums to the police and tells Alison they didn't hurt him, but his cab is a wreck. Billy is frustrated and complains that the police treated him like he committed the crime by driving in that area of town.

The party has ended and Stella is preparing to bed down on Jake's couch. Jake is less that hospitable and questions her as to why she is really here. She finally admits she needs a place to stay for a little while. She adds that she has changed from the way she used to be. Jake is skeptical, remembering how, at sixteen she and his stepfather booted him out.

Billy's bitterness has increased over the gang attack and the cavalier attitude of the police. He says to Sandy and Rhonda he'll never drive in that part of town again. "Let them have their area." he adds. Rhonda is offended by his remarks and the discussion flares into a heated argument.

Jane tells Michael that she had bad dreams about the lack of safety in today's society. She wonders if they should bring a child into this world.

Billy tells Alison he is still preoccupied with last night's events. Michael stops by to see how Billy is feeling. Michael tells him his anger and frustrat4 on will past, but Billy says he can't just let it pass, he has to take some action.

Rhonda discusses last night's argument that she had with Billy. Although Alison tries to reassure her that Billy didn't mean what he said, Rhonda feels it was "honesty of feeling" coming through the veneer of politeness.

Stella is up early and has made breakfast. Jake is still resentful and advises her not to get too comfortable at his place.

Stella joins Sandy around the pool for a suntan. They discuss the profession of being a waitress.

Billy stops by Alison's office to borrow her car, for a trip to the insurance office. She agrees, but is suspicious that he may have something else in mind.

Matt joins Rhonda at Shooters. They discuss the disagreement between her and Billy. She says she always tried to live her life "color blinded", hoping everyone else would too. She says she is beginning to realize she can't do that and that the people in the recent riots are her people.

Michael and Jane attend the "baby care" seminar. Michael discovers that his training in delivering babies did not include the tender loving care of infants.

Billy, with Jake's help, establishes a stakeout in the area where Billy was attacked. They spot the car that the hoodlums were driving and make note of the license.

Billy has made a metal strong box to carry cash in his cab. Alison is upset that he used her car to play vigilante.

Jane and Michael continue to discuss her concern about Michael's attitude at the "baby care" conference.

Sandy talks to Jake regarding his trouble in getting along with his mother. He says he remembers too well, how she treated him when he was younger. As they talk, Jake sees Stella come into the pool hall and make a play for a guy.

Rhonda hails Billy's cab and asks to be taken to the South Central area of town. Rhonda shows him the conditions these people endure and visit a church used as a volunteer food distribution center.

Alison tells Billy the police picked up the driver of the hoodlums' car and need him to give an identification of the suspect.

Jane apologizes to Michael about her overreacting to his behavior at the "baby care" seminar. He says, attending the seminar made him realize how anxious he is for their own baby to arrive.

Jake has breakfast, consisting of coffee, aspirin and orange juice, ready for his mother. She questions why he is being nice to her and he answers that he has decided to start over anew in their relationship to each other. He adds that she will have to move out of his apartment, however.

Billy feels a tinge of guilt about identifying his attacker. Rhonda tells him that it would be wrong to let a lawbreaker go free, regardless of his race. They must pay for lawless activities just like anyone else. Rhonda goes with him to the police station and Billy points out the suspect.

Jake goes to the bus station, not to ask Stella to stay, but to say good bye.

Billy and Rhonda have come to a new understanding and out of it grows a greater respect for each other.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. [unknown]: Ron Canada. Stella Rivers Hanson: Anita Morris. Driver: Vee Dub.

11 [MP-111] 9/30/92 2395011 A Promise Broken
At Jane and Michael's apartment, the group has gathered to watch home movies taken of Jane when she was first born. Finally the film ends and there is a fun sigh of relief. Michael says they'll see Jane's new baby tomorrow during her first ultra sonic scan.

Later Billy and Alison discuss the home movies of Jane. Then Alison says she can smell his dirty laundry and challenges him to do everything on schedule for one full week. If he does she'll treat for a night on the town.

Next morning, Billy's up early to do his laundry. Jake is in the laundry room too. When some of Alison's underwear is spotted mixed in with Billy's, he and Jake get into a discussion about Alison's bra. Suddenly, Alison appears in the doorway, having overheard their conversation. She is very angry.

At the hospital, Michael is frustrated because Jane has her ultra-sound appointment at the same time he has to make rounds with a tyrannical Doctor Levin. Dr. Levin says no to his request for a roster change and tells Michael to request a tape of the procedure.

Matt has brought Jane to the hospital for her appointment and is mistaken for the expectant father.

When the examination begins it is quickly obvious to Dr. Fisher that Jane's baby is dead. He adds that the fetus should have aborted by now. An operation will be required to remove the unborn child.

The procedure is completed and Jane is fine. Michael joins her as she is coming out of anesthesia.

Billy is surprised to find Alison has had a deadbolt lock put on her bedroom door. She is still fuming about the laundry room incident.

The Group rushes to Jane and Michael to express their sympathy. Jane and Michael are under great stress, each feeling they let the other down.

Later, what starts out as a quiet discussion between Billy and Alison about the laundry room incident, quickly flares into an open argument about their platonic relationship.

Jane wakes to find Michael has taken the baby things to a storage area off the laundry room. He has called his parents with the news, but Jane is hesitant to call hers. She knows how disappointed they will be.

Sandy tells Rhonda how difficult it is for her to express her sorrow to Jane and Michael. Rhonda offers to cook up a dish and they can take over to them together, but Sandy is still not convinced that's enough.

Kimberly Shaw, a doctor on duty with Michael expresses her sympathy to him. She is surprised he came in today and hopes he is not trying to deny this traumatic experience.

At home, their doorbell rings. When Michael and Jane open the door they see only a small dog on a leash. Sandy emerges from the shadows and tells them she rescued the puppy from the pound. Michael is resistant but Jake hands him a big bag of puppy chow.

Billy finds Alison is refusing to talk to him. She is still smoldering about their poking fun at her bra size.

Michael and Jane awaken to find their apartment a mess. The dog has knocked over the trash and chewed on everything. As the dog is about to relieve itself on Michael's doctor bag, Jane rushes to take it outside. Outside, Sandy tries to help train the dog but fails.

Billy has Jake pick the lock on Alison's bedroom door to retrieve some videotapes he has to return.

Michael has a confrontation with Dr. Levin during rounds and is sent home. As he puts things in his locker, Kimberly tells him the conflict with Levin is because Michael is not facing his grief. Michael resents her comments.

Matt drives Jane to the beach to give the dog a chance to exercise. She tells Matt she wishes Michael would talk about his feelings. As they talk they suddenly realize the dog has disappeared.

When Alison discovers Billy, with Jake's help and has picked the lock on her bedroom door, she is extremely angry. She races into Billy's room and tosses his personal things around. When she spots a couple of girlie magazines, she rages that he-is preoccupied with sex and storms out.

Michael arrives home late saying he was driving around to clear his head. When she tells him the dog is lost he loses control and vents his frustration and anger. Jane says he's blaming her for purposely losing the baby because she had originally considered having an abortion.

Alison is still very chilly toward Billy, but their paths have to cross in the small apartment. Slowly Alison confides to Billy that her mother had breast cancer when she was in the third grade. It took a long time for her mother to adjust to the results of the surgery. Alison says she hates society for attaching so much emphasis on breast size.

Michael apologizes to Kimberly at work, for his anger. He tells her he had to explode sometime and she just happened to be in the crossfire. Kimberly works up a phony illness chart on Michael and orders him to go home to be with his wife.

At the beach, Rhonda and Matt are tacking up "Lost Dog" notices. They discuss why "good people" like Jane, are made to suffer. Matt philosophizes that it does give the rest of us a chance to help. Jane and Sandy join them, reporting no luck in finding the dog. Michael arrives and he and Jane walk off to discuss their problems. Finally, Michael is able to say he does not blame Jane for what has happened.

When, at last, they locate the lost dog it has taken up with a lonely woman who has already become attached to him. Jane and Michael insist that she keeps the dog because he loves the beach and besides they have each other.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Dr. Stanley Levin: Carmen Argenziano. Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Marcia Cross. Dr. Fisher: Paul Collins.

12 [MP-112] 10/21/92 [2395012] Polluted Affair
Alison has been invited by her supervisor, Lucy, to watch an advertising photo session, on her lunch hour. Lucy also asks if Alison would be interested in doing some free-lance research. Alison is delighted.

While strolling on Melrose Avenue with Jane after work, they stop to talk with a handsome young man at a sidewalk stand. He is promoting environmental cleanup of the ocean and Alison is immediately intrigued by his winning charm. He invites them to his lecture on the clean up campaign.

Jake and Billy are watching a baseball game on television when Michael drops by. Michael hands Billy an envelope that was put in his mailbox by mistake. Billy is disappointed that the credit card company has rejected his application. Billy is still upset about the credit card when Alison returns. Alison says she has a credit card but never uses it.

Jane talks to Rhonda about joining her exercise class to work off the fat accumulated during pregnancy.

At the lecture Alison, who persuaded Matt to accompany her, is listening intently to Keith. Alison, encouraged by Matt, goes up to talk with Keith. There is a mutual attraction. The three of them go out for a drink at Shooters. After Matt drifts away, Alison and Keith remain, both feeling an ever-increasing attraction to each other. Keith invites Alison for an underwater scuba dive to explore the ocean. Alison hesitates, never having scuba dived before, but finally agrees.

When they surface and climb up on the beach, Alison is still overwhelmed at the underwater beauty she has observed. She feels even closer to Keith. She responds to his passionate kiss.

Billy complains to Alison that their answering machine is broken. If he had a credit card held buy a new one. Alison tells him she went scuba diving with Keith. Billy is surprised that she went diving with some guy she just met. Alison agrees it was crazy, but Keith is so intelligent and attractive. Billy has mixed feelings about this new development.

Billy gets one recorded message out of the broken machine. It's from a Mary Smith and he can't recall who that is. He speculates it is a girl he met at Shooters. Alison is off in a dream world about Keith. Billy calls Mary Smith and finds she works for collection agency. Billy has a discussion with her regarding his college loan that he has not repaid.

Billy discusses his dilemma with Jake. If he had the money he would have paid of f the loan. Jake reminds him the collection agency intends to get the money from him.

Alison asks Lucy if there is a chance of a promotional tie-in between "Ocean Alert", Keith's organization, and one of their big corporate sponsors. While away from her desk Keith called saying held call later. Lucy asks Alison to stay late and help in sorting out photos from the shoot. Alison says she'd love to.

At exercise class, Rhonda tries to encourage Jane that her body will look great again in a few weeks. But start off easy at first, she advises.

Billy goes into see Mary Smith and is surprised to find she is an attractive young woman. Mary listens to his pleas but says they will have to attach a lien to his paycheck. Maybe he could get a second job, until the loan is paid off, she suggests.

Keith drops by Alison's office. He invites her for dinner at his house at the beach. Alison cancels out on helping Lucy.

As she is getting dressed to go to Keith's house, Billy is telling her his loan problems. She tells him to talk to his parents. Maybe they will help. They discuss Alison's date with Keith and Billy insists she take a condom with her. As she accepts, she smiles and says, "We have a very odd relationship".

At Keith's house, the dinner is great and the ambience even greater. Keith kisses her and tells her he has just ended a long relationship. Alison melts in his arms.

Next morning, still high with the afterglow of a passionate night, Alison rushes into work.

Billy discovers Alison has not been home all night. Mitchell drops in and Billy tells him he's never even met this new person in Alison's life.

Alison arrives late for work and Lucy is less than pleased about her canceling out on their work last night.

Alison talks to Jane, at Shooters, about her new romance with Keith.

Billy goes to talk to his parents about the college loan payment. His mother is surprised to hear about it since they paid his tuition at college. He admits the loan was for personal expenses. His mother is not pleased about this.

Alison takes off work early and drives to Keith's beach house. She overhears a very heated phone conversation he is having. Keith tells her it was his wife. Alison is in complete shock. Keith tries to mend fences explaining that he rarely even sees his wife. She works on the East Coast. Alison is too devastated to even listen. He tries to give her his phone number but she says its too late now.

Billy, having heard her story, is trying to console Alison. He's made hot chocolate and puts his arm around her sympathetically.

Michael and Jane discuss her losing the extra pounds. But, she says, she still feels sad about losing the baby.

Billy tells Alison he decided to turn down his parents' offer of a loan. But he may have to move back home for awhile, he adds. Alison doesn't want him to move out and offers to borrow the money on her credit card.

At work, Alison apologizes to Lucy and offers to work overtime. Phone messages come from Keith.

Billy works out a time payment plan with the collection agency.

Alison goes to Keith's house to see him. She is not sure what to do. He says they'll work it out some way.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane Matt Fielding: Doug Savant Jake Hanson: Grant Show Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams Joan Campbell: Salome Jens Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Mary Smith: Jana Marie Hupp. Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair.

13 [MP-113] 10/28/92 2395013 Dreams Come True
Alison has spent another night with Keith at his beach house and is rushing to dress for work. She has to stop at her apartment for a change of clothes. Billy confronts her with the fact she has suddenly forgotten that Keith is a married man. Alison is irritated at being reminded of this and Billy is showing some jealousy about her new romance.

At Shooters, Sandy is quizzing Jane about Alison's new boyfriend. Alison is being very patient with their questions. Matt tells them he has to run. He's meeting a friend for dinner. Finally Alison gets up the courage to tell her friends that Keith is a married man. The reaction is shocked silence. Alison tries to explain that Keith's marriage is on the rocks.

Sandy is approached by a man who says he's a casting agent. He thinks she would be right for a part in a New York soap opera. She's heard this line before, she says.

Keith arrives and joins Alison and her friends. The atmosphere is somewhat cool and Alison suggests they go home. Her friends fear she's going to be hurt by their relationship.

Later, Jane and Michael discuss married couples who have affairs. Jane becomes concerned when Michael says it happens frequently.

After driving to the beach, Alison tells Keith she feels she should spend the night at her own apartment. He agrees, not wanting to pressure her. He says he wants her to do what makes her happy. Again he has "pushed the right buttons" and Alison melts into his arms.

After Matt says good night to his friend, he is approached by three young tough guys. They start pushing him around and making remarks about his sexual orientation. When Matt fights back they beat him up.

Jake finds Matt collapsed by his apartment door and insists he go to the hospital emergency room. Later, in the waiting room after he's been patched up, two police officers quiz him. The woman police officer is rather biased in her comments and Jake and Matt feel there is little chance of the hoodlums being apprehended. Jake suggests they get baseball bats and cruise Santa Monica until they find the guys but Matt says that is not the solution. The next morning, the group is hovering around Matt sympathetically, offering advice.

