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10/02/02 [unknown] 601
The Kids Are Alright
The Song Remains the Same
Dawson and Joey's relationship heats up when he makes a surprise trip to Boston in this two-hour episode.

In the sixth-season opener, the on-again, off-again couple reunite after a summer apart, picking up where their kiss left off at the end of last season. But their bliss is threatened when Dawson gets a call from another woman. Meanwhile, Audrey and Pacey return from L.A. and Pacey interviews for a job that could affect their relationship. Back at Boston Bay College, Jen is surprised to find Grams is in her art-history class, and she gets bitten by the love bug when she bumps into a cute peer counselor. MTV's Jack Osbourne appears in a cameo.

107 10/09/02 10/04/02 603 The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest
Joey tries to write a heartfelt e-mail to Dawson and accidentally forwards it to the entire Worthington campus. Meanwhile, Jack frets about his crush on Prof. Freeman, which he fears the professor may be aware of; and Pacey struggles with his new job.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Prof. Freeman: Sebastian Spence. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Sympathetic Girl: Angela Timmerman. Female #1: Liz Knight. Female #2: Bobbi Baker. Male: Andrew Seeley. Co-worker #1: Jeremy Fischer. Co-worker #2: Johnny Alonso. Co-worker #3: Micah Cover. Co-worker #4: Nick Gomez. Guy in line: Brandon Hirsch.

108 10/16/02 [unknown] [604] Instant Karma!
Dawson finds himself in an awkward situation when his ex-girlfriend bumps into Joey. Meanwhile, Audrey feels she's playing second fiddle to Pacey's new career, and their relationship is further strained when she catches him in a lie.

Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Stunt Killer: Marcus Hester. Jason: Andrew McGinnis. Crew Member: Maya Tai Dorsey. Adam: Wayne Roberts.

109 10/23/02 10/17/02 605 The Imposters
Dawson's quick thinking on the movie set saves the film when a producer arrives and tries to fire the lead actress and close down production. Meanwhile, Audrey is thrilled when Emma asks her to sing in her punk band, and Jack confronts Professor Freeman about an unfair grade.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Heather Tracy: Nicole Bilderback. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Prof. Freeman: Sebastian Spence. Todd: Hal Ozan. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. A.D.: Sam Robinson. P.A.: Maya Tai Dorsey. Random Guy: Johnny Alonso. Hell's Belles Singer #1: Wendy Fowler. Hell's Belles Singer #2: Rebekah Dean.

110 10/30/02 10/28/02 606 Living Dead Girl
[TVG] Dawson arranges a Halloween party on the movie set, which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a legendary film actress. Attending the costume blowout together can't disguise the turmoil between Pacey and Audrey, while Joey plays baby-sitter for Professor Heston's daughter.

[WB] I SEE DEAD PEOPLE - When Dawson assists Todd in throwing a blow-out Halloween party on the movie set, Todd and Natasha have Dawson believing he is seeing the ghost of a legendary film actress who was strangled to death on the same stage. Meanwhile, Pacey and Audrey arrive at the party together but leave separately; Jen becomes suspicious about C.J.; and Joey gets stuck taking Professor Heston's teenage daughter to a haunted house with Eddie.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Todd: Hal Ozan. Harley: Mika Boorem. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Killer: Marcus Hester. Shaggy Hair Guy: Barrett O'Brien. A.D.: Sam Robison. Hot Girl: Camille Canellas. The Band: The Murder Dolls.

111 11/06/02 10/31/02 607 Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
Audrey gets tipsy at the bar before her band performs, leading her friends to suspect she might have a drinking problem. Meanwhile, Pacey takes a trip to New Orleans with his coworkers, and Joey and Eddie go on a date.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Freeman: Sebastian Spence. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. David: Greg Rikaart. Denise: Jaime Bergman. Co-Worker #2: Johnny Alonso. Co-Worker #4: Nick Gomez. Lovely Girl: Candice Cabbo. Hell's Belles Singer #1: Wendy Fowler. Hell's Belles Singer #2: Rebekah Dean. Hot Girl: Nicole Brooks.

