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Season Three Quick Reference Guide

# Air
46 9/13/04 2T5051 For Every Action
SCOTT WOLF ("PARTY OF FIVE") JOINS THE CAST OF "EVERWOOD" - Ephram and Amy are reunited after a long summer spent apart while Ephram attended Julliard's summer program in New York, but Amy's euphoria is quickly replaced with paranoia after she notices Ephram acting distant. Meanwhile, Andy is plagued by guilt over whether he made the right decision concerning Madison's pregnancy, and Dr. Abbott befriends the town's newest citizen, Jake Hartman, who turns out to be a doctor from California looking to open a new practice in Everwood.

Madison Kellner: Sarah Lancaster. Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf.
47 9/20/04 2T5052 There's A Reaction
INTRODUCTION OF EVERWOOD'S LATEST ADDITION, HANNAH (SARAH DREW, "RADIO") - At her father's suggestion, a heartbroken Amy is determined to make the most of her senior year in the wake of Ephram returning from New York and telling her that piano has to be his number one priority. Andy contemplates telling Ephram about Madison's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rose naively agrees to help Bright find his true calling after she discovers that he hasn't enrolled for college classes and is in fact leading a life of total leisure; Dr. Jake Hartman creates a marketing blitz for his new practice that threatens to push Dr. Abbott over the edge; and Nina takes in her friends' teenage daughter, Hannah, and asks Ephram to take her under his wing.

Rose: Merrilyn Gann. Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
48 9/27/04 2T5053 Staking Claim
DIVIDED LOYALTIES - Ephram regrets promising Nina that he would watch over Hannah at school, especially when her constant presence interferes with his time alone with Amy. Amy befriends Hannah out of a sense of charity, but soon finds Hannah so refreshing that a real friendship develops. Meanwhile, Andy tries to ignore the tension between Dr. Abbott and Edna, but his attitude forces Edna to quit and go to work for Dr. Hartman. Andy treats a 13-year-old patient whose mysterious injuries cause Andy to suspect the boy's mother of abuse.

[unknown]: Carter Jenkins. [unknown]: lizabeth Mitchell. Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
49 10/04/04 2T5054 The Birds & The Batteries
DELIA ACCIDENTALLY FINDS NINA'S VIBRATOR - Andy finds himself at a loss over what to do when Delia naively stumbles upon Nina's vibrator and starts asking questions. Meanwhile, Ephram attempts to write Amy a love letter to show her the extent of his feelings; Amy makes it her mission to make new best friend Hannah popular; and Harold and Rose question Bright's euphoria over being selected "employee of the month" and decide it's time for some parental intervention.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
50 10/11/04 2T5055 Sacrifice
ANNE HECHE ("WAG THE DOG") JOINS THE SERIES - Andy puts his foot in his mouth by picking a fight with Everwood's patron saint, Amanda Hayes, who, unbeknownst to Andy, has been caring for her profoundly disabled husband for the past five years. Meanwhile, Jake surprises Nina by asking her out on a date; Ephram and Bright realize their friendship may have grown too far apart to salvage; and neurotic-as-ever Dr. Abbott struggles to come up with a medical invention after learning that Dr. Brown and Dr. Hartman have successful inventions of their own.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. [unknown] Hayes: Jason Beghe.
51 10/25/04 2T5056 Shoot The Moon
ANNE HECHE'S SECOND EPISODE OF "EVERWOOD" - Andy worries that Ephram is beginning to question himself and his chances of getting into Julliard after he applies to a college in Colorado as a back-up plan. Similarly, Harold has concerns of his own when Amy informs him that she's not applying to the school they always dreamed of her attending, Princeton, because it would take her too far away from Ephram. Meanwhile, Andy jumps head first into helping Amanda and her disabled husband with a new therapy involving music, but it may be too much and too fast for Amanda; and Edna and Irv's marriage hits a rough patch after Irv loses his job and they contemplate their future together.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. John Hayes: Jason Beghe.
52 11/01/04 2T5057 Best Laid Plans
EPHRAM GETS AN STD TEST - When Jake surreptitiously informs Andy that Ephram came to him for a STD test, Andy and Harold decide the best plan of action is to convince Ephram and Amy to hold off on sex. Of course, when Ephram realizes it's no coincidence that he and Amy both had a heart-to-heart with their fathers on the same day and informs her of his suspicions, Amy feels betrayed that Ephram didn't tell her about the test beforehand. In another part of town, Nina finally decides it's time to tell Andy how she feels about him and asks him out to dinner, and Bright invites a lovestruck Hannah to go with him to a movie, but the night takes a turn for the worst when Hannah misinterprets his interest.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
53 11/15/04 2T5058 The Tipping Point
JAMES EARL JONES REPRISES HIS EMMY AWARD-NOMINATED ROLE AS EPHRAM'S MENTOR - Struggling to select the music program for his Julliard audition tape, Ephram seeks guidance from his music teacher and mentor, Will Cleveland, but faces losing one of the most important relationships in his life after he regretfully hurts Will's feelings. Meanwhile, Andy and Amanda experience a miraculous breakthrough in their music therapy with Amanda's husband, but Andy quickly begins to question whether their celebratory mood is premature; and Bright continues down his unfortunate path of apathy by getting fired from his job - for getting intimate with a waitress in the supply closet -- and lying to his parents.