At the Teen Shelter, Matt shows up at his job. While conducting a therapy session, one of the youths gets violent, but Matt feels encouraged that he is at least facing his pent up anger.

Alison is pleased when Billy stops by work and brings her a file she left at home; but it is the wrong one. Lucy needs the file right away. Alison gets a warning from Lucy she will have to get her personal life straightened out or she'd better start looking for a new job.

Sandy casually mentions to Rhonda that they want her to fly to New York to be interviewed for the role in the daytime soap. She's trying to keep her emotions in check but Rhonda is hysterical.

At work, Matt gets a visit from a sympathetic police detective named Marty Gold. Ken Gable, Matt's boss, overhears the discussion that Matt's accident was a case of gay bashing. He is obviously shocked by this revelation.

Alison greets Billy, who is eating his dinner standing up. She tells him she just stopped by for a change of clothes. Billy begins to feel very protective of Alison, warning her that Keith could be just using her. His intentions may not be honorable. Alison gets angry with Billy as she realizes what he is saying could be true.

At Keith's house, a phone call comes from his wife. Alison is beginning to think everybody is right. Keith's marriage is not dead. She returns home. Billy notices something is wrong. He offers to talk about it with her but she slams the bedroom door in his face.

Next morning, Alison is more friendly to Billy and comments that it's easy to give advice when you're an outside observer, but when you're the one emotionally involved it's a lot different.

Jake checks in on Matt and finds him in a brighter mood. He tells Jake that Detective Gold seemed determined to find the street hoodlums.

Sandy telephones from New York to say she got the part on the daytime soap opera. Everyone is delighted for her.

Billy drives to the beach to visit Keith. He wants to know if Keith is sincere about his professed love for Alison.

Matt is called in to the office by his boss and fired, using some feeble excuse that the teenagers need a healthy role model in their lives. Matt realizes he's been fired because of his admission that he is gay.

Keith visits Alison at work but she tells him she can't talk now. She needs to prove herself in her job or she will lose it, she says.

Jake encourages Matt to sue for job discrimination, but Matt's not sure held win.

Over lunch, Lucy tells Alison she went through the same sort of relationship that Alison is experiencing. Her advice is "don't waste your life on promises".

At Shooter's, the gang gathers to watch Sandy on her debut in the T.V. soap opera.

Alison tells Billy she's going to Keith's house to end their relationship. She does love him and maybe he loves her, but the bottom line is that he's married to someone else. Billy tells her he went to see Keith for a man-to-man chat. Alison is pleased that Billy cared that much about her. She drives to the beach house to end the romance with Keith.

Keith invites her for a glass of wine. They stand on the balcony watching the sun set in the ocean. He turns on the charm, telling her she's the only woman he's ever loved and ever will love. Alison stares at him speechless, forgetting her reason for coming to see him.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Sandy Louise Harling: Amy Locane. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Marty Gould: John Capodice. Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair. Kenneth Gable: H. Richard Greene.

14 [MP-114] 11/04/92 2395014 Drawing the Line
Alison is sitting with Keith on the deck of his beach house. They discuss their love for each other. Alison says she never thought she could love someone so much. Keith holds her in his arms as she begins to sob.

Next morning when Alison returns to her apartment she is greeted by Billy who asked how did her breakup go, with Keith. Alison answers that he is divorcing his wife. Off Billy's look, she adds that she is deeply in love and he loves her and that's the way it is.

Billy talks to Jane telling her that Alison has broken up the marriage of Keith and his wife. Jane and Michael are surprised as Billy describes the whole new side to Alison's personality.

Matt has a first meeting with a lawyer named Sarah Goldstein regarding the job discrimination suit. Matt fills her in on his background and why he feels he was fired because he admitted he was gay. Sarah feels her firm can take on the case on a contingency basis, since Matt has very little money. The firm will need five thousand dollars up front to cover costs, however. Matt is crestfallen. Justice doesn't come cheap.

At work, Lucy is pleased to see Alison has arrived on time. Alison tells her Keith is going to divorce his wife. Lucy greets this news with mixed feelings, remembering her own disappointment in romance.

Rhonda interviews a new roommate to replace Sandy. Carrie Fellows, a black professional woman, seems ideal. Her work is O.P., an organizational professional, she says. She rattles off her personality traits to Rhonda and it all sounds perfect. Carrie is accepted.

Matt takes a new job at a burger joint, waiting tables. Jake drops by and they discuss Matt's plight of raising five thousand dollars. He says he's thinking of asking for help from his parents. The only problem is that they don't want to accept that he is gay.

Alison and Jane bump into each other at the mailbox. They discuss the news that Keith is divorcing his wife because of Alison. Jane is not enthusiastic over Alison's relationship and reminds her that "what goes around comes around". If he could divorce his first wife, he might also leave Alison in a year or so, she adds.

Alison telephones Keith at the beach saying she's changing clothes but will be there soon, but Keith says he can't get together tonight. Something has come up, he says, as we cut to the beach house to see his wife, Lily unpacking her suitcase. He tells Alison he'll call her and hangs up. Alison is puzzled and disappointed.

Matt goes to visit his parents. His mother, Constance, has kept his bedroom just as it used to be, complete with photos of Matt competing in various sports and attending school dances. She mentions some of his friends who have gotten married too, unwilling to accept Matt's own sexual preference.

Billy and Alison discuss her cancellation of the evening visit to Keith's house. She tries to reassure herself it was just a business meeting conflict. Suddenly, Alison sees Keith rushing across the rainy patio to her door. Billy says "hill and retreats to the other room. Keith tells Alison about his wife showing up unexpectedly. He says Lily wouldn't listen to him when he tried to explain that the marriage was over. Alison invites him to stay the night at her apartment. She says Billy will lend him some dry clothes. Billy is not pleased with this development and tells Alison so. While Keith showers, Alison picks up his wallet and sees a picture of his wife Lily. She puts it away quickly and turns to the door where Keith takes her in his arms.

At dinner, Matt tells his father about being fired for being gay and that he needs five thousand dollars to hire a lawyer. His father is not understanding about the lawsuit or Matt's "chosen" life style. Matt realizes he should not have come to ask for help.

During the night, Alison has a dream in which she talks to Lily, who blames her for forcing the breakup of their marriage.

Rhonda finds her new roommate has reorganized all the kitchen cabinets, arranging everything alphabetically. She's also laid down plastic runner on the carpets.

Next morning Billy talks to a still sleepy Alison. Keith comes in to suggest to Alison that they go away for the weekend, on a camping trip, Keith leaves to make arrangements and pickup some equipment. Alison tells Billy about her guilt feelings resulting from her dream. She says she must meet and talk to Lily. But when Alison arrives at the beach house, she loses her courage and in a panic drives away.

In the laundry room, Alison and Jane have another run-in. Jane makes a snide remark about the camping trip with Keith. Alison snaps back that it is not her business to criticize. Jane says she cares because she can see Alison heading for catastrophe.

Jane is obviously also worried how she'd feel if someone took Michael away from her. Jane apologizes for being too critical.

Matt takes his car's pink slip to Sarah, the lawyer. He says his car is worth about two thousand. Maybe this will be enough to start with, he adds. Sarah hands it back saying she's persuaded her partners to take the case for free, and besides, all the media attention will be good for her career.

Rhonda cooks Sunday breakfast for Carrie. After some discussion Carrie lets Rhonda do it her way.

Billy accuses Alison of losing interest in Keith now that the illicit thrill is gone and he is divorcing his wife. Alison denies this. She tells him her father was unfaithful to her mother and now she realizes she is just like one of her father's girlfriends. She is the "other woman" now.

Alison goes to see Keith to tell him their affair has come to an end. He tells her Lily has gone and they can make a life for themselves. Alison feels she caused their marriage to end. She can't just slide into this vacant spot. Keith tells her if she can't make it with him, she'll never find happiness. Alison turns and leaves because suddenly Keith reveals a new side to his personality.

Rhonda and Carrie argue over cleaning a frying pan. Rhonda tells her it is not going to work out. Carrie will have to move out.

Billy consoles Alison after she tells him she broke off the relationship with Keith.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Lily Gray: Juli Donald. Matt Fielding, Sr.: James Handy. Sarah Goldstein: Judith Hoag. Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Constance Fielding: Claudette Nevins. Carrie Fellows: Rae Dawn Chong.

15 [MP-115] 11/11/92 2395015 House of God
Billy and Alison are out jogging. It is his idea that physical exercise will get her out of her depression over her breakup with her boyfriend, Keith.

At the apartment house, a young woman, named Jobeth "Jo" Reynolds, has come to see the vacant apartment. Michael is rushing out as Jane is protesting about a "doctor's wives social" he wants her to help plan. He tells her he is going sailing with Dr. Scott McBain this morning. Scott's wife, Liz is on the planning committee, he adds.

Rhonda overhears Jane talking to the prospective tenant who wants two bedrooms. Rhonda offers to switch her two-bedroom apartment for the single downstairs. Jo looks at the apartment and decides to take it. Both Rhonda and Jane react to Jo's rather sarcastic attitude.

At the marina, Michael and Scott have a talk about what medical specialty is the most rewarding. Scott offers to help Michael get a residency position at the hospital.

At the hospital, Michael watches in amazement, as Scott handles his young patients.

In the hospital "on-call" room, Jane has met Liz McBain and introduces her to Michael. The two women have hit it off well and the four of them plan on having dinner together.

Jake helps Jo move some boxes of her photographic equipment upstairs. She, however, reacts to his charms with cool aloofness. He warns her about the crazy plumbing in the apartments.

The dinner together is going well. The wives try to keep their husbands from talking about their medical problems. When they go to the ladies room, Jane notices heavy bruises on Liz's arms, but Liz shrugs it off as just an accident.

Billy and Alison are watching an old movie on video cassette. Alison is restless and finally says she's going to bed.

At home, Jane tells Michael about the bruises on Liz's arms. He thinks Jane is jumping to conclusions by feeling Liz is a victim of wife beating.

Billy suggests to Alison that they join Matt and Rhonda for a round of shopping. He feels it will cheer up Alison but she declines saying she doesn't have any money.

Billy offers to help Jo move a plant up to her apartment, but Jo doesn't warm to him either.

At the hotel meeting room, as Jane is putting the finishing touches on the decorations, Liz sits at the piano and plays a classical selection. Slowly Liz begins to reveal what her life is like with Scott.

Alison meets Jo in the laundry room and finally she is able to thaw out Jo's cold attitude to everyone.

Jane tells Michael about her talk with Liz. Jane feels Liz needs help because she is a battered wife. Michael is still not convinced.

At the doctor's party, Jane confronts Liz about being a battered wife. Liz is very tense, saying her husband hit her only once. Jane doesn't believe her. Their husbands joining them interrupt the conversation.

Scott confronts Michael at the hospital next day. He says Liz told him what Jane had insinuated about him. Scott tells him he has never struck his wife and that what Jane said to Liz has her very upset.

Jane phones Liz. Liz says she promised her husband she wouldn't talk to her again.

Jo invites Alison up to her apartment. They have margaritas and talk about the men in their lives. They go out to The Shooters later.

Michael and Jane receive a desperate phone call from Liz. Scott has beaten her up, very severely, she says.

At Shooters, Jo and Alison take on two male pool sharks. Jo proves to be a very good player.

Liz tells Jane and Michael how paranoid Scott is, toward her. He's kind and gentle one moment, then turns violent over the slightest provocation.

Alison takes Jo up to Lookout Point. Jo is overwhelmed by the night view of the city below.

At home, Alison finds Billy waiting up for her, while reading some of her magazines. He has taken a personality test in one of the articles and discovers he is nearly perfect. Alison has a good laugh.

At the hospital, Michael tells Scott he has to seek professional help.

Jake is showering, when suddenly the water turns icy cold. With a towel tied around him, he rushes upstairs to complain to Jo. She had turned on the water to brush her teeth, she says. They exchange flirtatious glances. Jake tells Billy he feels there may be some possibilities there, after all.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Scott McBain: John Scott Clough. Liz McBain: Lisa Waltz. [68/8.3/13]

16 [MP-116] 11/18/92 2395016 The Whole Truth
Billy is getting dressed to go out. Alison hints that she would like to tag along but Billy discourages her saying he's going "on the prowl" tonight. Outside the apartment Billy reaches in the shrubbery and retrieves a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He bounds up the stairs to Jo's apartment but Jo squelches his amorous intentions.

Later at Shooters, Billy tells Jake how he struck-out with Jo. Jake laughs and says it must be Billy's after-shave lotion.

Michael and Jane are discussing trying to have a baby again when the phone interrupts. It's Jane's boss. The dress shop has been sold and she's out of a job.

Early next morning, Billy tells Alison he has a toothache. Alison is sympathetic and suggests he see a dentist.

Jake discovers Jo, with her camera, taking photographs of his motorcycle. She takes him up on his offer to take her for a ride out toward the desert. They realize they have a lot in common. Both talk about their lonely childhood.

As Jane clears out her personal things at the dress shop, she meets Kay Beacon, a well-known designer and the new owner.

Kay is rather caustic in her remarks about the dress Jane is wearing. She says she recognizes many of her own design ideas in it. Jane is hurt and starts to leave. Kay calls her back, asking her to work at her design salon.

Matt's lawyer tells him his former supervisor bas backed down about firing him. He will re-hire him provided there is no monetary settlement. The case will be treated as a misunderstanding. Sarah, the lawyer suggests they continue the fight and make them admit their wrongdoings.

Jake drops off Jo at an appointment she says she has about her photographs. Jo walks off toward an office building but then changes direction, going into a jewelry store. She shows the jeweler an expensive bracelet saying she wants to sell it. He offers her four thousand but then hesitates when she can't provide any driver's license identification.

Outside she bumps into Jake and resents his questions about her being in the jewelry store.

Jane excitedly tells Michael about the new job opportunity. They drink a toast. Alison has dropped up to Jo's apartment carrying pizza. She is helping Jo repair one of the bedrooms. The walls will be black so it can be used as a darkroom. Alison asks a few friendly questions about Jo's ex-husband but finds Jo unwilling to discuss him.

Michael has a confrontation with Jo over getting a "manager's" key, after she has the door lock changed.

At her new job, Jane finds Kay Beacon a tough boss, when she is assigned to inspect finished garments for flaws.

Matt has taken a job at a hamburger restaurant as a waiter. He runs into a youngster who used to be a resident at the Teen Runaway House. Matt is pleased to see him doing well.