112 11/13/02 11/11/02 608 Spiderwebs
Dawson scores tickets for the gang to a No Doubt concert, and while they are at the show a secret about Audrey and CJ is revealed. Elsewhere, Joey and Eddie go on a date, and Dawson and Natasha try to rekindle the romance in their relationship.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Emma: Megan Gray. Todd: Hal Ozsan. David: Greg Rikaart. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Special Appearance By: Do Doubt. Concert Goer: Cydnee Welburn. Ticket Taker #2: Kathleen Thompson-Parker. Door Guy: Stuart Ward. Foreman: Steve Dumouchel. Police Officer: Jim Grimshaw. Ticket Taker #1: Donny De Castro. Security Guard: John Copeman.

113 11/20/02 11/18/02 609 Everything Put Together Falls Apart
Dawson is intimidated when a movie star comes to the set and takes an interest in Natasha. Meanwhile, Joey is distracted by Eddie as she studies for a final exam; and Pacey brings Emma to an office party.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Max Winter: Eddie Cahill. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Todd: Hal Ozsan. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Proctor: Mick Walker. Candace: Kelly Heyniger. Thelma: Mercedes Lopez. Louise: Mayte Arguello. Featured Dancers: Tyhm Kennedy, Thomas Blake, Brett Claywell, Paula Jones, Stephanie Nevin, Lanny Scott, Lara Smith.

114 12/11/02 12/06/02 610 Merry Mayhem
The gang heads home for the holidays and gathers at Dawson's house for Christmas dinner. But as the celebration gets under way, Audrey gets out of hand and threatens to ruin the Yuletide festivities. Meanwhile, Joey and Eddie have a spat about where to spend Christmas; and Dawson confronts Natasha about her night out with another guy.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Bessie Potter: Nina Repeta. Bodie Wells: Obi Ndefo. Doug Witter: Dylan Neal. Todd: Hal Ozsan. Mike Potter: Gareth Williams. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Alexander: Joshua Hall. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman. Stunt Double: Jennifer Badger. Stunt Double: Tree O'Toole.

115 1/15/03 1/09/03 611 Day out of Days
[TVG] Joey, who hasn't spoken to Eddie since Christmas, eagerly awaits a phone call from him. Meanwhile, Jen trains to be a peer counselor; Pacey wonders whether being a stockbroker is the right career path; and Audrey returns to L.A. to party with Jack Osbourne.

[WB] JACK OSBOURNE RETURNS IN A SPECIAL APPEARANCE - Back in Los Angeles, Dawson is asked by the studio to direct re-shoots of "Wicked Dead" after Todd refuses, but is conflicted about advancing his career by being disloyal to his mentor. Meanwhile, Joey hasn't heard from Eddie since Christmas, so she pays a visit to his apartment only to find it empty; Pacey has second thoughts about his new life and starts skipping work to spend time with Emma; Jen's insecurities as a peer counselor are compounded when C.J. is assigned to train her; and Audrey, still on a destructive path, returns to Los Angeles to party with old friends including, Jack Osbourne.

CJ: Jensen Ackles. Larry Newman: Paul Gleason. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Todd: Hal Ozsan. Jack Osbourne: Jack Osbourne. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Heather Tracy: Nicole Bilderback. David: Greg Rikaart. Harley: Mika Boorem. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Teacher: Kate Leahey. Nurse: Veda Wilson.

116 1/22/03 1/16/03 612 All the Right Moves
[TVG] Audrey returns to Boston and tries to persuade Emma to let her back in the band. At the office, Pacey gets invited to an exclusive party that could lead to a promotion; and Joey visits Eddie at his parents' house.

