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Regular Guest Characters - The Gods

Ares, God of War - played by Kevin Smith

Dressed in black leather, and always rather interested in Xena, Ares is probably the god with whom Xena has the most dealings. Never the less, he is ruthless and cruel and often attempts to trick Xena into returning to her evil warlord ways. Quite why he is so obsessed with her is never quite clear, although one interesting possibility is suggested in The Furies. He appears in the following episodes:

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love - played by Alexandra Tydings

The somewhat troublesome and devious goddess of love!

Cupid, Matchmaker - played by Karl Urban

Assistant to his mother, Aphrodite - the goddess of Love.

Hades, God of The Underworld - played by Erik Thompson

Poseidon, God of The Sea - played by Charles Siebert

Demi-Gods and Ancillary Staff

Charon, Boatman on the River Styx - played by Michael Hurst

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