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Hercules - played by Kevin Sorbo

It may surprise you to learn that Hercules has his own series and that Xena: Warrior Princess is actually a spin-off from his series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (abreviated to HTLJ hereafter). The episodes listed here are those in which he appears with Xena.

Iolaus - played by Michael Hurst

Iolaus is Hercules' trusty sidekick, shorter and blonder than Hercules himself, kinda like Gabrielle in that. Anyway needless to say, he's also featured quite often in episodes in which Xena and Gabrielle have appeared, so here's a list of them:

Salmoneus - played by Robert Trebor

Salmoneus is a travelling salesman who often gets into sticky situations when his slightly dubious business practices are found out. He tends to be rather scared and frightened but occasionally shows outbursts of courage.

Joxer - played by Ted Raimi

Joxer - what can I say? - To be charitable to him, he provides the comic stooge when needed and avoids the writers taking liberties with the characters of Xena and Gabrielle. He is totally inept and the character most Xenites love to hate.

Ephiny - played by Danielle Cormack

Ephiny is an amazon princess who instructs Gabrielle in using the staff as a weapon of defence. She has a centaur child whose father was killed before he was born. For a long time she was regent Queen of the Amazons in Gabrielle's absense, but this arrangement ended when she was slain in battle by Brutus in Endgame.

Meleager The Mighty - played by Tim Thomerson

Always struggling with his addiction to alchol, he is a mercenary who never the less retains a decent side by working for troubled villages for reasonable prices. He has twice been rescued by Gabrielle who is extremely fond of him.

Autolycus, The King Of Thieves - played by Bruce Campbell

The self-proclaimed King of Thieves, Autolycus despite his profession has a good heart and has on several occasions helped Xena and Gabrielle by making use of his various skills. Bruce Campbell maintains his own very impressive web site at www.bruce-campbell.com which includes some interesting material on his Xena and Hercules appearances.

Eli - Played by Tim Omundson

Tara - Played by Shiri Appleby

Amarice - Played by Jennifer Sky

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