Will Cleveland: James Earl Jones. Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. [unknown] Hayes: Jason Beghe.
54 11/22/04 2T5059 The Reflex
EPHRAM AND AMY HAVE SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME - Ephram and Amy decide they're ready to take the next step in their relationship with romantic plans to meet at the Abbott's cabin, but the enormity of the situation proves too much for the couple to handle. Meanwhile, Andy and Amanda play chaperone for Delia and Charlie's pizza date, but the evening turns out to be more of a date for the two adults, who realize their mutual attraction is wrong. Finally, Nina reevaluates her feelings for Jake after he comes to her rescue.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. Charlie: Shane Haboucha.
55 11/29/04 2T5060 Need to Know
ANDY AND AMANDA SHARE THEIR FIRST KISS/EPHRAM CONTEMPLATES A REUNION WITH MADISON - Realizing that his feelings for Amanda are only growing stronger despite his best efforts to maintain a platonic friendship, Andy decides it's in both of their best interests if he refers her husband's case to Dr. Abbott. Upon hearing news that Madison's band is performing in town, Ephram seeks guidance from Bright, signaling a thaw in the boys' chilly relationship as of late. Finally, Amy's curiousity unearths Hannah's family secret.

Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
56 1/17/05 2T5061 Complex Guilt
ANDY IS RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL - Following Amanda's decision to send her husband to a world-renowned treatment facility, Andy is rushed to the hospital after he collapses in front of Dr. Abbott as a result of the stress and guilt he has been feeling over his infidelity with Amanda. Meanwhile, Amy continues to give Ephram the cold shoulder for lying about Madison, and Edna builds a writer's room for a depressed Irv, but it doesn't go over well and they consider separating.

Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche.
57 1/24/05 2T5062 Giving Up The Girl
JAKE'S GIRLFRIEND PAYS HIM A SURPRISE VISIT/DAVID PAYMER ("QUIZ SHOW") DIRECTS - When Jake's girlfriend from Los Angeles arrives in Everwood unexpectedly, Nina comes to his rescue with a shoulder to lean on and the possibility of more. Meanwhile, Harold and Rose worry about Amy after she sets her mind to auditioning for a rigorous ballet program in Denver, and Andy unintentionally humiliates Delia in front of her hockey team.

Jake's girlfriend: Jessica Collins.
58 1/31/05 2T5063 The Perfect Day
NINA DISCOVERS THAT ANDY AND AMANDA ARE HAVING AN AFFAIR - Andy must face the repercussions of his affair with Amanda when Nina accidentally discovers them together and questions Andy's character. Meanwhile, Ephram and Amy convince a reluctant Hannah to ditch school for the day and take Bright along for the ride. Harold and Edna are forced to push their hostile feelings for one another aside when a medical emergency leaves them with no other choice.

Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche.
59 2/07/05 2T5064 Since You've Been Gone
ANDY AND AMANDA DECIDE IT'S TIME TO TELL THEIR KIDS ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP - Andy and Amanda decide that it's time to tell Delia and Charlie about their relationship, but Charlie's emotional reaction makes them question what they're doing. Meanwhile, when Hannah doesn't jump at the opportunity to go on a date with a really cute guy from school, Amy is convinced that Hannah is misguidedly saving herself for Bright, and Nina questions whether Sam is going to be hurt again if her relationship with Jake doesn't work out.

Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. Charlie: Shane Haboucha. Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew. Sam: Jimmy Bennett.
60 2/14/05 2T5065 Surprise
AMANDA'S HUSBAND HAS A MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH / AMY LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT MADISON / TOM AMANDES DIRECTS - Just as they've become somewhat comfortable with their new relationship, Andy and Amanda receive word that Amanda's husband, John, has experienced a miraculous breakthrough in his recovery. Meanwhile, Amy learns the truth about why Madison really left town, an elated Ephram is offered an audition at Julliard, Hannah questions whether she's emotionally prepared to take the test for Huntington's Disease, and Bright is accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Amanda Hayes: Anne Heche. John Hayes: Jason Beghe. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
61 2/21/05 2T5066 Start Spreading the News
MADISON IS BACK - Feeling conflicted over the recent turn of events and not willing to jeopardize Ephram's Julliard audition, an angst-filled Amy tells Ephram that he should take Andy to New York instead of her. In New York, Andy struggles with memories of his former life and the desire to tell Ephram the truth about Madison. Fate plays a hand when Ephram runs into Madison in Manhattan and they make plans to see each other, causing Andy to take matters into his own hands.

