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Chris Pratt

Bright Abbott

A relative newcomer to acting, Chris Pratt stars as popular high school athlete Bright Abbott on The WB's hit Monday night drama "Everwood."

Born in Minnesota and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington, Pratt's introduction to Hollywood happened in a way that most aspiring actors only dream of. In 2000, Pratt was working at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui, Hawaii, when he found himself waiting on the table of director-actor Rae Dawn Chong. He made such an impression on her that she offered to fly him to Los Angeles to appear in her comedy-infused horror film "Cursed 3," a movie that is notable for the fact that it has no Part 1 or 2. Although the movie has yet to find distribution, Pratt considers the role to be a wonderful experience and the starting point in his career.

During his summer hiatus, Pratt completed production on the Sci-Fi original movie "Stratosphere" and "Strangers with Candy," a big screen version of the hit sketch show on Comedy Central. In 2001, he was offered a starring role as a snowboarding secret agent in the pilot "The X-Team," which filmed in New Zealand. Since Pratt was the only actor who already knew how to snowboard, he was able to enjoy the slopes while his fellow actors were undergoing rigorous training sessions. Only two months after the disappointment of finding out "The X-Team" was not ordered as a series, Pratt was cast in the pilot of "Everwood."

Pratt enjoys snowboarding, painting and fly-fishing. His first priority after he has saved enough money is to buy a house for his parents, who still live in his hometown of Lake Stevens near his older brother and sister and their families.


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