Jo asks Jake to try to sell her bracelet since she doesn't have any driver's license identification yet. She says she needs the money. While Jo waits outside, Jake gets a jeweler to offer seven thousand for the bracelet. When he sees the engraving, JoBeth, however, he becomes suspicious. Jake quizzes Jo about the bracelet but she refuses to answer.

Jake tells Billy about his run-in with Jo and they both agree to stay clear of her.

After a romantic candlelight dinner, Michael finds Jane is using a protective device to avoid getting pregnant. She says, with her new job she's not sure she wants to have children at the present time.

Jake is awakened in the early morning by the police. They have Jo with them. She was arrested for driving Jake's motorcycle without a license. She admits she took the bike without his knowledge. Now, she offers to pay half of the ticket charge. Jake has never met anyone with such gall.

Matt is delighted to bear that his old job will be his again, plus ten thousand dollars, if they settle out of court. Sarah, his lawyer, thinks they can get one hundred thousand in a court trial but Matt says he wants to get back to his job with the kids that need him.

When Alison arrives home, she finds Billy has been to the dentist. He plays on Alison's sympathies and soon she is waiting on him hand and foot.

Jane is told by her boss Kay that her design sketches are wrong and must be redone before she leaves for the day.

Billy has a passionate dream about Alison, calling out her name. He wakes up to find a concerned Alison standing by him.

Jake takes Jo to a gathering of motorcyclists at an underground club, so she can take some photographs. A man named Jerry recognizes Jo. When be moves in on her, Jake punches him out, but then finds that Jo has disappeared during the fight. Back at her apartment, Jake demands to know what Jerry means to her. Jo still refuses to reveal anything about her past life.

Jane tells Michael, Kay, is a bitch to work for, but she knows design. Jane says she wants Kay to realize she is talented too.

Billy tells Alison about his nightmare. A dinosaur was trying to carry her away and he fought to save her. Alison is pleased to hear this. Billy asks her if he ever figures in her dreams. She says yes, but refuses to elaborate.

Matt tells Rhonda he will use the ten thousand dollar monetary settlement to start up a legal aid fund to help fight against discrimination.

Jane confronts Kay over her rudeness to her and to fellow workers. Kay admits she is a bitch but she also feels Jane has talent. "Hang in there" Kay tells her.

Michael brings a picnic for lunch to share with Jane at work. They discuss delaying having a baby for awhile.

Jo tells Jake about her childhood and marriage and how she knew she had to run away from the empty socialite life she was leading. The bracelet, she says, belongs to her. It was a gift. -"Beth" was the name her mother called her, but after her death she stopped using it. She became just Jo. Jake tells her he understands now. They are drawn closer, ending in a passionate kiss. On his motorcycle they race out to their new favorite place, the desert.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Sarah Goldstein: Judith Hoag. Kay Beacon: Sydney Walsh.

17 [MP-117] 11/25/92 2395017 Jake vs. Jake
Matt and Rhonda are picking up some fresh fruit donated by some of the wholesalers at the produce market Rhonda gets into an argument with a buyer who is picking up strawberries. He's a handsome black man named Terrence. After an exchange of harsh words Rhonda realizes she's made a mistake. Terrence has become intrigued with Rhonda and now insists she take his extra fancy berries for the Teen Runaway House.

Jane and Michael are joking around romantically as they pack for a few days holiday in San Francisco.

An old girlfriend of Jake's calls to say she's in town and wants to see him.

In their apartment, Billy tells Alison he is going to audition for a Santa Claus job, during the holidays. He is surprised that she has none of her usual snappy comments. She rushes out to work.

Alison goes to see her gynecologist about some uncomfortable symptoms she's having.

At work, Jake asks his boss for a long lunch hour. He's meeting his old girlfriend, Colleen. First, however, he has to deal with a cycle customer named Kyle, regarding rebuilding his bike.

At the doctor's office, Alison undergoes some tests. Dr. Miller asks for her hospitalization insurance card but Alison says she doesn't have coverage. The doctor tells her that to clear up her health problems could be quite expensive.

Jake and Colleen reminisce about their past relationship. She tells Jake she's married now and has a five-year-old son. The boy's father is Jake, she says. Her husband wants to adopt the boy officially and she is asking Jake to sign the papers and relinquish all claims to the boy. Jake is stunned. He never knew about his son. He becomes angry and demands at least to see his son first.

Terrence makes a date with Rhonda and takes her to a posh restaurant. She feels he shouldn't spend so much on their first date. Rhonda is hurt that the waiter seats them in the rear and thinks it's a racial thing. Terrence finally admits he owns the place and Rhonda smiles at his little game.

At Shooters, Jo comes in and sits at the booth where Jake is nursing a beer. She offers to listen if he wants to talk about his troubles. He tells her the whole story about his son, David. Jo feels he might be wrong in fighting the adoption. He could end up hurting his son by destroying the only family the boy has known. Jake doesn't accept Jo's opinion and turns away in anger and frustration.

Billy finds Alison unwilling to confide in him about what's causing her to be moody.

Rhonda is stopped by Terrence as she is walking to work. He offers her a ride in his convertible.

Billy tries to cheer Alison by showing her his Santa Claus outfit but she gets emotional and turns away. Finally she tells him she has a benign tumor and must have surgery. The big problem is that she has no insurance coverage. She says she can't ask her parents because they are having difficult times themselves. Billy tries to reassure her that they'll work it out somehow.

Jake goes to the hotel where Colleen and her husband are staying. In the pool patio he spots Colleen with his son, David. Colleen is not pleased to see Jake, thinking he may try to pull off some scheme for getting David. She turns away from Jake and returns to her husband.

At work, Jake, still tense from his meeting with Colleen, is irritated further by the customer named Kyle who has come to pick up his bike. The rude customer causes Jake to loose his temper, and smash things up around the shop.

Jo stops by Jake's apartment with wine, cheese and French bread. She wants to apologize to him. He tells her how he smashed things up at the shop. Rusty is giving him twenty-four hours to repair everything in the place. Jake tells her he could be a good father to his son if given a chance. He should have joint custody, at least. But then, he adds, he hasn't been acting very adult, lately. Jo reminds him how his whole life style would have to change if he had a son to take care of.

Billy goes with Alison to the hospital to discuss the surgical costs, estimates and methods of payment. The fifteen thousand estimated cost is impossible for her to pay. They comparison shop several hospitals and find the costs are similar. While Jake is working late at the bike shop, Colleen comes by to see him. She discusses the adoption papers and how this would give David a stable home life.

Jake answers that maybe the responsibility of caring for a son would turn his life around. Colleen says he can do that for himself.

Billy joins Matt, Jane and Michael as they sort through Christmas decorations. Billy is still keyed up about hospital costs and takes out his frustration on Michael.

Rhonda and Terrence come by on their way to a symphony performance. They are dressed very elegantly.

Michael quizzes Alison about her medical problems and her lack of insurance. He says he'll see if he can get her in under a "teaching patient" arrangement. After Michael leaves, Billy tells Alison he is not going to do the Santa Claus job, so he can be with her during this crisis.

Jake finishes up the repair on the motorcycle and Kyle compliments him on the good job. Jake calls Colleen and tells her he wants to see David up close, but anonymously.

Jake dresses and goes for lunch with Colleen and David. He is introduced as a friend of the family. During lunch Jake realizes David is truly happy with Colleen and her husband Robert. He signs the adoption papers.

Michael tells Alison he has gotten her admitted as a teaching patient. It may be a little inconvenient, but all she has to pay is her room and medicine costs.

Jo stops by to show Jake some new photographs she has taken. She followed him to his lunch meeting with David, she says, and took some pictures of them together. Jake is delighted to have these keepsakes.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Dr. Miller: Fran Bennett. David Patterson: Miko Hughes. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones. Colleen Patterson: Beth Toussaint. Rusty: Christopher Pennock. Terrance: John Marshall Jones.

18 [MP-118] 12/16/92 2395018 Melrose Place Christmas
Alison is in her hospital room discussing her upcoming surgery for early the next morning, with Billy. He is trying to assure her that everything will go well. He adds that they plan to have Christmas dinner with his parents. Alison sniffles only faintly, remembering their last visit to see his parents. Michael drops by to check up on Alison. He'll be on duty most of the holiday period, because lane is back East visiting her parents. He says just ask for him, if she needs anything. He and Billy leave.

Jake is shopping for a Christmas tree with Jo. She doesn't understand why, having a tree is important to him. Jake says he never had a tree, and when he was a boy his mother was always hung-over Christmas morning. He says he has a lot to catch up with.

At his apartment, Jake shows Jo a toy sports car he is sending to his son, with a card signed, "From Santa Claus" Jo is very touched.

At work, Rhonda is visited by her now friend Terrence. He says he has an urgent business meeting and has to cancel their dinner date. As a consolation, he wants her to come with him to Aspen for the holidays. Rhonda is delighted but has a conflict. She bad planned to visit her parents in San Jose but she'd try to change her plans.

Billy and Jake are going to the hospital to see Alison. Billy tells Jake he'd invited Alison to visit with his parents on Christmas b-at now he finds out they're going away. "Why is it something bad has to happen to people before you realize how much you care?" Billy says.

Alison has just begun surgery as Rhonda, Jo and Matt arrive to be near her. They are anxiously awaiting word from Michael. Because they're not immediate family, the nurse won't tell them anything. Michael arrives and announces everything is fine, He sneaks Bill into see, a still groggy, Alison. The surgery won't prevent her from having children. The doctor says she can go home tomorrow if she has someone to be with her. Billy says that's no problem.

Back home, Billy tells Alison, since his folks are going out of town, they sent over Christmas decorations for them to use.

Billy goes grocery shopping and Jo drops by to visit. Alison tells Jo that Billy almost too attentive. "When she's well again, will he still be a caring person?" she wonders.

Matt stops in to see Rhonda and finds her all decked out in a new ski outfit Terrence have bought her. Matt says he's not going to visit his parents for the holidays. He plans to devote extra time to the kids at Teen Halfway House,

At the hospital Michael bemoans the fact that he, like other interns, is stuck with rotating duty shifts for the holidays. He- and Kimberly, a female intern answer their beepers, and head for the Emergency Room. A six-year-old boy is there with his hysterical mother. The boy was shot on a playground swing.

Jake is enthusiastically tossing tinsel on his tree. Jo hands him a small angel ornament She says he doesn't have to use it if it spoils his decorative concept. He is delighted and lifts her up to place the ornament on the top. As he lowers her, they join in a passionate kiss, but Jo puffs away. She says people tend to go overboard in the romance department during the holidays. Billy drops by to show them his gift for Alison, a gold necklace. They both admire the beautiful present, but wonder if Billy is crossing the boundary between friendship and romance. Billy begins to question his own true feelings about Alison.

Michael and Doctor Levin are exiting the surgery after unsuccessfully trying to save the young boy's life. Doctor Levin assigns Michael the task of telling the boy's parents. Afterwards, Doctor Levin tells Michael he should brace himself for Christmas Day. That's when the highest rate of murder accidents and suicides occur.

Billy finds Alison going through post-operative depression. She tearfully tells him how Christmas was not a very cheerful time in her family. Now, this Christmas she can't afford to buy gifts for friends. She asks him to agree not to give her a gift.

Billy tells Alison he has to take his taxi out and do some business, but he's rented a bunch of "Christmas movies" on video for her. Alison has the feeling she's said the wrong thing to Billy and hurt him, somehow.

Jo drops down to Jake's apartment to deliver a present He invites her to stay. She's unsure whether to follow her feelings or her instincts, in getting involved with Jake.

Michael is still depressed by the death of his young patient in spite of Kimberly's efforts to cheer him.

Matt is helping Alison stuff a turkey and prepare a Christmas dinner from "scratch". It proves to be more than either imagined,

Jo is still at Jake's apartment. She tells him Christmas with her husband's family was not very pleasant. After a few drinks all the jealousy and accusations were dredged up and people ran from the dinner table. Now, she's not sure she wants any attachments again, in her life. Jake says she should find a new direction to her life. Dinner is almost ready as Alison and Matt prepare the trimmings. Billy has not returned and Alison feels more strongly that she has hurt his feelings. Matt reminds her she is too independent and fears close relationships.

Jake is in a passionate mood now, but he finds Jo is beginning to hold back. She says, however, at this rate he may get lucky by New Year's Eve. At the Emergency Room, a young couple rush in, the wife has gone in to contractions. Her baby is going to be born shortly. Michael and Kimberly have never delivered a baby, only observed, but no other staff doctor is available.

Alison calls the taxicab company where Billy works, to ask them to have him call home. Michael and Kimberly successfully deliver a healthy baby boy for the Flynns. Michael is cheered up considerably by his accomplishment He invites Kimberly to come back to the dinner at Alison's.

Billy arrives home in an upbeat mood. Alison asks to speak with him alone. She tells him she's sorry for the way she brushed him off. It was just that she feared needing someone and beings dependent. Billy tells her he experienced new feelings about her when she was hospitalized. He presents her with the necklace he bought her. She kisses him gently.

With glasses in hand Billy ushers everyone outside to see the Christmas lights turned on. At first nothing happens when he turns the switch. Alison finds the empty bulb socket and the lights blaze on.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Dr. List: Jeff Allin. Dr. Stanley Levin: Carmen Argenziano. Dr. Kimberly Shaw: Marcia Cross. Matt Fielding, Sr.: James Handy. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones.

19 [MP-119] 1/06/93 2395019 Single White Sister
Jake has accompanied Jo to the beach for a very early morning session of picture- taking. They find an increasing attraction developing between them.

A phone call wakes Jane and Michael. It's Jane sister calling from the airport. She's talking a few days off from college for a surprise visit to Los Angeles. Jane goes to the airport to get Sydney.

In Rhonda's apartment, she and Terrence are beginning to stir. She has an early class to teach. He reminds her about their dinner engagement tomorrow night and adds he's buying her the expensive robe she admired in a shop on Melrose. She's overwhelmed at his generosity.

Over breakfast coffee, Billy tells Alison about a writing seminar he's signed up for, which guarantees short cuts to a screen writing career. Alison is skeptical.

On the way back from the airport Jane's younger sister, Sydney tells her how the pressure of college work got too much for her. She had to get away, Jane says she's got to go work but Michael will take her to lunch.

At the bike shop, a customer brings in his Harley-Davidson and wants to sell it. Jake admires this top of the line bike and tells Mark they'll take it on consignment,

Michael takes Sydney to lunch and they discuss her school problems. He admits he felt the pressure in college too. They seem to be better friends as a result of this meeting.

At work, Lucy gives Alison two invitations to the Advertising Association Ball. Alison needs a date and gets up the nerve to ask a handsome young guy in accounting, but he already bas a date for the occasion.