[WB] JOEY AND EDDIE ARE FALLING IN LOVE - Joey follows Eddie to his family home where they face up to their true emotions and the obstacles they must overcome to be together. Back in Boston, Pacey is invited to an exclusive party where he receives a promotion and is recruited to be part of a special project but is tipped off that the project maybe not be ethical. Audrey returns from Los Angeles and is welcomed back into the band, but blows her chances by getting drunk just before taking the stage.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Sadia Shaw: Sarah Shahi. Emma: Megan Gray. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Harley: Mika Boorem. Roger Stepavich: Ray Wise. Carl Rosen: Robert Treveiler. Hell's Belles Singer #1: Wendy Fowler. Hell's Belles Singer #2: Rebekah Dean. Roady Type: Jacob Billingsley. Roady Type: Rob Priester. The Band: Loudermilk. Business Man: Scott Helm. Another Partygoer: Bobby Tyson. Audrey Stunt Double: Jennifer Badger. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman.

117 1/29/03 1/27/03 613 Rock Bottom
[TVG] Audrey's drinking problem spirals out of control, and she avoids going into rehab by missing her flight to California. Eddie tells Joey his plans for the future; and Dawson begins working as a director in L.A.

[WB] JOEY AND EDDIE TAKE AUDREY TO REHAB IN LOS ANGELES - While directing reshoots on his film, Dawson finds his authority questioned when Natasha refuses to do a nude scene. Unable to say good-bye to Eddie, who is moving to California, Joey convinces him that Audrey should be in rehab in Los Angeles, and the three of them should drive there together into a rehab facility. Jen and C.J. set Grams up with C.J.'s Uncle Bill, who turns out to be quite randy.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Heather Tracy: Nicole Bilderback. Bob: Seth Rogen. Uncle Bill: Geoffrey Lewis. Mullet: Josh Hammond. Natasha Kelly: Bianca Kajlich. Shaggy Hair Guy: Barrett O'Brien. Set P.A.: Brett Claywell. The D.P.: Jon Stafford. The Gaffer: Fedele Folino. Giggling Camera Guy: Zach Lee. Audrey Stunt Double: Jennifer Badger. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman.

118 2/05/03 2/03/03 614 Clean and Sober
[TVG] Dawson bumps into a famous producer while visiting Audrey in rehab. Back in Boston, Emma makes a surprising announcement during Pacey's party to celebrate his purchase of a new entertainment center.

[WB] PACEY AND JOEY PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE - When Dawson visits Audrey at rehab, he spots a big time producer and follows her into a therapy session. Meanwhile, Pacey throws a party to celebrate his new success and is surprised when Joey lets loose during a spontaneous game of spin the bottle; Jen catches reformed alcoholic C.J. with a drink; and Jack agrees to marry Emma so that she can get her green card.

CJ: Jensen Ackles. Emma: Megan Gray. David: Greg Rikaart. Gus: Esteban Powell. Toni Stark: Alicia Coppola. Front Desk Woman: Elaine Nalee. Counselor: Keith Harris. Agent: Adrian Monte. Gus Stunt Double/Punker Type: Dan Hurlbutt. Stock Broker Type: Dino Muccio. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman. Stunt Coordinator: Dean Mumford.

119 2/12/03 2/07/03 615 Castaways
[TVG] Joey goes to a business party with Pacey, and on their way home they make a stop at a store that unexpectedly closes while they're still inside. They're forced to adapt as the momentary pit stop becomes an unpleasant overnight ordeal.

[WB] JOEY AND PACEY SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER IN A KMART - On the way home from a business party, Pacey and Joey make an unexpected stop at a Kmart, miss closing and spend the entire night locked up together. Wandering around the deserted store, the former lovers play in the toy department, dance in the electronics department and talk about life, love and their history together. The night ends with a kiss that leaves them wondering where they go from here.

Sure Thing: Jud Tylor. George: Noah Segan. Broker Johnny: Johnny Alonso. Broker Nick: Nick Gomez. Security Guard: Kevin Scanlon. Cashier: Lucia Forte.