Madison Kellner: Sarah Lancaster.
62 4/18/05 2T5067 Fate Accomplis
EPHRAM FINALLY LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT MADISON'S PREGNANCY - On the morning of his Julliard audition in New York, Ephram makes plans to meet up with Madison for coffee, only to have his entire world come crashing down around him when she tells him that she was pregnant with their child. This devastating revelation causes Ephram to make decisions that will altar the course of his life. Meanwhile, back in Everwood, Amy can't quite make heads or tails of what will happen to her relationship with Ephram once he learns the truth about Madison, and Dr. Abbott counsels a man whose son may die as a result of a hunting accident.

Madison Kellner: Sarah Lancaster. [man]: Chris Penn.
63 4/25/05 2T5068 Fallout
EPHRAM ATTEMPTS TO FIND HIS WAY AFTER LEARNING OF MADISON'S PREGNANCY - After returning from New York feeling lost and confused and needing Amy for support, Ephram considers his options in the wake of Madison's life-altering revelation. Meanwhile, Andy is a little stunned upon learning the extent of Nina's feelings for Jake and, with a little encouragement from her friend, Bright, Hannah decides to go on a date with a smitten Topher.

Madison Kellner: Sarah Lancaster. Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew. Topher: Lukas Behnken.
64 5/02/05 [2T5069] Acceptance
JAKE'S BROTHER QUESTIONS JAKE'S RELATIONSHIP WITH NINA - When Jake's little brother comes to visit and confides he doesn't see a future for Jake and Nina, Jake seeks counsel from an unlikely source...Andy. Meanwhile, Amy is accepted into Princeton, but assumes her father was the one who secretly sent in her application, and Ephram and Amy make plans to spend an evening together, further confusing the status of their relationship.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. [Jake's little brother]: Tom Parker.
65 5/09/05 [2T5070] He Who Hesitates
EPHRAM CONTEMPLATES LEAVING EVERWOOD BEHIND FOR EUROPE - Ephram makes a bold move -- and breaks his father's heart in the process -- in an attempt to raise money for a plane ticket to Europe. Meanwhile, Nina can't quite put her finger on why Andy has been acting strangely of late, whereas a more perceptive Delia comes right out and asks her father whether he has feelings for Nina, and Bright's green-eyed monster makes an unexpected appearance when Hannah goes to the prom with Topher.

Hannah: Sarah Drew. Topher: Lukas Behnken.
66 5/16/05 [2T5071] Oh, It's the Places You'll Go...
EPHRAM PREPARES TO LEAVE FOR EUROPE - Feeling there is nothing keeping him in Everwood and desperately needing distance from Andy, Ephram prepares to leave family and friends behind for a new life in Europe. However, he's caught off-guard and questions his plans when Andy reveals the secret that Amy has been keeping from Ephram. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake contemplate going into business together, but the stress on their relationship proves a big obstacle to overcome, and Bright confesses to Ephram that he has developed feelings for Hannah.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf. Hannah: Sarah Drew.
67 5/23/05 [2T5072] Where the Heart Is
ANDY CONSIDERS LEAVING EVERWOOD FOR A JOB OFFER IN CHICAGO - With Ephram gone and no longer feeling any significant ties to Everwood, Andy consults with Delia and contemplates accepting a prestigious position with a Chicago hospital. Uncharacteristically upset over this bit of news, Harold takes it upon himself to give Andy a reason to stay. Meanwhile, Jake moves in with Nina, causing Andy to question whether he should rock the boat by telling her how he really feels, and Bright finally admits his feelings to Hannah.

Dr. Jake Hartman: Scott Wolf.

The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by The WB.

The numbers within the [ ] are the show's ratings. They are: ranking/rating/share. The numbers within the ( ) are the show's ratings for the hour average/1st half hour/2nd half hour. The first set of numbers are from the Nielsen charts in Broadcasting & Cable and the second set of numbers are from Daily Variety/Weekly Variety. The TV universe is estimated at 106.7 million TV homes. One ratings point is equal to 1,067,000 TV homes. The share is the percentage of TVs that were on that were tuned to the show.

The green numbers are the show's program length. The time is the edited length of the episode. When enclosed in [ ], it is the length listed on the master tape. But, it includes extended blacks, which makes the length longer than it really is. Notice that the length of the pilot is a lot longer than the norm. That will not be seen again, as all following episodes will be more than four minutes shorter.

All shows aired Monday at 9:00pm ET/PT, except as noted.

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