Michael tells Jane he and Sydney hit it off well during their afternoon together. He adds that Sydney is a bit jealous of her older sister, whom she referred to as "Miss Perfect'. Later Sydney tells Jane she has actually dropped out of college and wants to stay with them for a while.

Alison is still feeling the sting of rejection after her experience at the office. It wasn't so bad that Danny already had a date for the dance, it was the fact that he called her by the wrong name, she tells Billy. Billy can't go with her to the function, but he says he has a buddy from college who has just broken up with his girlfriend. He's probably free to take her.

Jo takes her name off the apartment ma box, after a letter comes from her husband. She tells Jake she's puzzled that he located her address. They send the letter back marked, "address unknown".

At breakfast, Sydney hints to Jane that it would be fun to "hang out" at work with Jane and observe what she's like to be around a top fashion designer like Kay Beacon.

Kay reacts to Sydney's offer to "pitch-in and help" while she observes. Kay oddly, likes the outfit Sydney is wearing and takes her up on the offer to run an errand for her.

Jake shows Jo his new Harley bike. He tells her his boss is letting him pay for it by installments. Jake offers his old Triumph bike to Jo to use but she declines the offer, leaving Jake rather baffled.

At home, Sydney is raving about the necklace-watch Kay has given her and she can't understand why Jane doesn't feel Kay is a fantastic boss. Their mother telephones to ask if Jane has heard from Sydney. Jane lies to her mother saying Sydney is probably visiting a friend over the holiday.

Rhonda is receiving so many expensive gifts from Terrence she says she is getting nervous. Her father always said if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Matt reminds her that she's a wonderful woman and deserves a great guy like Terrence who is generous and caring.

As Sydney and Jane have a heart to heart talk, Sydney surprises her sister by saying she's decided to be a fashion designer.

Next morning, Sydney shows up at Jane's office with chocolate donuts. Jane is not happy to see her there, but Kay Beacon is delighted she has brought her favorite donuts.

Jo stops by to see Jake to show him some photographs she has printed, but Jake keeps waiting, still hurt from her rejection of his gift of his old motorcycle. She says the gift was too much, and she, had nothing to give him. Jake answers he never thought of it as being a case of keeping score.

Jane is facing a pile of work in front of her when Sydney breezes in telling everybody including Kay, that it's "party time". Jane turns down the invitation and is exasperated to see Kay leaving with the group.

Billy takes Alison to Shooters, to be introduced to his friend Tom. Alison is reluctant but is surprised to find Tom bright and charming. Billy is already wondering if this was a good idea.

At an elegant dinner party, Terrence lies to the parents as to Rhonda's profession. He says she's a dancer and about to sign with a top group. Rhonda can't stand the pretense and speaks out. She teaches aerobics and enjoys her work, she says.

As dinner with Alison, Billy and his friend Tom continues, Billy is feeIing more and more jealous. They have hit it off entirely too well. He makes excuses about having to get home and that Tom probably has an early meeting at the DA's office. He practically drags Alison out of the restaurant. She is very angry at his behavior and storms off down the street.

Back at her apartment, Rhonda tells Terrence she is tired of him making her out to be something she is not. She is the person she is and is happy being herself.

Jane has waited up for Sydney and is not pleased with her devil-may-care attitude. Jane feels she'd better take her job as a fashion designer more seriously. Next morning, Michael complains that it is getting tiresome having Sydney underfoot all the time.

Jo gets a phone call from her husband. She is very upset and tells him not to call again. She tells Jake she may have to move, but he advises her that she can't keep running.

Jane and Kay have a discussion about Sydney. Jane says Sydney has always been one to choose the most difficult tasks and then when she fails she blames and hates herself. Kay says she knows the type very well.

Sydney bounces in to tell Jane that Kay has hired her as a personal assistant Jane is shocked and not at all pleased.

Rhonda, regretting her argument with Terrence has been trying to reach him but without success. Suddenly outside her window, she hears singing. Three men are singing a romantic song as Terrence calls up to her. He asks her to marry him.

In bed, Michael and Jane smell cigarette smoke. Jane rushes out to the living room to find Sydney smoking. She asks her to put it out. Sydney tells Jane she is sorry she is unhappy. If she wants, she'll give up her job with Kay. Jane can only shake her head in exasperation. Her sister had done it again.

Billy tells Alison he'd like to be her escort for the Advertiser's Ball Alison accepts. A stranger comes to the apartment looking for Jo. He says he is her husband. Jake sends him away saying no one by that name lives there.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair. Charles Reynolds: Linden Ashby. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones. Sydney Andrews: Laura Leighton. Danny Baker: Larry Poindexter. Kay Beacon: Sydney Walsh. Tom Brooks: Tuc Watkins.

20 [MP-120] 1/13/93 2395020 Peanut Butter and Jealousy
Billy has agreed to be Alison's escort to a formal dance and is busy getting dressed. Alison is ready and is talking with Jake. He tells her Jo's husband stopped by looking for her. He told the man he didn't know anyone by that name and he hasn't had a chance to tell Jo yet.

Jo arrives home in a depressed mood. She's had nothing but rejection all day on her photographic assignments. She begins to change clothes determined to boast her spirits. Jake drops in, and insists she come along with him to Shooters. In Rhonda's apartment, Jane is working on the wedding dress. Sydney, Jane's sister, constantly makes comments about the dress design and is getting on Jane's nerve. Finally, Sydney leaves and Rhonda tells Jane she admires her patience with her sister.

At Shooters, Jake has a chance to tell Jo about her husband's visit. She panics and abruptly heads for home.

At the dance Alison introduces Billy to Lucy, her superior. Lucy is surprised to hear that Billy is Alison's platonic roommate.

Alison bumps into Danny, the handsome Vice President at work, who had declined her invitation to attend the dance together. Now he finds himself without a date and quickly makes moves on Alison. Billy tries to hide his jealousy, when Alison asks if he minds that Danny takes her on to another party.

Back at Jo's apartment, Jake finds out she is not divorced from her husband, Charles. Later, she calls her father to find out where Charles is staying in Los Angeles. Michael and Jane discuss the problems of having Sydney living with them. Jo goes to meet Charles at a hotel. He tells her when he realized she'd left him he went crazy with drinking. Now, he has taken the cure and wants her back in his life. Jo says she cannot, because her life has changed. She has her own career now.

Jane has overslept and still remembers fragments of a nightmare that had Michael and Sydney having an attack. Coming into the kitchen Jane observes Sydney giving her husband a quick kiss, Not knowing they are making plans for a birthday party, she jumps to conclusions, thinking her nightmare is coming true.

Alison apologizes to Billy about the previous night, the other party was boring, she says. Billy is still a bit ticked off by the whole thing, however, Alison says he is being unreasonable, as he storms out of the apartment. Jo tells Jake that she went to see Charles. She is very confused by her allegiance to her husband and her love for Jake.

Matt tells Rhonda all the extravagant wedding plans seem to have brought a change in her. She doesn't seem interested in homeless people and rebuilding neighborhoods anymore.

Jo meets Charles for lunch to discuss ending the marriage, but he only wants to talk about starting over again, together. At work, Jane has a confrontation with Sydney about picking up some lunch for her. Kay overhears and tells Jane she knows what it's like to be in competition with a sister, she has one too. Jane doesn't know how to take this. Lucy discusses Billy and Alison's relationship while they work late at the office.

Lucy thinks Alison is overlooking a good thing in Billy. Jake is telling Billy about his relationship with Jo and that he's afraid of losing her. Suddenly, he spots Charles outside with Jo as they kiss warmly.

Jane returns from a jog just as Michael hastily conceals the birthday cake for her party. Jake says she has decided to ask her sister to move out. Alison discusses

Jo's situation with her husband. Jo says even though he was a monster when he drank, he is totally different when he's sober. Jake drops in to ask Jo to join him for Jane's surprise party, but Jo declines.

Michael talks to Billy and Alison, regarding last minute instructions about the party for Jane, at Kay's fashion house. Sydney has Jane at Shooters, in the first step of getting her to the surprise party. Jane takes the opportunity to tell her sister exactly how she feels and then storms off in anger.

Everyone has gathered at Kay's office for the party, but Jane and Sydney have not arrived. Matt and Terrence have a discussion about how Rhonda's attitudes have changed. Sydney arrives to tell them she had an argument with her sister.

Jake tells Alison how strongly he feels about Jo and feels she's making a terrible mistake going back to her husband. He leaves determined to make Jo understand what is best for her.

At the bar of his hotel Jo and Charles are discussing their problems and the fact that Jo has found someone now in her life. Michael goes to pick up Jane for the party. Jane is still angry with Sydney, when she arrives and tells Rhonda how depressed she is over losing her friendship now that Terrence is the man in her life.

Jo confronts Charles, as he is checking out of his hotel to say she's filing for divorce. Later, she joins Jake for a bike ride up the coast.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair. Charles Reynolds: Linden Ashby. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones. Sydney Andrews: Laura Leighton. Danny Baker: Larry Poindexter. Kay Beacon: Sydney Walsh.

21 [MP-121] 1/27/93 2395021 Picture Imperfect
Growin' Up Heather
Heather Locklear is going for a more-mature look when she joins the cast of Fox's Melrose Place on Jan. 27. "I can't play a 25-year-old the rest of my life," says Locklear, 31, best-known as Sammy Jo on Dynasty and Officer Stacy Sheridan on T.J. Hooker. "It seems like I've been doing it for 75 years already." To that end, Locklear joins Melrose in a recurring role as Amanda Woodward, a dress-for-success ad-agency art director in her "late 20s" who has an instant fling with Billy. But don't expect Locklear to overdo the sophisticate bit. When the folks in wardrobe tried to put her in a long black leather-skirt, she drew the line, "I told them, `Un uh. This ain't happening'."
[TV Guide Grapevine, 12/19/92]

At Jake's apartment, Jo and he have just finished a dinner of his specialty, penne with clam sauce. When Jake tries to give her a kiss she resists, saying she's just not ready for a new commitment yet.

Next day, at D & D Advertising, Alison is surprised by Lucy's announcement that she bas been promoted from receptionist to assistant account executive, on a trial basis, Alison is shown her new office and her associate, Amanda Woodward. They'll be working on a new advertising layout for men's underwear. The model is to be Rex Weldon.

Rhonda and Terrence are not quite seeing eye-to-eye on their wedding plans. The size of the wedding and whose mother will be in charge, are just two of many problems.

At Shooters the group toasts Alison's new promotion. Billy hints that maybe Alison won't need a roommate, with her big raise. She reassures him she plans no changes in her life.

Michael tells Billy about a nurse at his hospital that he wants to set up for him. The idea of a blind date is not too appealing to Billy but reluctantly he agrees.

Alison talks to Jo about possible being the still photographer on the shoot- AIison takes some of Jo's photos in to work to show Lucy. Jo is hired after a meeting with Lucy and the staff.

Rex Weldon, the tennis star, takes a liking to Alison and they go to Shooters for drinks. Alison declines his invitation for dinner because she feels the relationship should remain on a professional level.

Back at home, Alison already regrets her decision to turn down Rex's invitation. She confides in Billy as he is dressing for his blind date with the nurse named Lydia.

Jo and Alison talk about the photo session the next day. They are both excited and Jo has some novel ideas for shooting Rex in his underwear.

Billy takes Lydia to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. They try to be pleasant but it is obvious to both of them that they are ill suited.

At breakfast, Alison tells Billy, Jo is doing the photo shoot and she is very nervous. Billy doesn't help when he says he is not sure Jo can handle it.

At the still photo studio, Jo gets along very well with Rex and Lucy and the staff is pIeased with her technique. Before she finishes however, Jo shoots a few bare-bottom shots of Rex, holding the clients jockey shorts in his hand. Her plan is to show these shots to the client first.

Billy tells Jake how disastrous his blind date was with Lydia. Jake sees Jo come in with Rex. When they sit at a table, Rex comes on to her. Jake is disgusted and starts to leave but Jo stops him. She tries to tell Jake that it's only business but Jake is not convinced.

Later, Alison knocks at Jake's door, looking for Jo. She is concerned that Jo is out with Rex, instead of developing the film she has shot.

Jo returns home with Rex. Alison tells her she needs the color work tomorrow morning for the client meeting. Next day, Alison confronts Jo about dating Rex, it was unprofessional, she adds. Jo promises to have the photos at the office in a few hours.

Terrence takes Rhonda to see a large new suburban house he is thinking of buying. It is beautiful but Rhonda is not sure she is ready for suburban life.

After waiting impatiently, the color transparencies finally arrive. Jo has sent the naked butt shots of Rex and the staff is not pleased. Alison rushes home to get the regular photos. Jo says she felt the naked shots were different and eye catching and that the client would like them. She gives Alison the regular shots and leaves the decision of which ones to show the client up to her.

Billy calls Lydia again and is invited to dinner at her apartment. Lydia tells him he is cute but that she prefers older men who are accomplished in their careers. Billy tells her they are lucky to find out about each other up front, otherwise they might have ended up married.

Rhonda confides in Matt that she is not sure she really deeply loves Terrence. It all happened so fast, she feels that maybe she is not ready for a lifetime commitment.

At the office, Alison is beginning to agree with Jo, that the nude shots are better advertising. Amanda thinks she's crazy. At the client showing, the regular slides are seen first then Alison says they have a few others. However, the client is not amused with the naked butt shots. Lucy rescues the situation by saying it was just a joke.

While selecting the wedding invitations, Rhonda gets up her nerve to tell Terrence she wants to call off their wedding. She returns his ring.

Alison tells Jo she almost got fired because of the naked shots of Rex.

Jo drops down to Jake's apartment carrying Chinese food. She tells Jake she likes him so much it frightens her.

Amanda shows up at Alison's apartment and meets Billy. He immediately likes what he sees and, since Alison is out, he invites her to come in and wait. Amanda is tempted but declines saying she has work to do, but she'll take a rain check.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Amanda Woodward: Heather Locklear. Lucy Cabot: Deborah Adair. Rex Weldon: Mitchell Anderson. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones. Lydia Perkins: Elena Wohl.

22 [MP-122] 2/03/93 2395022 Three's A Crowd
It's early morning at their apartment Billy quizzes Alison about Amanda. He says she is very attractive and maybe they could all go skiing on the weekend. Alison seems less interested when he suggests that Amanda join them.

Rhonda tells Matt she's having difficulty with ending her engagement to Terrence. He has written her a note begging her to reconsider, she says.