[TVG] In the series opener, Dawson finds his best friend, Joey, growing jealous of his attraction to a neighbor's granddaughter, while Pacey fixates on his new teacher.

[WB] THE PILOT EPISODE, SEE HOW IT ALL STARTED -- At the onset of their sophomore year of high school, Dawson Leery and his best friend, Josephine "Joey" Potter, battle with the knowledge that their lifelong friendship may be changing. Adding to Joey's confusing emotions is the arrival of the radiant Jennifer Lindley, who appears to be "the girl next door," but has an air of mystery surrounding her as she harbors a dark secret from her past. Rounding out the clique is Pacey, whose gift for sarcasm is topped only by an over- confident knack for stumbling awkwardly unprepared into adult situations.

120 3/26/03 3/13/03 616 That Was Then
[TVG] Dawson and Pacey find themselves back in Capeside as Dawson is invited to speak in front of film students and Pacey rushes to the hospital bedside of an ailing family member. In other developments, Joey considers rekindling an old flame and fends off the advances of a young admirer.

[WB] CAN YOU GO HOME AGAIN? - Joey and Pacey must make a decision about their future together, but before they even have a chance to talk, Pacey rushes to Capeside when his dad is admitted to the hospital. As a favor to Professor Heston Joey agrees to stay with his daughter Harley and is reminded of what is was like to be a teenager in love. Back in Capeside, Dawson returns to the high school film class as a guest speaker and reflects back on the passion and creative convictions he seems to have lost.

Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Doug Witter: Dylan Neal. George: Lukas Behnken. Patrick: Taylor Handley. Harley: Mika Boorem. John Witter: John Finn. Mr. Gold: Mitchell Laurance. Another Student: Christopher Desroaches. Female Student: Leigh Jones. Doctor: Rob Zapple.

121 4/02/03 3/20/03 617 Sex and Violence
[TVG] To make ends meet during spring break, Joey takes a temp job as Pacey's assistant. Elsewhere, Jen and C.J. encounter intimacy issues; and Heather coaches Dawson on pitching his movie to the studio.

[WB] EDDIE RETURNS TO BOSTON - Joey agrees to be Pacey's temporary assistant but they both have second thoughts when their mutual jealousy leads to disaster in the office and her being fired. Pacey fires Joey, admitting he is too attracted to her to get any work done, but their romance is thwarted once again when Eddie unexpectedly returns to Boston. Much to his surprise, Dawson sells his idea for a coming-of-age movie, but when the studio wants to change the movie to a teen sex film, he must decide if he should take the deal or stick with his original concept. Meanwhile, an open-minded Grams is the intermediary that brings Jen and C.J. together.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Larry Newman: Paul Gleason. Heather Tracy: Nicole Bilderback. Todd: Hal Ozsan. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Sadia Shaw: Sarah Shahi. Broker Johnny: Johnny Alonso. Broker Nick: Nick Gomez. Marcy: Jill Jackson. Buffoon: MIcah Cover. Guy Executive: Greg Thompson. Female Executive: Susan Stox. Singer: Satu Rautaharju. Singer: Brian Rankin. Singer: Tymoteusz Dvorak. Singer: Sam Tyler. Bass Player: Mehera Blum. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman.

122 4/09/03 3/28/03 618 Love Bites
[TVG] The four longtime friends from Capeside find themselves at unexpected turning points in their lives.

Jen is shocked to hear that Grams has broken up with her latest suitor. When she tries to talk with her grandmother about what happened, the older woman abruptly curtails any discussion of her personal affairs. Only after intercepting a suspicious phone call does Jen learn why Grams is reluctant to discuss her feelings. Elsewhere, Joey, reeling from a surprise visit from Eddie, chaperones Harley's school dance with enamored (and oblivious) escort Pacey; and Dawson moves back home, where he gets a surprising reception.

