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200th Episode Aired September 14, 1998

The article in the August 14th edition of Entertainment Weekly says that the 200th episode will air on the 14th. This exactly matches the Fox episode count [see Note About Episode Numbering].

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Cast Birthdays

Josie Bissett - 10/05/70
Brooke Langton - 11/27/70
Laura Leighton - 7/24/68
Jamie Lunar - 5/12/71
Alyssa Milano - 12/19/72
Kelly Rutherford - 11/06/68
Doug Savant - 6/21/64
Grant Show - 2/27/62
Courtney Thorne-Smith - 11/08/67
Jack Wagner - 10/03/59

Note About Sixth Season

Fox ordered 34 hours worth of episodes for the 1997/1998 season, but have decided to save the last seven hours for "summer stock." Even though they will be listed by FOX as episodes MP-628 through MP-634, I have been informed by FOX that they are considered as part of the 7th season.

Note About Episode Numbering

I have been informed by FOX, that all two-hour episodes are considered to be two episodes. Here is what FOX told me about how they order episodes:

I went on to ask about how FOX internally numbers the episodes:

So, even though the 150th episode is only the 143rd episode produced, according to the assigned production number, it isn't by FOX's numbering system.

Even with the above explanation, I could not get the episode numbering to come out right. I was one episode short. So I had to ask FOX what was wrong, explaining how I came up with my numbers. I got the following reply:

So, this means that even though the first season only had 32 actual episodes, the season is counted as having 33 episodes, because of the two episodes that are 90 minutes.


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