At work, Alison and Amanda seem to be getting along very well. They make plans for drinks after work to celebrate their collaboration. Later, at Shooters, Amanda invites Alison for the weekend to her parent's house at a lake. She says Billy is welcome to come too. Alison adds that their relationship is platonic. Jake drops by to invite Jo to go out for dinner tomorrow night and a night of "wild passionate love". She agrees to join him.

At home, Alison apologizes for missing the appointment with Billy, to rent skis. She quickly adds that Amanda has invited them both to the lake. Billy likes this idea better.

At the lake, sleeping arrangements are deciding on, with Billy getting the couch in the library. Next day Billy bas worked out an athletic itinerary including water skiing and hiking. Alison comes down with a cold. Billy and Amanda go to a Chinese place to get take-out food.

Terrence meets with Matt to ask his help in winning back Rhonda's affection. Matt is confused as to what to do,

On the walk to get take-out food, Billy and Amanda discuss their lives and begin to b-drawn closer together.

Jake and Jo find they are impatient with the restaurant service and are anxious to get home for a evening of passion.

After eating, Amanda suggests they play a game of '7ruth or Dare". Alison feels more in the mood for Scrabble but agrees on their choice. With a little cognac, confession time has begun. Alison tells about her relationship with Keith, the married man. She talks to Lucy about Keith. Billy admits he didn't give Alison a message that Keith called her.

Amanda confesses that she and her New York boyfriend are not very close. She fears a relationship can interfere with her career.

At the apartment Jo finds this first sexual relationship, since her marriage, breakup, a bit awkward. She still has a lot of fears.

When Amanda shows Billy his sleeping arrangement in the library, they share a kiss. Next morning, Alison is suffering a full blown cold, and finding Billy and Amanda in the kitchen laughing and playing around does not help her condition. Alison says she feels she should go home.

Jake and Jo are walking up to the warm glow of their night of bliss. Billy discusses childhood memories of their parents.

Matt tells Rhonda he met with Terrence. At first she's angry, but realizes she is still in love with Terrence and what Matt says is true. Back home, Alison is obviously upset about Billy's behavior with Amanda. She feels personal and business activities need to be kept separate and his seeing Amanda violates that rule.

Jake rushes off to work, an hour late. Jo worries, that now they have slept together he may not be as interested in her.

At work, Amanda quizzes Alison on why she doesn't find Billy romantically interesting. She says she thinks he is adorable. Amanda suggests they take some work to Alison's place to discuss over dinner. Alison says it would be less distracting at the office but gives in to the idea. While they are working, Billy arrives home. After exchanging pleasantries with Amanda he excuses himself. Later Amanda meets him at a cafe. They discuss their relationship and it's effect on Alison. Amanda says she cannot hide her feelings for him. It would be unfair to Alison. The two of them kiss.

MichaeI and Jane question Jake as to where he's been all weekend. Their query is answered as they watch him climb the stairs to Jo's apartment Jo and Jake share breakfast, coffee and discuss how much they miss each other during the day.

At work, Amanda tells Alison that she and Billy have really connected. She tells Alison that she and Billy met at a cafe last night Alison tries to cover her feelings by shrugging off the news with the comment, "why should I care, I'm not your parents!"

At home, Alison confronts Billy, accusing him of sneaking behind her back in this new relationship with Amanda. Billy counters by saying that she doesn't want other people to have what she lost with Keith.

Rhonda meets with Terrence to discuss their relationship. She agrees to still see him, but not so intensely as before. Alison telephones Keith but gets only a recording. She hangs up emotionally confused.

Billy visits Amanda at her apartment She says she discussed their relationship with Alison and everything is fine. They finally join in a passionate embrace.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Amanda Woodward: Heather Locklear. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones.

23 [MP-123] 2/10/93 2395023 My New Partner
Jake and Jo are just waking up from a night together. Jake surprises her with breakfast in bed. He thanks her for turning his life around.

Billy and Alison discuss their relationship over breakfast. Billy says he intends to continue seeing Amanda. Alison shows more than casual interest in how far his affair with Amanda has gone. Billy hesitates to discuss this aspect of his relationship.

Jo has a job as photographer of teen fashions at a department store. She goes over big with the kids.

At work, Amanda and Alison have a discussion about Billy. Alison says her only reservation about Amanda dating Billy is that Amanda is her boss. It all seems too convoluted, she adds.

Michael tries to get Jane interested in joining a country club. He feels it would give him good contacts and further his career. Jane is not very enthusiastic.

Jake tells Jo the motorcycle shop where he works is having financial problems. Jo tells him her ex-husband's lawyer has offered her a settlement, but she turned down the money. Jake feels she's foolish to reject the settlement, but Jo says her pride won't let her accept it.

Alison stops Billy as he leaves for a date with Amanda. She confesses that her resistance to his dating her boss goes beyond her feeling against mixing business and a social life. She admits she is jealous of Amanda. She tells Billy maybe they ought to have a serious discussion about their feelings for each other. Billy talks to Jake about his dilemma with Alison and Amanda. Jake advises him to stop worrying so much. He says to keep dating Amanda, at least until Alison makes her true feelings known.

Amanda goes ice skating with Billy. They talk about their childhood and Amanda tells him she's falling in love. She kisses him warmly.

Billy has another discussion with Jake in light of Amanda's confession of love, now, he is really confused, he tells Jake.

Michael attempts a golf date for the two of them for the next morning. Jane reminds him that she has a job. He persuades her to ask her boss for the morning off. At work a bouquet of red roses arrives for Alison with an unsigned card, just "meet at Shooters tonight" - Alison tells Amanda the flowers are, from Billy, Amanda covers up her disturbed feelings.

At the bike shop, Jake's boss tells him he has to close down. He lost his bank loan, he says.

At Shooters, Alison speaks to Rhonda and Terrence and then settles in a booth to wait for Billy to join her. After a long wait, a pair of hands covers her eyes and there is her old friend, Keith. Alison is confused and angry. She tells him their relationship ended. She walks out and Keith follows. He tells her he now has a divorce and is still in love with her. Alison confesses she still loves him too. They kiss outside Alison's apartment.

Billy is waiting impatiently for the talk he and Alison were to have had tonight. He tells her Amanda called him wanting to know why he sent roses to Alison. Alison tells him she's sorry. It was all a misunderstanding. She tells Billy about seeing Keith and their romance is on again. Billy covers his feelings and adds he'll smooth things out with Amanda.

In the early morning, Jake has a flashback dream to his childhood, when his father lost his job and walked out on the family. Jo consoles him as he wakes with a start. Jake discusses how his boss mismanaged the bike shop. Jo offers to set -up Jake in the business but he is too proud to accept her money.

Michael and Jane join Dr. Levin and his wife Erika on the golf course, The ladies play against the men. Jane surprises the men with a long, straight tee off.

Jake and Jo go to the bank to discuss a loan but the loan officer rejects Jake's request because he has no experience or collateral. At work, Alison tries to explain the mix up to Amanda and asks that she join her and Keith for dinner at her apartment Billy is also invited.

Jake still resists Jo's offer of a personal loan, to set up his bike shop business. They get into an argument about his hard headedness.

The dinner is underway, but soon it degenerates into a heated argument between Amanda and Keith over the motives of the advertising business. Amanda asks Billy to take her home. Keith apologizes to Alison for being so "passionate" about environmental issues and the lack of support by big business. Alison says she wants to go slowly with their renewed relationship.

Michael and Jane discuss the expense of country club membership.

Jake tells Jo he has reconsidered her offer of a business loan, provided its based on a contractual agreement They go for a bike ride to Jake's new bike shop and toast their partnership with champagne.

At Amanda's marina apartment, she slips into a red negligee and entices Billy to her bedroom.

Jane Mancini: Josie Bissett. Michael Mancini: Thomas Calabro. Matt Fielding: Doug Savant. Jake Hanson: Grant Show. Billy Campbell: Andrew Shue. Alison Parker: Courtney Thorne-Smith. Rhonda Blair: Vanessa Williams. Jo Beth Reynolds: Daphne Zuniga. Amanda Woodward: Heather Locklear. Terrence Haggard: John Marshall Jones. Rusty: Ben Stein. Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Dr. Levin: Carmen Argenziano.

24 [MP-124] 2/17/93 2395024 Bye-Bye, Billy
Amanda surprises Billy with breakfast in bed. A lovemaking session replaces the desire for food, the telephone interrupts them. Reluctantly, Amanda answers. It is her father saying he's driving down from Santa Barbara today. Amanda invites him for dinner and to meet Billy.

Meanwhile, Keith and Alison are out for an early drive along the coast. They discuss their renewed relationship, but Alison asks him not to be premature. She is not completely sure of her feelings for him.

At his new motorcycle repair shop, Jake is doing an inventory as Jo arrives with beer and pizza. Jo is pleased at this enthusiasm but feels maybe he should hire an accountant to handle the books. Jake is naming his shop, "Jake's Bike's"

Billy calls Alison to break his promise to go to a play with her, so be can have dinner with Amanda. Alison is a bit upset saying she can't take Keith because he has a business engagement. Alison reminds Billy that her car is in the repair shop but says she'll manage. Keith offers her his Mustang for the evening, but he is very particular about how it is driven making Alison a bit nervous.

Billy talks to Amanda's father, Palmer, while she is preparing her special dinner. Billy and Palmer disagree on the drinking of Scotch whiskey, as opposed to a good bottle of beer. Palmer tells his daughter that he doesn't feel Billy is right for her.

Alison, having driven Keith's car to the theater, is walking back to the car. She is accosted by two hoodlums who demand the keys. They drive away leaving her terrified and alone.

The dinner is over and Billy tells Amanda he feels be failed the "father test". She consoles Billy with a kiss and says her father always tries to break up her relationships.

At the police station, Alison tries desperately to locate Billy, by phone. Finally she is able to find Keith and he arrives to take her home, Alison expresses added concern because the hoodlums took her purse with her credit cards and identification. She asks Keith to stay the night with her.

Billy arrives next morning back at the apartment, to find Allison busy on the phone trying to cancel credit cards. He feels guilty for not being with Alison during her time of need.

Jane drives Alison to work and compliments Alison on her calm control of the situation. Alison says her biggest concern is Keith's car but his only worry seems to be her safety. Suddenly, Alison begins to relive her terrifying experience and decides not to pick up her own car at the repair shop.

Terrence stops by to see Rhonda at her aerobics studio. He says he has bought the house they looked at together. He wants her to help him decorate it. Reluctantly, she agrees.

At work, Alison has flashbacks of the previous night's experience, Alison asks Amanda if it's all right for her to leave and go home.

Rhonda is surprised to find that Terrence has hired a decorating consultant to Work with her on the house. The professional decorator is her short-lived ex-roommate, Carrie. Rhonda is not sure she likes this new arrangement Billy tells Amanda how guilty he feels about not being with Alison when she needed someone. He speculates that Keith will use Alison's vulnerability, to his advantage.

At home, Alison finds herself afraid to go down to the darkened laundry room and then is terrified to see a man's silhouette against the wall. It turns out to be Keith, but she obviously is still suffering emotional trauma. He insists she come with him to a beach hotel for a few days. They relax in a luxury suite and this seems to calm Alison's fear.

While walking on the beach, Alison tells Keith she feels closer to him now, but still sees most everyone on the street as a potential threat Alison invites Keith to come and live in her apartment. Billy is rarely there anymore, she adds.

Rhonda finds a feeling of jealousy flaring up, as Carrie flatters Terrence and seems to be saying all the things he wants to hear. Rhonda confides to Matt her frustration about Carrie and her apparent control over Terrence.

Jo stops by to check on Alison. Jo tells her she was once mugged and she understands the fears Alison is having. It will pass, she assures her. Jo takes Alison to a gun club and insists that she fire off a few rounds at a target. Alison doesn't feel she wants to be an armed citizen and is shocked when Jo admits she keeps a gun in her own closet.

Amanda says Billy seems distracted. He admits he's worried about Alison. Amanda gets angry and tells Billy she won't see him again until he has chosen between the two of them.

Keith arrives at Alison's apartment to find her, still very tense. He insists they go out for dinner and celebrate his job offer for a position in Seattle.

Jo tells Jake that Alison seems to be suffering from traumatic syndrome. Jake says that is understandable. Jo tells him she tried to convince Alison to keep a gun in the apartment, like she does. Jake is astounded that Jo has a gun. He tells her of friends who died, because they believed in guns for protection. He doesn't want any part of these weapons.

Billy is at their apartment, when Alison and Keith come home. He asks to speak to Alison alone, Billy tells her he is sorry he wasn't there when she needed him. Alison says it is good Keith was there. Billy reminds her it was Keith who broke her heart.

Rhonda has another run-in with Carrie and she realizes Carrie is trying to steal Terrence away from her.

As they jog on the beach, Jo apologizes for upsetting Alison regarding getting a handgun. Jo brings a gift to Jake at the bike shop. She tells him she bought the gun when she was afraid. Maybe she's not so afraid now. She shows him the neon sign she bought for the shop. He is delighted.

Billy is packing when Alison comes home. She apologizes for her abruptness last night but he feels he should move out. They promise to still be friends even though he is moving in with Amanda.

As he leaves, Alison glances at her list of "reasons to stay in L.A. and "reasons to go with Keith to Seattle". She crosses off Billy's name on the list of "reasons to stay".

Keith Gray: William R. Moses. Terrence: John Marshall Jones.

25 [MP-125] 3/03/93 2395025 Irreconcilable Similarities
It's early morning in Amanda's apartment. Billy wanders through the living room with the morning newspaper, finally settling on the floor. Amanda breezes in dressed for work. They kiss and she's off to work.

At the L.A.P.D. impound yard, Alison and Keith find his Alfa car up on blocks, with no wheals, seats or engine. Alison still feels guilty that the car was hijacked while she was driving it.

Michael receives a phone call from an old friend, named Sam Towler. Michael is locked in on duty at the hospital all weekend, so he insists Sam get together with Jane for dinner to catch up on all the news, since college days.

Keith is winning over Alison to his way of thinking about making a move to Seattle.

At work, Alison tells Amanda she is leaving her job and going to Seattle with Keith. Amanda is shocked and a bit relieved at getting rid of the competition for Billy's affections. Lucy pays Alison great compliment on her recent advertising campaign. Alison hesitates to tell her she is leaving town in a few days.

Jake and Jo are helping move his few pieces of furniture out of the apartment, as Alison arrives home. She tells them that she is moving out too. They are shocked at her abrupt decision to leave town with Keith.

Jane and Sam are finishing up a delicious dinner in an intimate restaurant and reminiscing about their college days. Sam tells Jane that none of his girlfriends measured up to her, but she only had eyes for Michael.