[WB] JEN IS DEVASTATED WHEN GRAMS REVEALS SHE HAS CANCER - Jen's seemingly happy world comes crashing down when she learns that Grams has breast cancer. Meanwhile, Joey's tumultuous love life continues when Eddie reveals his true reasons for returning to Boston, and Pacey agrees to join Joey as she chaperones for Harley's school dance, but what should be a magical night doesn't feel right for Joey. Although he is at first reluctant, Pacey agrees to invest Dawson's life savings to finance his new film project.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. Gale Leery: Mary-Margaret Humes. Harley: Mika Boorem. Patrick: Taylor Handley. Harley's Friend: Morgan Johnson. Jaime: Adam Nee. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman.

123 4/16/03 4/10/03 619 Lovelines
[TVG] Jen presides over a Q&A session with "Loveline" hosts Adam Corolla and Drew Pinsky. Also: Audrey returns after her stint in rehab; C.J. is blindsided by a decision Jen makes; Eddie suspects that he and Joey have intimacy issues; Jack inadvertently snubs David.

[WB] SERIES STAR JOSHUA JACKSON MAKES HIS DIRECTING DEBUT AND "LOVELINE'S" DR. DREW PINSKY AND ADAM CAROLLA GUEST-STAR - Joey and Eddie's emotional and sexual relationship is played out on stage during a counseling center benefit with special guests Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. Meanwhile, at the same event, Jack and David deal with the insecurities in their relationship, a sober Audrey returns to Boston with her eye on Dr. Drew, and Jen opens up to C.J. about Grams' cancer.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. CJ: Jensen Ackles. David: Greg Rikaart. Fred: Matt Funke. Himself: Adam Corolla. Himself: Dr. Drew Pinsky. Fellow Counselor: Cullen Moss. Guy #1: Wesley Whitney Morris. Guy #2: Matt White. Girl #1: Torrey De Vitto. Girl #:2 Alice Rogers. Girl #2: Melissa Bragg-Lumsden.

124 4/23/03 4/17/03 620 Catch-22
[TVG] During finals week, Joey crams for Professor Hetson's exam and ponders a proposal made by Eddie. Elsewhere, Jack attempts to smooth things out with David; Pacey gets to know Sadia; and Audrey tries to negotiate her way out of summer school.

[WB] GREED IS NOT GOOD - Pacey is ordered by his superiors to sell stock owned by his biggest client just days before a federal ruling, but the consequences are severe when Pacey is accused of insider trading and realizes that the money he invested for Dawson is gone. Back at school, Eddie surprises Joey with a trip to Europe for the summer, but a fiery conversation about how differently they live their lives leaves both of them questioning their future together.

Eddie Doling: Oliver Hudson. Prof. Heston: Roger Howarth. Rich Rinaldi: Dana Ashbrook. Sadia Shaw: Sarah Shahi. David: Greg Rikaart. Secretary: Irene Ziegler. Co-Worker: Chris Snyder. Waitress: Melissa Claire Egan. Random Hot Guy: J. Matthew Stevens. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman. Pacey Stunt Double: David Shumbris.

125 4/30/03 4/24/03 621 Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road
[TVG] Long-time friends face off and a fractured family has a chance to reunite in this revealing episode.

As a guilt-ridden Pacey struggles to find a way to tell Dawson that his savings were lost in a bad investment deal, the enthusiastic auteur re-creates his high-school bedroom and maxes out three credit cards buying equipment for his film. When Pacey finally delivers the bad news, money matters prove to be just the tip of the iceberg between them. Meanwhile, Grams receives a surprise visit from her daughter, Helen, and judging by the cool welcome Grams offers, it's obvious that Helen and Jen aren't the only distant mother-daughter duo in the family.

[WB] SECOND CHANCES - Joey returns to Capeside to find Dawson's script on her doorstep and is overwhelmed that he has written a story about three friends, but Dawson's movie-making dreams are shattered when Pacey comes clean about losing Dawson's money. The ensuing fight opens old wounds and leaves the three friends believing their friendship will never be the same. Back in Boston, Jen has invited her mother from New York with the intent of telling her that she, Jack and Grams are moving to New York so Grams' can get the medical care she needs.

