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Callisto - played by Hudson Leick

Callisto is another female warlord and the dark nemesis to Xena. Her home village (called Cirra) was completely destroyed during an attack by Xena's army when fire took hold. She is extremely bitter, twisted and hates Xena with a vengance. She becomes immortal in HTLJ: Surprise and a goddess in A Necessary Evil. She dies in Sacrifice, Part 2. She appears in a mysterious yet uncredited cameo in The Greater Good and appears for real in the following episodes:
In March 1997, MCA TV did a mini-season of repeats all featuring Callisto, and produced a special web page to promote it - This page is archived here.

Velasca - played by Melinda Clarke

Velasca is an amazon warrior who disagrees with Ephiny and Gabrielle's more gentle approach and seeks a return to the old ways when the Amazons were feared. When she almost dies at Gabrielle's hands, she becomes hell-bent on revenge and pursues Gabrielle. She appears in:

Julius Caesar - played by Karl Urban

Julius Caesar hardly needs an introduction - a cruel and power hungry Roman commander who used great conquests to win himself power and influence in Rome. Rising to become one of the triumbrivate who controlled The Roman Empire, he tried to become Emporor of Rome but didn't succeed thanks to being betrayed by Brutus (or did Xena have a hand in his downfall?). Early in his career he was captured by Xena while marauding the seas and managed to pursuade her to release him with promises of becoming an ally. Subsequently returned, capturing and crucifying Xena and her entire crew - Xena only survived thanks to the ministrations of M'lila who was subsequently killed by Caesar. Xena hates Caesar with a vengence and is liable to go off the handle when she thinks she has the chance to kill or otherwise defeat him. Gabrielle is also none to fond of him since he tried to have her crucified too.
He appears in the following episodes:

Pompey - played by Jemery Callaghan

Alti - played by Claire Stansfield

Najara - played by Kathryn Morris

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