Alison tells Keith this change in her life is all happening too fast. She emphasizes to him the importance of her getting a new job in Seattle. She is not a homebody type, she adds. Keith says he has no problem with her having a job.

Jake and Jo are having dinner at Amanda and Billy's apartment at the Marina. They discuss Alison's abrupt departure to Seattle and if it were a wise decision. While Billy is out of the room, Amanda complains that Billy's old chair is an eyesore. Amanda asks Billy to get rid of it.

on the return from the restaurant, Sam leans over and kisses her. Neither pulls back for a few moments, then realizing he is kissing his best friend's wife, Sam apologizes.

Jake helps Billy carry the old, broken-down chair out to the trash, behind the apartment. Jake reminds Billy he should be careful how much of his life he gives up, even for the woman he loves. Jake feels Amanda is a woman who wants to be in control of her man.

Michael is up and ready for work, but Jane is still in bad. She tries to cover the fact that she was awake all night because of last night's events.

Alison is giving away some of bar furnishings, saying it's that much less to move. Michael tells her about the going-away party they're having for her at the beach. Alison says she wishes they wouldn't make such a big deal over her leaving, as she starts her morning Jog.

Amanda and Billy discuss a conflict of schedules. She wants to invite her father for dinner but he wants to watch a classic horror movie on television. Amanda gives in.

On Billy's morning jog he bumps into Alison. They discuss the classic horror movie and Alison tells him she'll get Keith to watch with her. They run off in opposite directions feeling a little bit lonely.

During a walk on the beach Keith and Alison discuss their relationship. She envies his ability to slide from a broken marriage to a new romance as easily as slipping into a jacket. He tells her she does too much analyzing of situations instead of letting her heart be her guide.

Michael arrives home, anxious to hear all the news from Jane about the dinner with Sam. Jane shrugs it off as having been just a rehash of old times.

As Alison watches the classic horror movie, she, like Billy, finds her partner far less enthusiastic about spending an evening in this manner. Amanda finally confesses she hates horror movies and storms off to bed. Keith falls asleep on the couch.

Early Sunday morning Sam calls Michael and wants to meet him at work. Jane overhears and begins to panic.

Billy spots a junk man hauling away his favorite old chair. Billy tells him it is his property but the junk man tells him it's his now. Billy ends up paying five dollars to buy back his own chair. He drags it back inside. Amanda has mellowed a bit, since the previous night. She agrees to let him keep the chair.

Sam arrives at the hospital to see Michael. He starts of by apologizing to Michael, saying he just sort of lost control of his emotions. Michael suddenly realizes there is a lot Jane did not tell him about the dinner with Sam. Michael is stunned.

At the office, Lucy is angry that Alison is walking away from her job, but later she offers to give her a recommendation if she wants it.

At home Michael confronts Jane about her secrecy over Sam's kiss. He is angry that she didn't tell him. Jane says she didn't tell him because she knows how he would react.

The party at the beach, for Alison, is in full swing. Jane and Michael continue their private bickering. Even though the party mood is up and bright, Amanda makes a few remarks about friendships and Alison tells her she heard how she gave the ax to some of her other work partners. Amanda explodes and says Alison is running away because she lost Billy. Amanda asks Billy to take her home. Alison quickly hugs Billy goodbye saying Amanda's not right for him. She turns back to join: her other friends.

Michael has a continued conversation about who is at fault in his dispute with Jane. He rushes off to work and finds a sympathetic listener in Dr. Kimberly Shaw.

Amanda finds some of Billy's sloppy habits are becoming very irritating. Amanda says she doesn't like being compared to Alison. They are different personalities entirely. Billy speaks up in defense of Alison's behavior and tempers begin to rise. Amanda asks him to move out before she gets home from work.

Billy loads the chair on top of his cab and heads back to Melrose Avenue. He finds Alison and Keith waiting impatiently for the airport van. He insists on driving them in his cab, and tells Alison he's moved out of Amanda's apartment. At the airport, Billy walks them to the gate. As Keith rushes ahead, Billy pulls Alison back and pleads with her not to go away, but she says it's too late. She gives him a quick hug, and she's gone. Billy feels lonelier than he's ever been in his life.

Sam Towler: Rob Estes. Keith Gray: William R. Moses.

26 [MP-126] 3/24/93 2395026 Endgame
It's early morning and Billy is waking up from a dream about Alison. Reluctantly he stirs, and the images of Alison disappear. He stares around the empty apartment, bare of all but a few pieces of furniture.

The Mancini's are having breakfast. Michael is still cool to Jane, obviously not having forgiven or forgotten her experience with Sam. On his way to work, Michael stops in to see Billy. He suggests that Billy consider getting a new roommate to share the rent. In a depressed mood, Billy says his roommate should be a guy this time, so he doesn't get emotionally involved.

Rhonda visits their new house that Terrence is having Carrie decorate. Still suspicious of Carrie's intentions toward her future husband, Rhonda walks in to find the two of them sharing a funny joke. Rhonda's jealousy flares and her mood isn't helped when Terrence invites Carrie to join them for dinner at his restaurant.

At the hospital, Michael suggests to Dr. Kimberly Shaw, that she should move to Melrose Place and share the apartment with Billy. She agrees to have dinner with Michael and Jane and meet Billy. Over dinner, Michael tries to sell Billy on the idea and at the end of the evening they take a look at the apartment.

At Terrence's restaurant, Carrie starts to make suggestions for reorganizing the place and he is flattered by her attention. Rhonda is steaming with envy and begins to wonder if she is losing Terrence.

Billy gets a phone call from his mother saying his father has had a heart attack. He rushes to the emergency ward to join his mother. A few minutes later, the doctor informs them that his father has died.

After a long night, Billy returns to his apartment. Matt extends condolences. The answering machine plays back a call from Celeste, Billy's sister from Minnesota. She's arriving later today by plane. He patiently thanks Michael, Jane, Jo and Jake for their sympathy. He's exhausted.

Kimberly tells Michael she doesn't think it's a good idea for her to move in with Billy. She says she needs her space, even with the leaky kitchen sink. Michael offers to drop by to repair it.

Celeste, several years older than Billy, still treats him like a child, and is quite opinionated about everything. Billy suggests that he might like to fulfill his father's wishes by taking over management of the family furniture store. Billy tries to keep calm when Celeste squelches his idea.

Matt has been moved by the sudden death of Billy's father, and decides to call his own father and have lunch together. The meeting is strained at first, but slowly his father mellows and they agree to try harder to be friends.

Billy's mother is happy to see her daughter, Celeste, and he is relieved to have someone to help share the responsibilities of the funeral arrangements.

Over a quick game of pool at Shooters, Billy talks to Jake about father-son relationships. They both agree that their fathers were not like the dads portrayed on television. Billy says Celeste wants to sell the furniture store and take his mother back to Minnesota.

Amanda stops by to see Billy and express condolences. They mention Alison, but Billy says he is really too tired to talk. He turns down Amanda's offer to stay the night with him too.

Billy gets a recorded phone message from Alison in Seattle, but when he calls back she is out and Keith answers. After hanging up, he shouts out in frustration. His whole world seems to have collapsed around him.

Next day, at the cemetery, Alison arrives by taxi. Amanda greets her and shortly, Billy joins them. As Alison puts her arm around Billy, Amanda excuses herself and realizes it's an uncomfortable moment for the three of them. Billy is very pleased to see Alison and wants her to stay in their old apartment.

Jane expresses concern about Billy's lack of emotion at the funeral but Michael says he'll be fine.

Rhonda gets Terrence to promise to fire Carrie or else, she warns, their relationship is finished. He tells Rhonda to fire Carrie herself.

Michael shows up at Kimberly's apartment to repair her leaky sink drain. Kimberly makes it clear she would like their relationship to become more intimate but Michael hedges on that idea.

At their old apartment, Billy insists Alison use the bed while he sleeps on the floor. They have a cup of instant coffee and talk about their plans for the future. Alison makes a halfhearted attempt to make Seattle sound like it's her answer to a dream. Billy gets irritated when she tries to advise him about his life. "Don't pretend like you give a damn about me!" he shouts walking off to the kitchen. Alison counters that she does care what happens. Billy ponders her statement, then suggests they take a ride out to the beach. They visit the amusement pier and Billy wins an oversized panda. They talk about how his father brought him here when he was a child and how Billy never told his father that he loved him. The two of them move close together, not wanting to loose this moment.

Next day, Jo stops by and brings a coffee maker, as a gift. Billy finds some regular coffee on the shelf and they make a pot. They have a serious discussion about death and "after-life".

Rhonda visits the new house that Terrence bought. Carrie is busy giving orders to the painters. Rhonda tells her it's over and that she is fired. At first, Carrie challenges Rhonda, but then she gathers up her things and leaves.

Alison goes with Billy to visit his mother and sister. Billy's mother tells him she has made a decision about the furniture store. She plans to sell it and move to Minnesota with Celeste and the grandchildren. His mother tells Billy she wants him to concentrate on his writing. She asks Alison to read a letter that Billy's father left for him about how much he loved his son.

Jane visits Jo to ask if she wants to share her apartment with Dr. Kimberly Shaw but Jo declines saying she needs her space.

Billy drives Alison to the airport, telling her how much he appreciates her coming for the funeral. At the boarding gate, they hug and then turn to go but Alison calls to him. Alison confesses she made a mistake moving to Seattle with Keith. Billy grabs her, saying she belongs with him. In a burst of emotion, the two of them clutch each other tightly as Alison murmurs, "take me home".

Joan Campbell: Salome Jens. Celeste: Renee Coleman. Carrie: Rae Dawn Chong.


27 [MP-127] 3/31/93 2395027 The Test
Alison and Billy are jogging in the early morning. Even though he is curious, he has refrained from asking Alison if she has been in touch with Keith, in Seattle. Finally, she volunteers the information that Keith had pleaded with her to come back. When she said no, he got angry and hung up the phone, she says. Now she bas to go back to the agency and beg them to rehire her. Billy tells her he starts looking for a job involving writing, tomorrow.

In Jake's apartment, he and Jo are just getting out of bed, after spending the night together. The phone rings and Jake listens while the message is recorded. It's from Perry an old girlfriend, but one he doesn't particularly want to see again.

Alison shows up at the advertising agency and goes in to see Lucy about her old job. Lucy is not in a good mood and dresses her down for walking away from her job in the first place. Lucy tells her Amanda is one who will have to re-hire her. Alison puts up a brave front and goes in to see Amanda. The job is still open but Amanda says she has several people she is obligated to interview. Maybe, she says, Lucy will agree to have Alison cover the phones in redemption for a few day & Alison is relieved to have, even that job.

Amanda seems to be enjoying this "cat and mouse" game with her former assistant.

Jake and Jo are about to open up the bike repair shop for the day. They discuss the fact that business is looking good. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Perry and she says she needs to speak to Jake privately. Jo is introduced as his partner. She leaves, saying she'll see him back at the apartment house.

Alison arrives home to tell Billy about her interview at the office. He shows her his new "heavily padded" resume.

At the bike repair shop, Perry is filing in Jake on what her life has been like for the past year. She tells him she was into intravenous injections of heroin for a while. She became ilI and the doctors diagnosed her illness as HIV positive. She has AIDS and since the two of them had slept together a few times, she felt he ought to know. Jake is stunned, feeling like his whole world is collapsing.

At home Jake declines Jo's offer to stay the night with him, but can't bring himself to tell her that he may have AIDS.

Her first day back at work as Receptionist Alison greets Amanda. Putting on her big smile, she tells Amanda how she always admired her professional work and how she hopes to continue learning from her. Amanda answers her tersely, "How nice of you to say that I hope I'll always be an inspiration for new employees. Alison senses the bite of sarcasm in Amanda's voice.

Billy goes to Escapade magazine with a novel approach for getting in to see Nancy Donner, the managing editor. He brings flowers and pretends it's a "singing flower delivery". Nancy is impressed with his creativity and his "padded" resume. Jake's meeting with Perry is on a less than cordial note. Each accuses the other of, perhaps, being the source of the AIDS infection. Perry rushes away, adding that he should tell his present girlfriend to get tested too.

Alison greets a handsome man, Bart Stemple, who has an appointment to see Amanda. The phone rings and Nancy Donner is on the line, asking about Billy's work references. Flustered at first, Alison recovers her composure and says that Billy was an excellent worker, with great potential. She adds that they hated to lose him.

At home, Billy tells Alison he got the job at the magazine. He wants her to join him for a dinner celebration. Though depressed by having to greet prospective employees, for "her job", all day, Alison reluctantly agrees to go.

At Shooters, Jake asks Matt for information about AIDS testing. Matt tells him testing for the disease isn't a death sentence, but not knowing the truth is a "living death".

Jake tells Jo, that his former girlfriend, Perry, has AIDS. Jo is shocked as they both remember they've had unprotected sex together. Jake tells her they must go in together and be tested for the virus infection.

At the office, Lucy calls Amanda in for a talk and tells her to rehire Alison. Hesitant at first, but finally agreeing, Amanda tells Alison this time they must leave friendship out of their professional relationship.

Jake and Jo have a blood test for AIDS and now must wait twenty-four hours for results.

Billy shows up for his first day at his new job. Nancy tells him he'll be proof reading and checking factual accuracy. Billy is disappointed not to be writing immediately. His supervisor is a "geekish" young man named Cameron, who says he attended Columbia University too. Billy is afraid his lies, on the resume, have already caught up with him.

Alison, back as assistant to Amanda, finds her boss hypercritical of her work. When Alison questions her criticism, Amanda threatens to have, her fired. At the bike shop, Jake finds it difficult to concentrate on his work Jo drops by and she too is stressed out, while waiting for the AIDS test result. They climb on his motorcycle and head out to the desert Jake says he'd been meaning to bring her here but he never seemed to have the time. Now, he says, his priorities have flip-flopped. His AIDS threat has made him realize what a privilege it is to be young and healthy. Jo tells him how her mother committed suicide at age thirty. As a child she always felt she would die while still young. Jake pulls her close, telling her everything is going to be fine. He confesses that he is in love with her, and after a moment she says she loves him too.

Alison tells Billy how Amanda is trying to make her life a "living hell". Billy tells her to fight back and hang in there. "Amanda has another side to her personality and she'll stop when she realizes you aren't going to give up", he adds. Alison tries this new approach, but Amanda doesn't change her attitude.

Both Jake and Jo test negative for HIV. Jake goes to see Perry to thank her for warning him and to offer what help be can. She is very bitter and says ten thousand to cover medical bills would help. Jake gave her a hug saying he's there if she needs to talk.

Nancy compliments Billy on the job he is doing, and expresses more than a casual interest in Billy as a man.