CJ: Jensen Ackles. Helen Lindley: Mimi Rogers. Jack Osbourne: Jack Osbourne. Uncle Bill: Geoffrey Lewis.

126 5/07/03 5/05/03 622 Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption
[TVG] Ms. Potter proves just how strong the bonds of friendship can be when she plays fairy godmother to Dawson in this sentimental episode.

After losing his savings in a bad investment deal, Dawson shelves his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker and works around the clock to pay off his credit-card debt. But Joey is undeterred by the setback and rallies the troops to get his movie back on track. She calls on friends to assume acting and production roles, and pays a visit to a wallowing Pacey, who becomes inspired to employ his own considerable charms to solicit funds for the fledgling film. In other events, Jen, Jack and Grams say their goodbyes before heading to New York City.

[WB] FRIENDS MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE - When Dawson gives up his dream of making his film, a strong-minded Joey rallies the old group back to Capeside to help Dawson begin production. Meanwhile, an unemployed and depressed Pacey won't be part of Joey's plan but becomes inspired to make sure Dawson has the financial support he needs to finish his film. Once production is up and running, Jen, Jack and Grams must say their goodbyes and leave for New York, and after her covert plan to reconcile Dawson and Pacey, Joey feels she is now is free to pursue her dream of traveling to Paris.

Gale Leery: Mary-Margaret Humes. Todd: Hal Ozsan. Doug Witter: Dylan Neal. Harley: Mika Boorem. George: Lukas Behnken. Kristy Livingstone: Nicole Steinwedell. Patrick: Taylor Handley. AV Geek: Matthew Stanton. Police Officer: Troy Rudeseal. Dentist: Megan Blake. Store Owner: Rick Warner. Café Man: Michael Genevie. Restaurant Owner: Allan Edwards. Prep Cook: Calvin Brown.

5/14/03 [unknown] 623
All Good Things...
...Must Come to an End
[TVG] In the two-hour series finale set five years in the future, Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen return to Capeside to attend a wedding. Their reunion turns bittersweet, however, when one of the friends reveals a heartbreaking secret.

[WB] A JOYOUS REUNION TURNS TO HEARTBREAK AT THE CREEK - Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside for a special wedding, but the happy reunion is cut short after the group learns that one of their own has been harboring a heartbreaking secret. Since they were last together, Dawson has been living in Los Angeles producing his autobiographical television series `The Creek,' but has never forgotten the love of his life; Joey is a successful book editor living in New York with her boyfriend but comes home to realize she still loves her childhood sweethearts; Pacey is the owner of the new Ice House and still carries a torch for Joey, although he continues his pattern of getting into trouble with older women, including his newest conquest; Jen is a single mom living with Grams and managing an art gallery in Soho; and Jack is a teacher at Capeside High and has fallen in love with a secretly gay man.

Maddy: Virginia Madsen. Bessie Potter: Nina Repeta. Gale Leery: Mary-Margaret Humes. Doug Witter: Dylan Neal. Colby: Kyle Searles. Sam: Sam Doumit. Christopher: Jeremy Sisto. Assistant: Ashleigh Sumner. Writer #1: Steven Roten. Writer #2: Jason Davis. Writer #3: Elizabeth Roberts. Busboy: Corey Jackson. Cute Guy: Robert Pralgo. Jock Kid: David Jenkins. Lilly: Kristen Solt. Maddy's Hubby: Mark Joy. Stan: Michael Hartson. Director: Logan Berkshire. Buddy #1: Dean Mumford. Buddy #2: Denis Larouche. Alexander: Matthew Slate Wells. Lead Singer: Vincent Peeples. Doctor: Terry Loughlin. Mr. Dudley: Michael O'Connell. Mrs. Dudley: Ann Pierce. Stunt Coordinator: John Copeman.


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