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Exciting Possible DVD Release News

The following info has arrived via the American Dreams Fan Club [1/26/09]:

Jonathan Prince and the other creators/producers of American Dreams are currently in negotiations to release ALL THREE seasons of our favorite show on DVD. According to Mr. Prince, here is what you can expect when they are released:

We will have ALL THREE SEASONS of 'American Dreams' on DVD, with bonus material, plans for a videotaped cast REUNION, as well as the 8 minute "Finale" that never aired, showing what happened to everyone in the show....

An outpouring of fan support would help them greatly during this time. How can you help? Send an email to the address below.

Email tips:

These emails will likely be reviewed by Mr. Prince and other executives, so please check your spelling, etc?

Send an email to:

American Dreams Places 24th

The Television Week's Summer 2005 Critics Poll has American Dreams tied for 24th place in the Best Series category. The list is based upon shows that aired between Jan 3 and June 15, 2005.

The Show Has Not Been Renewed

The reason the show has not been renewed was summed up by the president of NBC, Kevin Reilly, during their upfont on 5/16/05:

"It just becomes, unfortunately, the contradiction of America, I guess," Reilly says. "People say they want quality, family-friendly shows at 8:00 and yet you put them on and what they really want to watch is 'Desperate Housewives.' Ultimately, we are in a business here. We love the show... It just was not pulling the ratings to really justify the cost of the show or to justify another year on the schedule."

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American Dreams Makes 'Best of 2004' List

American Dreams tied for 15th place in Televison Week's semiannual Critics Poll.

Entertainment Weekly "The Must List" [11/26/04]

9. AMERICAN DREAMS With a timely story line of a family dealing with an MIA son, NBC's once sappy fam-dram is now one of TV's most compelling hours.

The First Edition of the American Dreams Program Guide is now Ready for Downloading

The American Dreams Program Guide (PDF) is ready for you to download. It contains everything listed in the two quick reference guides and the NBC press releases.

In addition, there is a complete cast listing, sorted by actor. There is a press section, which will grow as I find more articles. There is a Nielsen ratings section as well as a production crew cross reference list (Producers, writers and directors).

The update will be available after the final episode of the season in April.

Download the PDF (9,070,482 bytes) [Release 001 - 1/01/04]

Brittany Snow Appearance on
Jimmy Kimmel Live - 03/08/05

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Vanessa Lengies Interview

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Arlen Escarpeta Interviews

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Will Estes/Farah Fath Interview

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Rachel Boston Interview

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Original American Dreams Song - October 17, 2004

Surround Me - Ben Taylor

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Original American Dreams Song - February 9, 2003

An American Folk Song - Warren Sroka

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This evocative drama, which won two Emmy Awards, is set against the memorable music, the cultural clashes, and the Vietnam war during the 1960s. The third-year drama depicts the American landscape -- as seen through the youthful Pryor family of Philadelphia as they brace for the cultural turbulence ahead that still resonates in this contemporary era.

Seventeen-year-old Meg Pryor (Brittany Snow, "Guiding Light") is shedding her "good girl" image as she and her outspoken best friend Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies, "Popular Mechanics for Kids") continue to pursue their dreams of making a difference as they struggle through the transition from teenager to adult. While they continue to dance on Dick Clark's locally produced "American Bandstand," they find -- as seniors at East Catholic High School -- that the world around them is growing ever closer with issues of the war, racism, feminism, and even teen marriage and pregnancy.

At the same time, Meg's mother Helen (three-time Emmy nominee Gail O'Grady, "NYPD Blue") continues to face the challenge of the era's modern woman, working and holding the family together. The family's patriarch, Jack Pryor (Tom Verica, "Providence"), braces himself for the sociological and economic changes as he prepares to run for city councilman, and JJ (Will Estes, "7th Heaven"), a U.S. Marine fighting in Vietnam, struggles to find his way home to his family and his ex-fiancee, Beth Mason (Rachel Boston, "The Andy Dick Show"), who is pregnant with their child. In addition, adolescent Will (Ethan Dampf, "Collateral Damage") tries to fit in at school after successful polio surgery, and smarty-pants Patty (Sarah Ramos) tries to find a balance between her brilliant mind and social acceptance among her high school peers.

African-American father Henry Walker (Jonathan Adams, "The American Embassy") remains hopeful that his partnership in Jack Pryor's electronics store is a sign of positive social changes to come. However, the politics of the time continue to show him that the needs of the black community are not being met. Meanwhile, his son Sam (Arlen Escarpeta, "The Shield") has mixed feelings concerning the evolving events as he starts his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania on a track scholarship which forces him on a path of self-discovery.

New cast addition -- singer-songwriter Ben Taylor -- makes his acting debut in the season's premiere as a love interest for Beth. Michael Rodgers ("The Patriot") will also recur as Colin, the associate producer on "American Bandstand," as the British invasion continues to hit the American shores with an unforgettable beat.

The drama continues to embrace contemporary musicians as guest stars who portray classic 1960s icons on "American Bandstand." Last season's guest stars include Kelly Clarkson (as Brenda Lee), Nick Lachey (as Tom Jones), Alicia Keys (as Fontella Bass), and Hilary and Haylie Duff (as The Shangri-Las).

Dick Clark ("American Bandstand") and Jonathan Prince ("Wilder Days") are the executive producers. "American Dreams" is from NBC Universal Television Studio.

Webmaster notes: In 1963, "American Bandstand" was broadcast on Saturday afternoons from Philly, but on February 8, 1964, the show moved to LA. Based on the episode that aired on 1/5/03 (111), they are ignoring the move to LA.


Opening/Closing Credits

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Cast photo: Chris Haston

All show text: NBC

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