Nancy: Meg Wittner. Camerson: Brian David Price. Lucy: Deborah Adair.

28 [MP-128] 4/07/93 2395028 Pushing Boundaries
Billy is perusing the Columbia University Catalogue familiarizing himself with the names of professors and journalism courses, in case his supervisor, who is a Columbia alumnus, asks specific questions. Billy already regrets lying on his resume, in order to get the job at Escapade Magazine. Alison feels he should not have padded his resume in the first place.

At work, Billy's supervisor Cameron says he called Columbia University and asked for some of the school newspaper articles Billy claimed to have written. They had no listing in their files. Billy admits he lied on his resume.

At the hospital, Michael and Kimberly discuss damage to a patient's tattoo during the surgery they've just finished. Kimberly says she has a tattoo in a secret place. She similes provocatively as she turns to leave.

Nancy Donner, managing editor, calls Billy into her office. Thinking he's going to be fired he confesses he lied on the resume.

Nancy says she's not interested in resumes. She hires people who have potential and she feels he does. Billy is given a chance to do a story on a Hollywood wedding.

Rhonda, while sitting with Matt, observes a handsome businessman watching her. She tells Matt how odd it is that when a girl is unavailable she seems so much more attractive to men. The man comes over and introduces himself, but instead of being interested in Rhonda, he asks Matt to join him for dinner sometime. He recognizes Matt from the job discrimination suit his law firm handled for Matt, some months ago.

Alison checks the phone messages, including one for Billy from Amanda. In an angry mood she presses the erase button. Billy arrives home to tell her about his magazine assignment. The article he is writing is about a "dog wedding" in Beverly Hills. Silly as it sounds, he intends to give it his best effort, he says.

At work, Nancy Donner likes Billy's article and promotes him to a staff writer position. Billy is overjoyed and doesn't know how to thank Nancy. She smiles saying "I'm sure you'll find a way."

Amanda is running rough-shod over Alison again, about her work. Billy calls Alison to tell her the good news and to invite her to dinner at the Thai Princess restaurant. Amanda overhears and tells Alison to congratulate Billy for her.

At the restaurant, Amanda shows up uninvited, and gives a congratulatory kiss to Billy, saying she misses him and to give her a call soon. Everyone is embarrassed at her brazen remark. Later, Michael, Jake and Billy discuss his rejection of Amanda. Michael feels, unless he's ready for a commitment to Alison, he should hold on to Amanda and "play the field".

At his apartment, Jake mentions to Jo the discussion the guys had about Amanda and how Michael seemed to be seeking their approval of his dalliance with some woman he apparently is attracted to.

Alison comes to Billy's bedroom to confess to erasing his phone message from Amanda. She says she did it because Amanda is not right for him and he'll just get hurt again. She asks if she can come by his job and have lunch with him.

Nancy gives Billy a new writing assignment, as Alison waits to go to lunch. The subject is to be men's hair and how they hate to go bald. As she speaks she runs her hand through his hair, commenting on the thickness and softness of it.

Kimberly is telling Michael about her date with Dr. Hodick and how she thinks he is getting serious, but she is not really interested in him. Kimberly confesses to Michael that she is in love with him and even though he is married she wishes she could spend one night with him. Michael is at a loss for words and ponders her remarks as she walks away.

During lunch in the park, Alison confronts Billy about Nancy coming on to him in the office. Billy shrugs it off saying he can handle the situation by himself. Alison is a bit hurt and says she's got to get back to her job.

Nancy calls Billy to her office and asks him to help with her cocktail dress zipper. She has to meet an advertiser for drinks, but wants Billy to stay late tonight. She'll be back to discuss a special article. Billy begins to wonder if Alison may be right about Nancy's intentions.

In the parking lot, Michael catches up to Kimberly. He tells her he cares for her and gives her a passionate kiss. Kimberly pulls away saying he shouldn't start something he can't finish.

Alison apologizes to Billy for being overly protective of him. Billy has to rush back to the office to work with Nancy and he won't have time for the dinner Alison has prepared.

At home, Michael has a terrible guilty feeling and has difficulty talking to Jane. He says he's really exhausted and is going to bed.

Matt finds his new friend, Scott, is not what he had hoped. Scott is a fast-talking lawyer who is only interested in making a lot of money. He is not the friend for Matt.

As Billy and Nancy are discussing his article she persuades him to rub the stress out of her neck. Before Billy realizes, she has planted a passionate kiss on him. Billy pushes away and Nancy gets angry saying maybe he is better suited for his first job as a fact checker. Billy can't believe he is the victim of sexual harassment.

At breakfast, Billy tells Alison what happened at the office. He turned his boss down and he could have so easily gone along with the idea. She's not bad looking, he adds.

Rhonda asks Matt about his date last night. He tells her it was a disaster. They really had nothing in common.

Billy confronts his boss, Nancy, telling her she used power in order to debase and threaten him. That is wrong, whether it's done by a woman or a man, he adds. Nancy apologizes and decides to keep him on the job as staff writer.

On his day off, Michael goes to Kimberly's apartment to make love.

Cameron: Brian David Price.

29 [MP-129] 4/28/93 2395029 Pas de Trois
Lucy buzzes Alison and Amanda to come to her of office for an important announcement. They are stunned when Lucy tells them she's engaged to be married. Amanda makes remarks to the effect that he must be great in bed since she's made such a sudden decision. Amanda adds that that's the way it was with her and Billy. Alison is embarrassed and angered by Amanda's reference to Billy.

Jake and Jo are going over the business tax returns. Jake can't believe he owes eight thousand dollars and accuses Jo of bad calculations. Jo gets angry and tells him to do his own taxes.

Michael finds Kimberly in the hospital corridor. They duck into an empty elevator. Stopping between floors, they engage in a frantic, passionate sex act.

At her job Jane is overjoyed when Kay, her boss, compliments her new designs. Kay tells her they will promote the clothes as "The Jane Mancini Line for Kay Beacon Design." Jane rushes to call Michael to tell him the good news.

Alison tells Billy that Amanda still seizes every opportunity to make her life miserable at work. Billy wonders what he can do to help Alison. Alison says Amanda makes her feel like "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." Billy agrees that Alison does have a wholesome quality.

Jake asks Jo for some help with the tax forms but she is still angry and refuses.

Billy goes to see Amanda at the office, to ask her if she is making Alison's life miserable. Amanda tells him Alison is not really doing her job, and she has to help her with most every assignment. Amanda points to Billy's picture on her desk and suggests that, even if they can't live together, they should still see each other.

Alison gets a clean bill of health from her doctor. As she is leaving the hospital, she spots Michael and Kimberly in a passionate embrace. Michael is stunned to see Alison.

Alison invites Billy to go to Lucy's engagement party as her date, but he's not sure that will not cause even more trouble with Amanda. Alison sees Michael heading for the laundry room with his repair kit.

She gathers up some laundry and follows him. Michael already has an explanation ready for Alison and adds that, if she tells Jane, it will destroy their marriage.

At work, Jane has been throwing herself into her work to the point of exhaustion. Even Kay, her boss, notices and "orders" her to take some time to be with Michael. Jane takes her advice and goes to have lunch With Michael. She finds her husband has already gone to lunch at a restaurant down the street from the hospital. Kimberly spots Jane entering the restaurant and she and Michael quickly retreat to neutral corners of the booth. As Jane joins them, Kimberly excuses herself pretending a "just- remembered" appointment.

At Lucy's party, Alison and Billy meet her fianc\351e, Irving. Amanda makes her entrance across the terrace, wearing a tight-fitting mini-dress. Billy tries to avoid her but she finds the two of them. Amanda invites Billy to dance with her. Lucy asks Alison, "Whose boyfriend is Billy, actually?" Alison doesn't know quite how to answer. Amanda leads Billy off to a secluded part of the garden. She turns on her charms and kisses him. Alison walks up and is crushed to find them kissing. She dashes off and Billy rushes after her.

Back at their apartment, Billy and Alison discuss the fact that Billy appears to still be infatuated with Amanda, and all she has to do is wiggle her behind and he comes running just like Michael. Alison tells Billy she saw Michael cheating on his wife, Jane. Billy tells her not to compare him with what Michael is doing.

At the office, Alison confronts Amanda regarding her play for Billy. Amanda says she has what Billy wants. Alison's answer is "well he went home with me." At the hospital, Michael and Kimberly talk about their relationship. Kimberly says she can't go on with this affair. She doesn't want to break up Michael and Jane's marriage. Billy and Alison discuss the fact that Amanda hasn't called him. They are both relieved.

At home, Michael calls Kimberly telling her he wants to come to her place. She says, "no". Jane is hard at work on some dress designs in the living room. Michael leaves saying he needs to get some air.

At Shooters, Michael and Billy have a talk about their lifestyles. Billy lets slip that he knows about Michael's affair with Kimberly. Michael is upset to hear the secret is out.

Alison drops up to have a talk with Jo. she wants some advice about her relationship with Billy and what she should do. When she returns to her apartment, Billy is already there and unknown to Alison, Amanda has called. Billy says he has to go out again. When he is gone, Alison plays back Amanda's recorded message and bursts into tears.

At her apartment. Jo figures out a somewhat illegal way for Jake to avoid any income taxes on his bike shop business.

A distraught Amanda greets Billy. She says that she's terribly lonely and must be with him.

Jake has a nightmare about cheating on his tax returns.

Billy returns home and wakes Alison. She says she knows where he's been and doesn't want to listen to the details. Billy tells her that nothing happened with Amanda, but Alison doesn't believe him. They argue and Billy storms out into the night, again.

Jo and Jake go to the corner mailbox to await the mail pick-up and retrieve their tax return. Jake now wonders where he'll get the money he really owes internal Revenue.

When the washing machine backs up in the laundry room, Rhonda and Matt repairs it.

Jane tries to reach Michael and is surprised to hear he had the day off. Michael and Kimberly are walking along a deserted stretch of beach. Kimberly tells him she will continue their affair.

Alison and Amanda "lock horns" once more at work. Amanda claims she's too exhausted to argue, after being with Billy last night. Alison calls her a liar and says Billy told her all about his visit to see her.

Michael returns home, pretending to have had a very busy day at the hospital. Jane is suspicious, and then finding sand in his shoes, knows he is lying.

Billy asks Jake and Jo what his next move should be with Alison. At home, Alison apologizes for doubting him and kisses him, but both pull back, still unsure of their feelings.

Kay Beacon: Sydney Walsh.

30 [MP-130] 5/05/93 2395030 Carpe Diem
Billy has just cooked an omelette, as Alison joins him in the kitchen. The kiss between them the night before is still foremost in their minds. They both pulled back from the emotional encounter, unsure of their feelings for each other. Alison feels they should not rush into a physical romance. Billy suggests they go out on a few very romantic dates first. Alison adds that she would like to keep their new relationship a secret.

Jane is teasing Michael as he shaves, suggesting they both be late for work today. Michael says he can't, if he hopes to have tomorrow night off. Jane is disappointed but accepts his argument.

Jake helps Jo carry her camera equipment to the car. She has an important photo session but agrees to meet Jake for dinner.

At the hospital, Michael tells Kimberly he wants to see her again soon. She suggests that they are both off-duty tomorrow night. Michael says he can't because it's his and Jane's anniversary. Kimberly is hurt, realizing she is the "woman of convenience" in Michael's life.

During the photo session, Jo is invited to go out to a club with a group of the models.

While getting dressed for their date, Alison and Billy are going through their wardrobes trying to select suitable attire. When Billy tells her they are going to a concert in the park first, she rushes to the laundry room to get her jeans. She runs into Jane who talks for a few minutes about marriage and how difficult it is to keep the relationship together.

At the concert, Billy and Alison engage in romantic small talk. Alison can't forget about Jane and Michael. She feels guilty not telling Jane what Michael is doing. Before they realize it, Alison and Billy are in an argument and call off their "romantic" evening.

Next morning they apologize to each other, and agree to give it another try tonight.

Jake goes to Jo's apartment to find out why she didn't meet him for their date. She says she left a recorded message on his machine. Jo invites him to come with her tonight to a special nightclub. Reluctantly, he agrees.

Michael approaches Kimberly in the hospital locker room. He has a scheme. She will beep him at the restaurant where he and Jane are having dinner. He will say it's an emergency and the two of them can be together.

Lucy tells Alison she wants her to go to the executive retreat in Palm Springs. She must leave tonight. Alison is torn between her date with Billy and her career.

Jane and Michael are enjoying their anniversary dinner at an upscale French restaurant. As they make a dessert selection, Michael's beeper sounds. Their evening together ends abruptly.

Jake joins Jo and her model friends at a bar. He is not too impressed by them. When they suggest going to a heavy metal club, Jake begs off. He really has work to do at his shop he says.

Alison apologizes to Billy about canceling their date, but she feels it is important for her to go on the business meeting, particularly since Amanda was also invited. Billy agrees with her.

As Alison is leaving, she stops to talk to Jane, congratulating her on their anniversary. Jane appears depressed and says Michael seems distant and is rarely at home. Alison feels pressed to tell Jane that she saw Michael with Kimberly at the hospital, in a very intense embrace. Jane's reaction is one of anger, directed at Alison. She accuses Alison of vicious gossip and doesn't want to discuss the matter further.

In Palm Springs, Alison and Amanda have been put in a double room together. Neither is happy about this, but finally agree to make the best of it.

Jane confronts Michael about having an affair with Kimberly. He denies it and has a ready explanation for all the accusations. He added that Alison is trying to get back at them for disapproving of her romance with Keith, who was married. Jane, still suspicious, but wanting to believe him, allows herself to be drawn close in Michael's arms.

At the business retreat, one of the first exercises involves "changing places with your supervisor" Amanda thinks it is silly, but Alison sees it as a good opportunity to show Amanda how vicious she has been. Their role-playing becomes a personal character assassination, with their fight over Billy at center stage.

Billy talks to Jake about his relationship with Alison and how he fears, if they wait much longer, they never will have a sexual relationship. Jake agrees and lends him a motorcycle to go to Palm Springs to join Alison.

Amanda and Alison agree to a truce, at least for the weekend.

Billy arrives at the hotel, and realizing he's not dressed for a cocktail party, sends Alison a note. The note is given to Amanda, who proceeds to the lobby to see Billy. She lies to him, saying Alison is tied up in a meeting and sends word she can't see him.

Jo rushes down to Jake's apartment about a new photo assignment which she feels can really get her established. Jake is not very enthusiastic, feeling this new crowd Jo is running around with is causing a change in her.

When Jane places a call to the hospital she is told Michael is off for a few hours. She asks for Dr. Kimberly Shaw's home address.

Back at the cocktail party, Alison offers to get some throat lozenges from Lucy's car in the parking lot. Nearby Billy is having trouble getting his motorcycle started. Alison tells Billy she never saw his note. They decide to get a hotel room. The two join in a warm, passionate embrace.

Jane goes to Kimberly's apartment looking for Michael. When Kimberly answers the door she pretends she hasn't seen him, but Michael blows it by walking into the living room wearing only a towel.

Alison and Billy end up in their hotel suite, at last making mad, passionate love.

Karen: Vanessa Angel.

31 [MP-131] 5/12/93 2395031 State of Need
Billy and Alison return to Los Angeles from the Palm Springs weekend. Both are tired after the long motorcycle ride, but filled with happiness. They agree not to make an obvious display of their new "togetherness."

Kimberly wakes Michael from his sleep on the operating table. She tells him he has to go home and face Jane. They must decide what their future is going to be.

Jane has Michael paged and meets him in the parking lot. She has his suitcases stacked up and tells him he can pick up the rest of his things while she's at work. He argues that she's being too hasty in making up her mind to end the marriage, but Jane doesn't agree and hurries off to her own car.

Jo arrives home with her friend Karen after a location shoot in San Francisco. Karen insists on a swim but Jo begs off. Jake arrives home for lunch. Jo is delighted to see him and says she hopes he's gotten over his anger at her. They go to his apartment to have lunch. Jo tells Karen she can dry off and change in her apartment.

Back at work, Amanda is surprised to hear that Alison and Billy spent the night together in Palm Springs. Alison feels energized by her new triumph, but notices Amanda doesn't have her usual fighting spirit.

Alison sees Jane cleaning the pool filter and strikes up a conversation. It is obvious Jane has not forgotten Alison was the "messenger of bad news" regarding Michael. She snapped back at Alison saying she was right about Michael's affair and she has thrown him out of the apartment. Any repairs or problems should be reported to her now. Jo overhears the conversation and makes a try at being sympathetic but Jane cuts her off too.

Amanda stops by Billy's office at Escapade magazine. It's the end of the day and when everyone has gone, she tells Billy she has been to see her doctor. It looks very much like she is pregnant.

Still stunned from Amanda's announcement of her pregnancy, Billy ponders how to tell Alison. She is in a cheerful mood and has prepared a candlelight and wine dinner for them. Billy finally tells her the news and she too is stunned and then angry.

As Michael has tried again unsuccessfully to reach Jane by phone from his hotel room, Kimberly arrives. She is upset to find him in a depressed mood and accuses him of wanting both his wife and her. They argue and Kimberly storms out.

As Alison is leaving for work she runs into Michael in front of the apartment house. He asks her to intercede for him with Jane. He says it is all over with Kimberly and he wants to come home to Jane.

Karen watches Jo developing film from their latest location shoot. She compliments Jo on her looks, saying she could be a model too. Karen says they should go out to dinner together and adds that Jo can bring Jake along too, if she wants.

At work, the mood is very tense between Alison and Amanda. Amanda guesses Billy has told her the news. Billy arrives to take Amanda to the doctor for a definitive answer about the pregnancy.

Alison meets Jane for lunch and tells her Michael wants to reconcile. Jane says she's not sure if she has the energy to fight to save their marriage.

The doctor confirms that Amanda is pregnant. Billy is not sure of his feelings.

Billy finds Alison at Shooters, having a martini. They discuss this new twist in their relationship. Alison hints that Amanda may have gotten pregnant to trap Billy. But if it is an unwanted pregnancy, there are ways to deal with that, she adds.

Jane meets with Michael and they discuss their wanting to get back together. Jane says she feels they should see a marriage counselor.

Billy and Amanda discuss their futures in view of her pregnancy. She tells him she intends to have the baby but he doesn't have to marry her. She'll be able to manage it. The hardest part will be telling her father, she says.

After a first meeting with the marriage counselor, Michael and Jane agree to move back together, with him sleeping on the couch.

Alison drops in on Jo, as she prepares to go out to dinner with Karen and Jake. Jo advises Alison to hold off making any quick decisions about her relationship with Billy.

At her apartment, Amanda is talking to her father when Billy arrives. He pulls her aside and tells her not to tell her father about the pregnancy, yet. She agrees. Her mood brightens as she feels she may have won Billy after all.

At a high-tech disco, Jo and Jake watch as Karen dances and drinks, Karen grabs Jake and drags him out on the dance floor. She turns on her charms but Jake pushes her away and returns to Jo. As Karen gets drunker, Jake tries to get Jo to leave but she feels she has to see that Karen gets home safely. Jake leaves and Karen talks to Jo in a booth apart from the crowd. Karen makes lesbian overtures to Jo, but Jo tells her that's not her lifestyle.

Billy finds Alison at home brooding. She tells him she really believed she had found true love with him, but now she's not so sure he felt the same way. Billy says he doesn't want to lose her. Alison's answer is, "maybe he already has."

Billy seeks advice from Jake, knowing he fathered a child out of wedlock, but Jake says there is no easy answer.

Jane tells Michael she's going out to the beach for a few hours. She turns down Michael's request to join her, saying she needs to think things out alone. Michael checks in to the hospital and finds they need him to come in to work. Jane is very suspicious of his need to go to work and wonders if he plans to see Kimberly.

Jo drops by to see Jake. After verbal sparring for a few minutes, they forgive and forget last night's escapade and retire to the bedroom.

At the hospital, Michael is assigned to work with Kimberly in Admissions. He tries to keep it strictly business.

Alison finds a copy of the poem Billy wrote to her on his computer. She reads it and bursts into tears.

Billy goes to tell Amanda that he'll stand by her while she's pregnant, if she wants him.

Woodward: Wayne Tippit.

32 [MP-132] 5/26/93 2395032 Suspicious Minds
It's early morning, but Billy is already awake. His mind is filled with confusion as to what his real feelings are and where obligations end, in regard to Amanda. He knocks at Alison's door and asks it they can talk. Silly tells her he doesn't want this pregnancy thing with Amanda to jeopardize the relationship between the two of them. He truly loves Alison, he adds. Alison says she's not sure he does love her. She shows him a stack of letters she's received from Keith, since she returned to Los Angeles. He wants her back she says. Keith knows what he wants, but she feels Billy does not.

Michael receives a phone call from the owner of the apartment building. He is selling the building and probably everybody will have to move when their leases expire. Michael tries to make light of this news by saying, a new apartment may help them start their lives over anew. Jane answers that the apartment was not what made their marriage go sour.

At the office, Alison meets a new account executive named Brett Nelson. She finds him very charming. Amanda surprises Alison by asking her to really be her friend during her period of pregnancy. Alison is touched by her apparent sincerity. Lucy buzzes for both of them to come to her office. She announces that she'll be leaving the company to work with her new husband's company. The top executives will be looking for a replacement. It will be a choice between Brett Nelson and Amanda, with Alison moving up to Amanda's job. Lucy adds they'll have to work hard to impress the bosses over the next few weeks.

Kimberly tells Michael she hopes they can still be friends at work. Michael knows his attraction for her has not diminished.

Jane takes a walk with Jo. She needs a sounding board for her frustrations. She no longer trusts Michael, Jane says. She still loves him but she's become suspicious of everything he does.

Alison is very upset when she overhears Amanda arranging a get together for dinner with Billy. Later she runs into Brett. After a brief chat, he invites her for a drink after work. After a moment, she accepts the invitation.

Keith arrives in Los Angeles and checks into a hotel casually telling the clerk he is in town to propose to his girlfriend.

Alison and Brett enjoy drinks at Shooters and discuss office politics. The subject of Amanda comes up and after a few drinks, Alison unintentionally mentions Amanda's pregnancy and how Billy is the father. She catches herself too late, but begs Brett not to breathe a word at the office. Brett sees her home and asks her to consider working with him. Billy arrives home just as Brett gives Alison a friendly goodnight kiss. Inside the apartment, Billy confronts Alison about her amorous date. She answers that she's living her life, just like he has his girlfriend, Amanda. Billy is shocked, as her slurred speech indicates she is drunk.

At his hotel room Keith arranges a group of photographs of Alison on the bedside table. He kisses the larger photograph of her "goodnight."

Matt and Rhonda are talking about her relationship with Terrence as they approach the entrance to their apartment house. A woman realtor is placing a "For Sale" sign on the building. She tells them the property is in foreclosure and must be sold.

Alison, still very hung over, apologizes to Billy for last night's attitude. He says he probably had no right to question her dating. Matt and Rhonda pop in to tell them the news that the building is up for sale.

As Alison hurries off to work, Billy catches up to her, telling her he wants things to work out for them. He puts his arms around her and they stand for a few minutes. From across the street, Keith observes this intimacy between them and obviously is not pleased at what he sees.

At the office, a staff meeting is in full swing, with Lucy addressing the group. Brett leans forward to offer aspirin to an obviously hung over Alison. Lucy ends her speech with a request for everyone to hold off on vacations for the next month. Brett speaks up above the moans and groans. "What about Amanda's pregnancy leave?" he says. Amanda looks daggers at Alison and tries to laugh it off as a joke. Amanda leads Alison off down the hall to have a private conversation and she is really steamed. Alison says she's sorry she let it slip out to Brett last night. Alison wishes she could just disappear.

Amanda meets with Billy later to ask him to speak to Alison and tell her not to talk about their pregnancy problem. Billy grabs the opportunity to ask Amanda why she wants to have the baby. She says she doesn't want to pass up motherhood just because she's a career woman.

Alison stops by Brett's office to tell him what a real jerk he was. He tells her she ought to team up with him. They'd make a great pair. When he reaches out for her she tells him to keep away from her. She returns to Amanda telling her she is truly sorry for what happened and she wants to work hard with her to get the promotions.

Still feeling the shock of maybe having to look for a new apartment, Jake suggests to Jo they consider sharing a place, but Jo hesitates, saying she'll have to think about it.

While working later that night at the office, Amanda is hit with severe stomach pains. Alison rushes to call an ambulance.

At the hospital, Billy joins Alison in the waiting room and is told that Amanda has lost the baby. Billy says he must go to her room and see her. Amanda says it's probably for the best, after all he doesn't really love her. Alison stops by to say goodnight to Amanda. Billy says he's going to sit with Amanda for awhile.

Alison is having morning coffee with Jo, filling her in on the details regarding Amanda. She confesses that she is relieved that the pregnancy is no longer a factor in her relationship with Billy. Jake walks in from showering. He says he thinks Jo should take one of the mechanics from the cycle shop on the photo shoot in the ghetto today. Jo shrugs off the idea, saying she lived in New York. After Jake and Alison leave, Jo opens a drawer and takes out a 9mm handgun and drops it in her purse.

Keith stops in a florist shop and orders a dozen long stemmed roses and has them sent to Alison at work, without a card. When Alison opens the box at the reception desk, she screams. The roses have been painted with black lacquer and the word "whore" painted on the inside of the box top.

Billy sees Amanda home to her apartment and insists that she rest while he prepares some lunch for them.

On the way to her photo assignment, Jo is stopped by the police for a traffic violation. When she reaches for her wallet, the policeman sees her handgun. She is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Jake arrives to bail her out and is angry that she was carrying the gun in her purse and had lied to him, saying she'd gotten rid of it earlier.

Michael has arranged a romantic night away, for him and Jane, but Jane's not sure one night of romance will cure all their problems.

Alison arrives home and gets a recorded message from Billy saying he's at Amanda's apartment. He invites her to join them but she decides not to go. The phone rings. A strange male voice says that he's watching her. She hangs up but the phone rings again and the same voice begins to make obscene remarks. Alison unplugs the phone and stands trembling in fear.

At an oceanfront hotel, Jane and Michael are warming to each other. Michael kisses her and she responds. They move into a passionate embrace but we see that Michael's thoughts are somewhere else, with Kimberly.

Billy arrives home late, to find Alison asleep on the couch. She has the chain on the door, but tells him she did it without thinking. Alison quizzes him about his true feelings for Amanda, adding that she doesn't feel that she has any importance in his life. She starts toward her bedroom as we see a shadowy figure staring in the kitchen window.

At work, Amanda gets the promotion to vice-president and Alison moves up to her new job. The mood is all hugs and smiles until Alison opens a letter containing a greeting card. Scrawled across the romantic message is the word "bitch." Alison rushes in anger to Brett's office accusing him of sending the "sick" card and "black roses." He denies having anything to do with it and now Alison is even more frightened.

Michael meets with Kimberly in a secluded area at the hospital. He tells her he loves her but can't divorce Jane. Their meeting ends in a passionate embrace.

Billy receives a call from Amanda inviting him to celebrate her promotion tonight but when Alison calls sounding very distressed, he opts to be with Alison.

Over a Chinese dinner, Rhonda gets up the nerve to ask Terrence to marry her. He says he thought she'd never make up her mind.

Billy and Alison discuss her frightening gifts and phone calls. She says that maybe she's over reacting because she fears losing Billy back to Amanda. Billy says as soon as Amanda is well they'll begin their own relationship again.

"I'll go rent a movie and get some popcorn, just like old times, he says, as he heads off down the street. Suddenly, from behind him a man runs up and smashes a tire iron against Billy's head. He slumps to the ground unconscious. We see that the attacker is Keith, who speeds away in a car.

The whole group waits anxiously in the hospital waiting room for word of Billy's condition. Michael joins them with the good news that he will recover, just a slight concussion and bruises. Keith walks in and rushes over to Alison, saying he stopped by the apartment and heard of Billy's accident. She's surprised to see Keith. Amanda and Alison go in to see Billy first and try to be pleasant to each other during the visit. Billy has to stay in the hospital overnight, he tells them.

Jane moves off down the hospital corridor to a nurse's station and asks to see Kimberly. Jane finds Kimberly and forces her to listen while she speaks her mind. She condemns Kimberly for trying to break up the marriage and tells her if she's lucky enough to find the right husband someday, she hopes some 'bitch" like her will jeopardize her marriage too. Kimberly snaps back that Michael is in love with her and will ask for a divorce. Jane says if it is true, she is welcome to him.

Outside Billy's room Amanda makes an excuse that she left her purse inside. Inside, she tells Billy she has a big surprise for him when he's well again. She hints that it's some kind of real estate investment with her father. In the parking lot, Jake and Jo have a disagreement about their relationship and commitment to each other.

Keith sees Alison home and turns on his charm. Alison resists, saying she has a now life here in Los Angeles.

Amanda drops by Melrose Place with the real estate broker. She announces to the tenants that she plans to buy the apartment house.

Keith Gray: William R. Moses
[1.5 hrs 8:00 pm]


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